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  1. Joint Ventures In Roleplaying Inc.


    Thanks for coming in! Well, my handle is a mouthful, so you can call me Bara, or PeTe or ask what my name is and I'll tell you. Whatever is easier for you, but please take a seat. I'm 26 years old, and well, I've been around, I'm from the Dominican Republic, but I'm currently in studying in Netherlands. I work a mixture of odd jobs that leave me with plenty of free time, I enjoy music both making it and dancing, which also includes plenty of drinking. Oddly enough I still make time to read, and have been brushing up on my writing. I enjoy traveling to new places and meeting new people, which I have haven't been doing as often as I like. Well, you know what he are here for, I'm looking for a partner in crime to start a new roleplaying enterprise.

    To answer this partner request, please send a PM! That is the best way to get my attention.

    • Drama - Intrigue - Humor - Forbidden Romance


      It is the year 2293 of the Imperial Calender and the 8th year of the Showa Era. The young emperor since coming of age has proven to be a charismatic politician with his own ideas and ambitions for the realm much to the chagrin of the bureaucrats, businessmen and generals who have their own ambitions to become as influential and powerful as the shoguns of the last age. Of all the Samurai loyal to the Imperial Dynasty, the most capable and honorable of all had died years ago leaving his only child the legacy of his mission. After years of training in the martial arts of kenjutsu as well as modern military training, Sayoko Shinozaki is well on her way to joining the ranks of the elite soldiers of The Empire of Japan. As the surname of the most loyal of retainers echoes once again in the Imperial Palace the dangerous forces plotting to seize power and the loyalists holdouts faithful to the emperor see the opportunity to use this new arrival to the court to their advantage.

    • Adventure - Character Conflict - Romance - Low Fantasy - Mayaincatec


      She is but a small wandering healer, always offering a smile or a helping hand, offering her services without asking in return. She is almost incapable of greed or malice, almost, because she was born and raised in the city of Aztlantzin, a place of corruption, conspiracy and violence. Such is the duality of her people, their benevolence to friends and neighbors and their and cruelty to enemies and rivals. Their passion for music, colorful clothing, birds and flowers and their fascination with violence and death.

      Daughter to two greats of Atlantzin, she was privy to the the affairs of the state, part of of the intrigue of the exalted court, and a victim of their plots. It was only natural for her to assume the role of a charismatic singer, with no shortness of talent yet at the same time be as cunning, alert and dangerous as a jaguar.

      Having the capacity to do much good, or great harm, she decided to use her talents for a more nobler pursuits.

    • About Me And The Way I Roleplay

      Timezones & Interactions
      • Since I'm working on Central European Time, afternoons is when you will most likely catch me but thanks to my phone I do lurk about at all times, odd times.
      • Depending on my work load with other RPs I can reply a few times a day or a few posts a week at most.
      • I am going nowhere fast so matching timezones isn't a problem but it makes communicating a lot easier.
      • I'm a friendly guy and chatting throughout the roleplay will help me understand your likes and interests, it will be easier for me to provide something you will enjoy.
      • Talking about the current direction of the RP, what scenes should be explored in depth and what portions should be time-skipped through, these are all things that we will have to work out through PMs during the RP, so communication is important.
      • It's called a joint venture because we are building story together, we are going to have to work as a team and share information, thoughts and concerns freely.
      • That being said, part of the excitement of roleplay is improvisation, discovery and surprise. Not everything needs to be planned or decided beforehand, getting to know each other makes it easier to anticipate what will be liked and what won't.
      • This is a team effort, once we are comfortable in the roles, the characters, the setting and familiar with the plot feel free to push the roleplay in any direction you see fit. I encourage you, I beg you, I demand of you. Since I will be trying to make it as interesting for you as well.
      • I've learned to do what is needed in as few words as possible, this still takes me a few paragraphs.
      • I enjoy Drama, characters dealing with each other, interpersonal relations and conflict of opinions.
      • Suspense is more fun to me than action, describing tense situations where words and actions are the difference between life and sudden death.
      • I like when Romance develops over time, where characters become closer due to their shared experiences, by sharing wisdom and molding their persona to one another.
      • Third person and past tense are preferred.
      • Multiple characters might be required of you at times, I'll also double up when needed.
      • For a roleplay to last, both sides should try and push the story forward at every post. If both sides are driven to push the plot forward, excited about the roleplay and willing it will last, if not, then not.

      I know very little about fandoms except those I've listed or will list. Most of what is popular out there, might not be appealing to me. I apologize in advance, though I can be convinced.

      I'm equally comfortable and capable of playing both male and female characters without any preference for any gender, I like to stay away from any other genders.

      I highly prefer playing heterosexual relations, or straight pairings, though I don't seem to mind pairing up a male character with those of feminine persuasion.

      Any other genders and pairings are to be considered.

      Vampires & Werewolves - I actually did read most of Twilight, and have seen most movies out there on the top. Never been quite impressed, while other folk consider these to be the best thing ever created since the invention of the internet... I don't quite enjoy it. Feel free to try and convince me otherwise, and good luck.

      Elves, Orcs, Dwarfs and Castles - I have done too much roleplays about this, and played too much videogames that looked like this, it got old pretty fast. The whole genre of fantasy has been ruined by all trying to do the same thing, all fantasy seems to default to European Middle ages, with the same races, and generally too much of the same. Come at me with something different will ya?

    What more can I say? If you have made it this far than my job here is done, take your time, think about it when you've made up your mind sending me a private message is the best way to get my attention.

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