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About Me:

Hello and welcome! I'm Nyx and I go by she/her pronouns! I've been roleplaying on and off for the last ten years in various different mediums, so I like to think that I have the hang of it by now. Having started on Tumblr, I've slowly made my way through forums and MMOs, so I have a variety of styles that I have adapted to, but forums have always remained near and dear to me. I enjoy group roleplays and 1x1s, and hope to find some amazing people to create lasting stories with! This thread is to serve as my about me and what my ideas and expectations are for anyone who would like to join the Menagerie! Please PM me if you are interested or through my Discord, Nyx#9836!

I'm a huge gamer and tabletop gamer, and some of my favorite games include Stardew Valley, FFXIV, Ark Survival Evolved, Conan Exiles, Raft, and Rimworld to name a few. I also love to read and write, and rping has been a hobby of mine that I have enjoyed for years. I consider myself to be a pretty chill and open person, and I am always willing to chat outside of rps about any and everything that comes to mind. A LOTR discussion may trap you forever with me.


  • Communication is the most important aspect between partners. If something is bothering you then I want to know, and if something is bothering me then I would hope that you would wish to know as well. Assumptions never go over well between people and so this is the most important point to me because I would want to know if interest has waned or something else has come up. I will not get offended if interest has waned or if rp relationships do not work out! Sometimes writing styles do not mix and that is perfectly ok!
  • Quality over quantity! I do not write huge novels in posts, most of mine range between two to three paragraphs depending on what is presented to me. I can certainly adapt, but I do not expect novels in posts nor do I wish for that kind of pressure in return. However, if given one or two sentences I lose interest pretty quick.
  • Consistency is flexible. We all have different schedules and different times of motivation, so I may be able to get out multiple replies one day and another may not have anything at all due to whatever may be happening in life. I'm perfectly fine with waiting just as I would hope that someone else would be fine with that as well.
  • Collaboration is huge. I love collaboration between people because I feel like the most interesting ideas get brought to light that way. I may have an idea, but if you have something to make it better or even go in a different direction I'm all ears! Let's plot together because that's fun!
  • Spelling isn't a huge detriment. I'm not a spellcheck or grammar cop, we all make mistakes with things. As long as I can understand what was posted then we are good.
  • Redstar Content can be found here.
  • I am open to rping in threads, pms, chats, and even through Discord.
  • I prefer to play F X M pairings by being the female, but I am open to M X M pairings as well if you have an idea for a character!
  • Most of my characters are going to be early to mid twenties to early thirties. I'm an older rper and would prefer to play older characters.
  • I generally don't do a lot of fandoms as specific characters, but I am open to playing original characters within a fandom setting.

Plots, Pairings, and Tropes: these are open to collaboration and will be updated!

Persephone X Hades
Merfolk adventures
High/Dark Fantasy adventures
Anything with witches and vampires
Supernatural shenanigans
School/academy setting
Period dramas with magic
Steampunk setting
Anything to do with the Fae
Twisted Fairy tales
Royalty and Court
Supernatural Cults
Supernatural Wild West
Persephone X Hades
Witch X Demon
Witch X Vampire
Witch X Familiar
Princess X Prince/Gardener/Knight/Commoner
Succubus X Incubus
Magical Academy/School students
Werebeasts mates
The Fae
Childhood friends to lovers
Childhood enemies to lovers
Enemies to lovers
Magical Awakening
Werebeasts and mates
Fae pairings
Harry Potter
The Witcher
Critical Role universe
Conan Exiles