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  1. Hello there! I'm Mollz, and I was wondering if anybody wanted to role play?
    I might be new here but I have been role playing for a couple of years.
    I've gotten better over time and was wondering if anybody was up for it.
    Nothing really comes to mind on a plot, so if you have ideas tell me!

    I want something good, romance with a lot more added.
    Here's something I'll like to do pairing wise.

    Just a side note, I'm way more into being the female in MxF. I've only got to do one of those so far on here, so that's wgat I'm really craving. But it doesn't mean I won't do MxM or FxF. I will!

    • Sister x Brother
    • Older x Younger
    • Vampire x Human
    • Master x Slave
    • Mythological Creature x Human
    • Werewolf x Human
    • Teacher x Student
    • Teen x Older Neighbor
    • Prestigious Student x Rebellious Student
    • Prince x Prince
    • Princess x Princess
    • Prince x Princess
    • Princess x Peasant
    • Prince x Peasant
    • Kidnapper x Kidnappee
    • Best friend x Best friend
    • Best friend x Best friend's older sibling
    • Father/Mother x Son/Daughter
    • Uncle/Aunt x Nephew/NieceGhost x Human
    • Friends with Benefits
    • Boyfriend/Girlfriend x Lover's sibling

    That's all I got right now, if you have an plots / pairings. Tell me!
    You can message me here or just message my pm.
  2. Bumppppp
  3. Bump. I'd like to try a 1x1 with you. :)
  4. If you still need someone I would be happy to become your RP partner! Just send me a PM! ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.