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Definitely fantasy, anything with magic, sci-fi, apocalyptic, occasionally modern/slice of life depending on the plot.

It was always peaceful in the forest that these cats call home, there was plenty of prey for hunting, there were plenty of kits to soon be warriors, and the clans were at peace with one another. There never seemed to be a problem, but peace isn't meant to last for long. Strange things began to happen. Prey had suddenly ceased to exist it seemed, and with less food, meant less kits, and less kits meant less warriors. With starving cats meant rising tensions, and something was bound to snap eventually. In a desperate time of need, the cats turned to their ancestors, the wise warriors in StarClan for some sort of sign, but StarClan had only bid one message, "The shadows will envelop the waters, the sky will crack, and the stars will fall."

Based heavily off the books, with all four original clans, you're able to create your own destiny. You may even get to live out a new prophecy! High positions are open, such as leader and medicine cat. First come first served, so reserve your spot now!
Not open for further replies.