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    "Brian said I could be anything I wanted, so I became Sailor Moon!" -Peter Griffin
    Honestly, I did watch a bit of Sailor Moon when I was growing up. I was really young then, and didn't understand a thing that was going on. That shit was cool though. I think it was the first anime I experienced aside from Pokemon. The first time i actually watched anime for the sake of being stoked for it was when Toonami first aired Tenchi Muyo or however you spell it. I remember the robot guy sitting in his chair, punching some keys being all bad ass, then the show started. It was pretty glorious back then, I have to admit. .Hack//SIGN was another I watched on Adult Swim when they aired it on there, and to this day I've not found another .Hack fan, makes me all the sad inside. I didn't know Sailor Moon had many additions to it aside from, well.. Sailor Moon. I thought that show ended in the 90s?