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    It's a sweet little group inspired by the Art of Fighting/King Of Fighters games. You DON'T need to know much about either game series to join: We're making our own story, so the most you have to do is look up characters and a couple moves. It'll be a fun martial arts adventure at the financially endangered Sakazaki Kyokugenryu Karate Dojo, its students, and their numerous adventures, fighting gangsters in Southtown, and more, all while becoming stronger with time.

    At the moment, there's a pretty simple training system I'm setting up for players to learn new moves through 'training.' I could use help on this, and such. These players would also need to be slightly ahead of other students, somehow (we'll totally work something out…)

  2. Already gave up on our Masked Hero rp?
  3. No, that one's just silent.