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  1. Homestuck, John/Dirk yaoi roleplay. Send me a PM if you have ideas or want to hear some of mine.
    I could also do Dave/Karkat, Gamkat, John/Dave, or Dirk/Dad, if anybodies interested in those as well.
  2. davekat is always good, but your mention of the word "fuckass" is kind of a bad sign.. do you have any samples of your rping?
  3. I never mentioned the word "fuckass" in the comment. In my description/status area, that is an inside joke between my friends and I. How would that be a bad sign (out of curiosity)?

    Harley took the list, counting, and then folding it about halfway through the items. He folded back and fourth, creasing the paper before cleanly tearing it. He handed Cassius his half of the items, smiling kindly.

    "Meet you back at the cashiers," he said, walking off while looking through the list once more. He quickly found all the items, discovering soon that he needed to grab a cart, which he did. Once he had everything, he walked up and got in line. He could see people staring at him because he had been riding the cart around instead of walking. That, along with the fact that he was wearing very dark sun glasses inside, creeped people out. Once he found a line he waited for Cassius, humming an old song by Pan!c at the Disco, who were long since gone

    This is just a general reply. I make them longer, or a little shorter at times, depending on how much I have to reply to the other person and how much time I have to reply to them.
  4. Okay, just checking. Karkat said it once in the comic, and ever since then bad rpers and fanfiction writers have used it like it was the only insult he had ever said.

    But you seem fine, sorry for the bad introduction. So which characters would you like to play in these pairings? I'm okay with most of the kids.
  5. Yeah, I figured that's what you meant, just wanted to get it cleared up. My status is just an inside joke.

    I tend to enjoy playing Gamzee, Karkat, or Dirk the most. Which pairing did you want to do?
  6. I could certainly do the Dirk and John pairing, then. Any plot in mind for this, or shall we brainstorm?
  7. How about we brainstorm in PM? I had some ideas before, but now they don't seem as interesting.
  8. I would like to do Gamkat <3 Me as Gamzee of course. C:

    I also do John, Trickster!mode of all the characters, Feferi....