Joey looking for a RP-partner.

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  1. Hey, Everyone!!

    I'm quite new to this site, but I have some experience from other sites. My interests are very variegated. I like to play all kinds of stuff and I really don't mind to play a female or male character.

    I try to answer every other day and if it happens, that were both online at the same time, I really like to do some back and forth. I'm not too strict with postlength and rules, but I try to write at least a little paragraph per post. If you don't like my way of rping, feel free to tell me. I won't be hurt, if you decide that I'm not the partner you were wishing for.

    Let's get to my interests. My favourite genres are:

    -Cyberpunk: I love to play some adventures. Maybe there are some jobs, we can do for big corporations. That's obviously more fun and a lot easier with a good partner.

    -Slice of Life: A nice romance is always an opinion for me. But I find especially stalker or yandere themes really interesting.

    -Fantasy: Anything you wanna do. I have no plots in mind for that but it can surely be mixed with the cyberpunk.

    So if you have an idea for a roleplay or want to hear some of my ideas just send me a message or reply to this threas. I hope to find some nice people who are compatible with me and share my interests.

    I'm gonna add some plots here time after time and will do some bumperino.


    Katie is the daughter of an obsessed scientist who gets funded by a big corporation. One evening she wakes um from a sleep with strange dreams and she notices that something has changed. While she was sleeping her father had modified her body with mechanical augmentations to make the perfect being out of her. He exchanged her limbs and what's the worst is that he also implanted cybereyes into her skull, which glow in a red light. She snaps, kills her father and runs away. On the streets she meets your character and we develop a story.


    Lynn is a total loner. She spends the whole day reading books or painting but she has something she keeps a secret. She is really talented in magic but she doesn't want anyone to know, because magicians are not treated too wel in the society. Theres only one person she trusts. Her one and only friend from school back then. Lynn has absolutely no social skills and since she lives alone with no family she totally depends on him and would do anything he says. He for his part drifts off to darker realms of the city and because of depth and fear from the criminal bosses he lends lynn's skills to do some dirty jobs for them.

    Of course things can be changed and characterdetails can be discussed.​
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  2. Ahem...

    Wanna do it? Not with Okabe and Kurisu, but original characters mhm...
  3. Cyber is my most favorite kind of punk (apart from Daft one...) so I am definitely up for a roleplay if you still need a partner.
  4. Added two plot ideas and doing some bumperino since I'm still on the hunt. Remember that I'm also open to play your stories and other genres.
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