Jobs you've been told you could do really well.

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  1. Every so often you get told you could do a job really well and you should so totally do it. You laugh, shrug it off, and move on.

    Then you're told it again by someone else. And then again and again like your friends have become this weird hive-mind.

    So have you ever been told you could rock at and should do a certain job?

    Over the past few years people have told me I should become a voice over artist or do voice acting. Explaining would take this one way too long, so I'll spare you.
  2. Webpage design and coding. Everyone tells me I should do this and would be really good at this, and they don't listen to me when I say I do all of this for FUN and having it as a career would suck. x____x They keep thinking I'm saying "no i suck" when I am trying to say "Dude, i dun wanna do my hobby as a job."
  3. Bouncing. Given my intimidating size and impassive attitude towards threats of bodily harm, I've been told more than once that, "DUDE, YOU SHOULD TOTALLY BE A BOUNCER."
    Well, maybe if I put on a little more upper body strength and took a self defense course or two, I'd look into it...
  4. Doing people's moms, but I often just see it as something to do once in a while when people's sisters are on the rag.
  5. I've been told I should be a veterinarian, since I know so much about animals and caring for them. Plus... I love them. :] Another job I've been told I should do is be a psychologist. Oh, also a personal trainer, because I love to exercise.

    I do NOT want to be a psychologist, nooo fucking thanks. As for a vet, that is just too much schooling for me... I don't wanna be one that badly. I do want to work at a vet office in some way, though. I wanted a kinesiology degree so I could be one badass personal trainer or even a coach, buuuut... Ehhh. Too much math courses involved, aaand I'm sick all the damn time, so no thanks.

    I'll leave out the stories about my family telling me I should be a model... :|
  6. Someone once told me I would be good at Air traffic control.
  7. Teacher.

    But I hate kids.

    And teenagers.

    And dumb people.

    And the education system.
  8. *Competes with Chaos*

  9. I don't think anyone has told me such a thing.

    Oh god I'm a loser!
  10. TV chef.......

  11. A musician or a dancer. I've actually been mistaken for a professional dancer before so I guess I can't be far off base. Weird thing is that I'd only been doing hip hop dancing for like 4 months and already everyone thought I was awesomesauce. Including the dancing performers that did like modern and lyrical stuff.
  12. Comes from all those fancy transformation sequences you do on a daily basis, Tuxedo Mask.
  13. Fucking ditto.

    I've also been told I'd make a great Counselor, or Therapist. And that I'd thrive in the military as a career NCO. HMMM...
  14. Husband.

    I've had a number of people tell me that I'd make a good husband, this is ranging from close friends of mine to total strangers that interacted with me at a number of my jobs. I'm thinking of starting up my own rent-a-stay-at-home-husband business where I'll be a totally awesome significant other for a week at a time or something like that. It may or may not end up becoming prostitution. I'm ok with that.
  15. Asmodeus as a teacher. I can totally imagine the poor, sniveling children 8D
    Mr. Asmodeus, why did you put an enormous X across my homework??!?! ;___;

    Starrykun & TuxedoMask as voice actors!
    ADD ME && we're a trio =D
    I have an incredibly high voice for my age. Apparently it's puuurfect for Dora the Explorer ;) xDD JAYKAY~

    Also, haha @Cotillion~ husband, huh? That's actually a nice compliment, :D
    That reminds me ^^ I do get told I'll make a really good mother. LOL It makes me feel all fuzzy inside -__-

    I think I always get the lame-o recommendations.
    Like oh you smile alot, be an airhostess! or a waitress!
    Or you're so cute, why don't you try being a host girl ?
    -___- I dunno if it's a scheme of marketing, but those people ARE ALL FAKE SMILES xD
    why would I wanna waste my genuine feelings on jobs like those? D:<

    Favourite job someone's ever said to me was journalist! Only a handful of people say so, but it makes me happy! ^_^

  16. Author...Rabbi...Comedian...Teacher....Model...Actor.... I'm all like wut.