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  1. I currently work at a place called Subway. The job itself, I love. I've always wanted to get back into food because well... I dunno. The people are just nicer, and with subway you usually don't get stuck with assholes who say: YOUF UCKED UP MY ORDER. No, you butt, I made it right in front of you. D<

    Anywho. I love it. But I hate with a burning passion of a thousand fiery suns... my manager. Nothing you can do is ever good enough. Nothing. She'll show/tell you how to do something, and you do exactly that, and then she magically changes her mind.

    not only that, but she hogs all the hours... [Do managers usually do that?] She complains about working 15 hour days all the time, when she doesn't have to. Uh, hello. You have workers who would like some hours? She's always looming over me and it makes me nervous and there are times when I really want to just yell at her and scream that she's the one making me fuck u all the time. She's yanking me on a chain and I can never get things done!

    Ugh, anyway. I have an interview for a hardware store, and if I get that job, and work the two, I should be fine for a while. But there is another job that has high end pay. Like 14 bucks an hour. Double what I get at subway. I can't work three jobs, but I can do two. My worry is, if I get into the cerebral palsey job, I'll have to drop either spaldings or subway. I'm inclined to drop subway namely because of the manager issue.

    however, I'm worried how it would look in my resume/application to just state I've been there for a month. the shortest job I've had was a job that was 2 months, but it was a summer part time and I moved before I could stay there permanently, so... yeah.

    What should I do? What should I put down on the application as my reason for leaving? I don't want my future employers to think I'll rag on them too on an app by stating: Disliking of management. It just seems unprofessional.
  2. I would leave the subway job if you got the other one, and just put down on resume "Left for better job offer and pay." -Everyone- understands that! 8D
  3. I agree with Diana, leave the Subway if you get the other one. If the manager is that bad, don't stay, there's no point to drive yourself mad for her. You said the third possible job had something to do with Cerebral Palsy yes? What would you be doing for this job? (Forgive me if this seems nosy, but I have CP myself so I'm curious XD)
  4. I'm not sure... I'd be an instructor of sorts. That's all the lady said I'd apply for! But it's a house where the people live... I'd have to look on the application and see.

    As for the manager, she's already chased off 8 people... almost nine, as the lady who was trained before me is onher 3rd week and on the verge of quitting.

    And that does sound like a good thing to say! I will put that down!
  5. A little late to the party... but... seriously, screw subway.
    I hate that place.
    I refuse to ever work there again.
    Screw subway.
  6. I feel your pain.

    It's becoming now where my boss has been mentionining that -she- wants to quit.
  7. SCREW FCKING SUBWAY! I used to work there until a couple weeks ago >:c the manager didn't do her job right and she barely trained me. Anything is better than Subway. ANYTHING! C: well....good luck on that new job though! And like Diana said, just tell them you left for a better job offer.