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"You'll never be alone."
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[bimg=300px | fleft | no-lightbox][/bimg]Marianne Crain, AKA Wings[hr=border:1px solid #983][/hr]Main Base: The Land
Role: Cloak

Appearance: Marianne stands at about 5'7", with tight muscles built through training and a naturally thicker build. She stands tall and proud, hands often tucked into pockets and a kindly, yet absentminded expression on her face. When she is on duty, this shifts into an expression of laser focus and determination. Her dark eyes have a perpetual spark to them, somehow still shining despite the harsh nature of Golden City. Likewise, her face still predominantly shows her youth, despite her nearing her 30s. Her hair is thick, dark, curly, and often kept up in a bun or braid, but on the rare occasion where she lets it down, it falls to her waist.

She tends towards earth tones and sturdy fabrics, with the occasional flashy trinket or two to satisfy a secret love of shiny things that she won't even admit to herself. The trinkets are often crafted by her brother, and she accepts them under the pretense that she's only taking them because they're gifts. Of course, when she's on duty, she conceals them under her cloak to avoid being recognized, but she refuses to give them up completely.

Character Pitch: Marianne has always known exactly what she wanted to be. Her father was a Cloak and her mother was a tinkerer, and while her older brother, Ralden, was more interested in their mother's profession, Marianne has been captivated by her father's work since she was small. Despite growing up on the Land, she was partially sheltered from the harshness of it. As she grew older, she learned that the world was harsh and that her father's work was nowhere near as glamorous as it was made out to be, but that didn't stop her. If anything, that only made it that much more important and real to her.

She started training early and joined the force in her early twenties, and was mentored briefly by her father before his retirement. Despite quite a few early newbie mistakes caused, in part, by her lingering naivety, she quickly came to be known as a determined, smart young woman who was able to learn and adapt as the situation required it. She earned her nickname from a remarkable lightness of feet--in short, throughout her work, whether it be crossing the rooftops or in the middle of combat, she seems to barely touch the ground at all.

In normal life, she is serious-minded and often a bit too distracted by her work or thoughts to quite get any subtle remarks flung her way, be they joking, flirtatious, or insulting. On the rare occasion she does catch it, however, she can give as good as she gets, and a definite bite accompanies responses to the latter two. She often has a strict, stern, rule-following outward demeanor, but a kind heart lies underneath, one that hasn't quite outgrown its youthfulness, and it tends to shine in her interactions with others (including, on occasion, her police work).