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  1. How may day has it been? one week? no it's 13 days 3 hour 14 minutes already to be precise... People call me Shiro in this game... or should I said... my life... this is my reality now....

    13 days ago...

    Jiyuu online, one of the most anticipated online game has finally open and a lot of user rush into the game, and among those, there's a young male teenager who just came home from his daily school and directly went ahead to play his game. This young male picked his character by the name "Shiro"... as he create his character something went unexpected the system got crashed and he whited out.

    As he woke up, his in a cathedral with a lot of other player with him. Shiro shrugged and looked around, "so this is Jiyuu online? but what's with the depressed face that everyone have?" Shiro began to ask a player, a female 5'11" who seem to be a mage, "hey where are we?" the mage replied back and explain what happen to him as short as possible. With distrust face, Shiro went out of the cathedral and ask everyone but they giving the same answer. "Wait... so we're trapped....?!"
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  2. Jiyuu Online Loading Completed
    Loading Character : Kagami
    Character Loaded

    Opening the Log book....

    The Beginning
    13 Days Ago...

    This is the first game he ever played and Kagami already trapped inside this game for no one knows. "ah... i know it" he look closely to another player who either cried or shouting inside the cathedral. from afar he saw a priest who seems to be confused after asking another player about their where about. "a newbie eh.. no... all of us are newbie here" Kagami stood up and walked toward the priest. "hey... are you alright? you seems confused" the priest halted for a moment and wondering who he might be.

    "don't worry. i mean no harm, since we were trapped here, everyone is on their edge" Kagami explained the situation here because the priest is just log in after Kagami who already trapped for a mere two hour.
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  3. System Start

    Username: Kiba

    "Welcome to Jiyuu Online, hope you enjoy your experience here"

    Kiba woke up behind a tree, close from a chatedral, it was weird, he felt...different; he opened the player menu, took a look at his stats and inventory, it was empty, this was his first day so it wasn't unexpected, but, there wasn't a log off button, "Uh? This is new", he said as he stood up; he walked toward the town, NPcs, shopkeepers, players, nothing out of the normal; he kept himself walking until he reached the chatedral, it was a standard village, it was shiny and sunny everywhere.

    Kiba already knows that he is traped, the only thing that he can do to escape is finishing the game; he passed 13 days mobbing and farming in the town, prepairing for his travel through this new world.
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  4. Shiko had just about had enough of real life for the day. She was a senior in High School starting a few weeks ago, and already the workload had become humongous. She had got into the school as an honour student, so it was already large to begin with, and the pressure had piled up rapidly. She disembarked the train at the Akihabara stop, where she lived with her older sister in an apartment above their co-owned shop. Unfortunately, the shop itself hadn't given a great amount of income, so she had taken to earning money through services on the internet in her spare time. As she twisted through the narrow streets, she passed crowds of people all shopping for assorted otaku-related merchandise. It was also where the highest concentration of tourists could be found.

    She stepped out of the late spring rain into the shelter of a small store. The majority of the store was lined with limited edition manga and light novels, with the right wall dedicated to anime box sets and visual and sound novels. She opened a door behind the counter and climbed the staircase to the apartment. It was a small 3 room complex. Her and her sister shared a bedroom, with the other two rooms being a bathroom and a joint living room / kitchen area. She closed the door to the apartment. "Tadaima!" she called out. She heard no response, meaning that her sister must still be out somewhere. She changed her footwear, dropped her bags in the corner of her bedroom and laid back on her bed. After staring at the ceiling for a few minutes, she got up again. She changed into lighter clothing so that she wouldn't overheat, then picked up her amusphere. She plugged it into the computer, loaded up the game and laid back on the bed once more.

    "Link, Start!"

    She watched as 5 blue spinning spheres appeared, each turning green once the appropriate check had been completed. The game then booted. She had bought it the day before hand, but hadn't played for long. She had only played a short time in order to find a weapon set that was to her liking, and she was still in the starting town.

    "ジーユー オンラインへようこそ" flashed up on her screen. It was a simple message, simply welcoming her back to the world of Jiyuu Online. She selected the character she had created previously; one "Kyoko Hellscythe".

    Her view went white for a short time, then faded in to the vibrant world. She found herself standing where she left off, near the central cathedral. She brought up the menu, and checked her equipped items and general item menu, to make sure she hadn't accidentally unequipped something important. She hadn't. She noticed there was a rather large crowd gathered in and around the building, and she walked over to it to see what was going on. It was times like this that she was grateful that no one could see her level without bringing up the character information screen. As it was, her gigantic shield and very paladin-style armour meant that people generally parted to let her through, afraid of being picked on by what seemed to be a much stronger player. She noticed another melee class talking to a priest. She brought up the swordsman's character profile. "Kagami" she read in her thoughts. She was slightly amused by the fact that the apparent male character had chosen a generally female name. Even though he too was still level one, she decided that he looked like he had more of an idea of what was going on than anyone else around here, so she walked over. "Hey. Do either of you know what's going on?"
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  5. A Character named Kyoko greeted Kagami and Shiro when he already explained what happened in the Jiyuu. "ah.. good evening. there are good news and bad news... the bad news is we are trapped inside this cathedral and still no way out. the good news is that we are still alive" he scratched the back of his head and look around once more "we still didn't even knew what was going on outside this building" he look at the standing girl and her large shield captured his attention 'tanker class' he said on his mind. Then he looked at the character name above the girls head. a Kyoko Hellscythe named written on it "Kyoko Hellscythe... tanker class. it's a shame a pretty girl like you wielding a large shield like that, it will ruin your beauty" he smiled at Kyoko with a compliment to her character
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  6. As she headed home Rune thought about what she would do once she arrived home, Rune does have homework... and Rune guesses that she should most likely practice that new routine she received in dance... Shaking her head Rune looked down at what she had in her hands and gave a soft smile, she had been waiting for it's release for ages and now that she had it in her hands she couldn't wait to play it. Well... Practice and homework can wait for afterwards. Nodding her head she skipped up the front stairs of her mansion of a house and smiled at her mother.
    "Hello mother Rune is home!"
    Her mother smiled at her and patted her head, "Welcome home Rune."
    Rune gave a soft smile and nodded and skipped up the stairs to her room, "Rune doesn't think she is going to have dinner..."
    "Okay Rune..."
    Nodding she hopped p the steps to her room two at a time and hurried off to her room, turning on her computer she quickly got everything set up and began to log in.

    Username: Luna_Anubis
    Password: **********

    Nodding her head Rune waited for the server to load and to log her in... and allow her to become Luna...


    Opening her eyes, Luna looked around the new world around her and blinked in surprise as she opened the main menu and looked through what she had. Closing the menu Luna decided to look around where she was and realised that there was rather a large crowd gathering a little further down from where she was. Walking steadily towards that direction, Luna found herself getting distracted by the things around her and found her eyes follow a butterfly. Blinking she looked ahead of her and suddenly crashed into a female (@Ruko) . Falling onto her back, Luna rubbed her bottom and groaned softly. Looking up at the girl, Luna gave an apologetic look and wearily got up.
    "Pardon Luna's rudeness, Luna wasn't looking where she was going. Luna hopes the girl she crashed into is alright..."
    Looking at the girl with brown hair and her large shield, Luna pondered if the girl had gotten hurt at all. Well, there is no harm in Luna making sure that the girl is alright.
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  7. (@EternalMusic is it OK to assume that she's finishing each sentence with "desu"? In Japanese people often refer to each other and themselves with names rather than pronouns, so if you were going for a childish speech pattern then adding "desu" ("it is") to the end of sentences is often what children do, and in animes such as Clannad, it is translated in the subtitles to be the character referring to themselves in third person.)

    Kyoko felt the impact, but apparently it hadn't caused her any damage. She had no idea whether that was a result of the armour value or whether the game had been programmed to ignore collision damage inside "safe" zones. She turned around, noticing the rather peculiar creature presented to her, that seemed to be referring to itself in the third person. She decided to try breaking the ice, reasoning that companions could be useful in this situation. She had heard rumours of what had happened when people had become trapped in another virtual MMO environment. "Kyoko is fine. Is Luna OK?"
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  8. (I was going to but I am not making her a cutsie or an outgoing character, she is rather a little bit more of an introvert rather and says things in a more static robotic tone meaning that she wouldn't really be giving out too many facial expressions and such. There is a name for this cause people can get this in real life but I never managed to find out what the name of it is.... ^^;; But thanks again for the suggestion I do appreciate it but I hope you don't mind that I don't actually end up doing so.)

    Looking at the female, Luna sighed inwardly and looked at the girl with little bit of a calmer face. Of course she didn't show too many emotions on her face and as she stood up she regained herself and looked at the female who had called herself, Kyoko. Extending a hand, Luna gave a small nod of the head.
    "The name is Luna Anubis, she is an entertainer."
    Not many people would think of her as a dancer or an entertainer of any sort, but when she is dancing or doing something performance wise. Her emotions show and she loses the one thing she does all the time. Talk in third person, her expression shows even a smiling face which is rare when you talk to her when she is not performing.
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  9. Kagami looked at the new girl. she crashed against Kyoko and felt on her butt. for a sec he giggled and thought 'what a funny klutz' it's pretty rare when a person called themselves by their own name but for this one Kagami personally agreed. it's really increasing her funny personalty, and also increasing the will to defend the weak in a person heart. Luna is her name, that was she told to Kyoko and Kagami still standing beside her.
    "entertainer is a hard job... are you sure you didn't want to change it, young lady?" Kagami finally opened his mouth after heard the word Entertainer. In outside world people often interpret the Entertainer job as something else that many people already known what the meaning of it. "oh sorry i didn't introduced myself. Name Kagami , Job class Swordsman, Nice to meet you" he bowed his head while doing self introduction to the two young lady.
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  10. Kibafelt almost ready to start, the last thing that he needed to do was to check the surroundings of the town, he was so busy mobbing that he forgot to see how was the thing going in the town and how the players reacted to this "Trap; in silence he walked toward the cathedral, where most of the players had been in the last days, he entered to the building and noticed a big amount of characters there, "This isn't the place for me", he thought, he disliked the places with overloading of people, he prefers the lonely and silent places; he noticed these three characters talking not to far from him, the was a tank, a swordsman and a priest, the standard MMORPG party, he walked toward them and said: "Hey", was his only word.
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  11. System start.
    Character "Hornet" Load complete.
    Commencing game.

    Hornet's eyes were covered in darkness for a moment after the game loaded. He blinked and was suddenly assaulted by the bright rays of the sun.
    "Ugh." He covered his eyes to protect himself from the persistent rays and turned. "I can never get used to how realistic it is..."
    Hearing voices nearby, Hornet placed his hands on the hilts of his blades, planning a preemptive assault if whoever it was planned to attack.

    With my stats it's too risky. There are no second chances. He thought as he let his grip relax somewhat. Hornet approached the voices.
    Best case scenario I find a healer and a tank. At least a healer..

    He prayed silently as he came around the tree and finally caught sight of the group. He slipped in beside the man called Kagami.
    Hornet acted as if he'd been there the whole time. He looked perfectly calm. Act like you should be there and you'll seem like you are supposed to.
    Hornet thought to himself as he stood there.
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  12. Luna looked at the man who had introduced himself as Kagami and shook her head in a robotic way.
    "Luna is alright with having a hard job. This means when Luna becomes successful it will give Luna a more of an accomplished feeling."
    Nodding her head, she agreed with her own statement and returned his bow of his head with bowing her own head.
    "Also, Luna would like to say that it is nice to meet Kagami."

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  13. Shiro jumped out of excitement with hapiness, "aye~ we have a lot of bishoujou in here" Shiro slowly playing with his finger into grabbing position while making a perverted smile. "My name is Shiro and I'm a Healer as well as a survivalist" Shiro looked around and leaving his perverted side for awhile, "so Kagami, as a veteran, do you have any suggestion because if not.. then I have to step in to make the decision now," Shiro saw a lot of people were staring each other in a cynical way unlike how Kagami, Kyoko, and Luna introduce themselves. As Shiro was speaking, there's a riot coming on and that's when a player killed another player and chaos start to happen, the cathedral door is opening but everyone start to fight. "well there goes our first quest, RUN!!!!" Shiro ran out of the cathedral and found that the town are in a bad shape, "yo Kagami, Kyoko, and Luna your call do you want to spread or stay as a party?"
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  14. Hornet felt the conglomerated feelings of the rambunctious mob heading toward the group.
    Another player died in the riot as the crowd neared. "This doesn't look good.." He muttered more
    to himself than to the group. He then heard the other male explain how he's a healer. The rest
    was ignored. His sub class is irrelevant. He's a healer! Hornet thought as he followed the man outside.
    "I'm Hornet. I couldn't help but hear that you are a healer. I'm truly in need of a party member with
    such a useful class as yours. If you don't have any obligations to join another's party, I'd love to have you in mine."

    Now I just need a tank, and if luck smiles on me, an archer or mage. Any more than that is more guild-like, as opposed
    to just partying up.
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  15. Shiro look at Hornet and continue to run away, "the more player join in the more chance of survive we have at least for now," thankfully Shiro doesn't ahve any fancy robe to be wore as now he can move freely more than other healer that wore robe. "Argh!! fine for now let's get out of this town, Kagami is there any town that far enough to get us settle?"
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  16. Luna watched in horror as someone was killed and took a small step back. Her face slightly showing a worried expression she looked at Shiro and gave him a small nod.
    "Luna will join Shiro..."
    Holding tightly to her small cane, Luna looked away from the scene and waited to hear the man, Kagami's reply to Shiro's question.
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  17. Kyoko did not speak as she ran. In her armour, her stamina was draining quicker than that of the others, even though it was pretty high to begin with. She was focused only on getting outside. Given that most of the people in the riot were unarmed, unarmoured and level 1, they probably wouldn't be able to deal any damage to her through her armour, but she wasn't willing to take that chance. She lifted her shield over her head and mounted it on her arm, which she held up so that the shield was covering her lower face and chest. Then she charged, tilting the shield at a slight angle. Most of the crowd moved out of the way to allow the rampaging knight through, but a few didn't, and promptly found themselves face-down on the floor, and a few health points worse off after being hit by a shield to the face.

    When she was finally outside, she noticed that it looked like the riot had already stormed a lot of the town, not just the cathedral. She was glad however that it looked like any rioter that wasn't with the crowd was alone or paired with someone, so there shouldn't be too much danger for now. She dropped her shield and bent over, catching her breath, watching the people she had been talking with also emerge from the horde. She decided she would join up with them also, given that while a tank can solo very well, if she's having to go up against swarms, then backup is necessary.
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  18. "let's see" Kagami took his map from his backpack and spread it on the ground. "We already left the cathedral in the Beginning City. If we head north there is a City named Grandia and We can make a guild in those city for a starter. But in the way to those city, we will came across a wolf's den, not pretty hard enemy but they are strong in packs" explained the situation to another player kagami watched the new player that joined their party. "you are shiro right? can i ask what your class is? also Luna, i didn't catch your class before" for the moment their party consist of A Healer, two Tanks, and one entertainer?. having A hitter will fill up their hole in rank.
    "Also there is the safe way by avoiding the Wolf's Den but it will take more time to get there. so I will leave the choice to you, Shiro" Kagami done explaining the situation he got from information broker. in this world information is really important and Kagami is kind of people who depend on them.
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  19. "I'm a legendary class!!! no kidding I'm a healer but you can count on my mmorpg experience so we'll camp around the wolf's den then, each of us will be patrolling in pair just to make sure the group are safe for every 3 hour, I'll go with miss tanky, You can go with miss magician, and while you rogue boy will be with me as well since I can do 2 shift" Shiro was really a bright guy, he can think a lot of possibilities and smart building tactics, "and make sure to grind some pelt so that later on we can use that for camp and what about food and that stuff? any idea guys?" Shiro brought out his sword staff and began to slapped all of the other player as he getting pissed off, as he ran he noticed the same guy that was slain at the cathedral, "We get revive in here? what the... Kagami! I think we have a good news and a bad news! good news is that we get to respawn at the cathedral and bad news is that we don't know what they take from us!"
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  20. "Do we really need PATROLS around a 5 person camp near a wolf den? My armour's thick enough that unless they get a joint, they aren't even going to damage me beyond bruises, so we may as well just have 3 clear out the den while 2 get provisions. If we camp inside the den it'll provide shelter from other people who have similar idea---" She was cut off by a rogue-type trying to pickpocket her. She swung round, shield still in hand, and smashed the face of the shield right into the side of his head. Given the range and the angle, the attack almost halved the thief's health, who ran off in a dazed fashion, clutching his ear. "This place could get dangerous. I say we leave now and discuss things as we walk."
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