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Table of Contents:
1) Post length and frequency
2) Sexuality, sex itself, and gender
3) Plots n' pairings

Friends, Roleplayers, Countrymen, Lend me Your Ears...

Great! Now that I have your attention, hello there. My name's Jinx.

I'm incredibly new to this site, so bear with me as I try to navigate my way around here and adapt to the flow of things. (I promise I only bite when provoked) Hopefully, we'll both end up getting some good roleplays out of it!

I figure there's probably one or two things I should address ahead of time...

Post Length and Frequency

This is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. Generally, my own post length is a a paragraph or two, the length of which depending on what's happening in the story, the detail needed, if the plot needs to be moved along a little more quickly or not, etc. By the same token, however, I am expecting everything plot-wise and character-wise that a good roleplay has. Just smaller posts compared to walls of text, is all. I like to keep things rolling along, and I find that I get much less writer's block personally when I opt for smaller posts.

However, I am open to mold to what my roleplay partner wants, or at least find a happy medium. Just please keep in mind that the longer the post size, the longer it'll take me to make a reply, and the more likely it is that I'll get writer's block or become disinterested.

Now, frequency that I'm available. That's a little trickier. I work part-time, but right now the store I'm working at is low on staff, so I'm usually working five days out of the week. It could be tiny four hour shifts, or eight hour ones. Depends. This effects when I'm online and-- if I'm free at the time-- if I really feel like putting energy into roleplaying. I'll post at least once every two days (at the extreme, extreme level of absense), but more than likely it'll be fine. I like posting frequently. It's just that my schedule is a little topsy-turvey. Please be patient~

If I'm ever going to be away for a long time, I'll definitely be sure to let you know. I hope the same is given to me.

Sexuality, Sex Itself, Gender, Etc.

Lemme lay this out real simple since I'm starting to get lengthy in my explanations (I am so sorry for that I'm new here please don't hate me):

Sexuality: I'm happy to play either straight, lesbian, or bi/pansexual characters.

Sex itself: Aha, smut. I like smut, myself, but I do personally prefer more plot than sex. Occasionally, I'm fine with a plot based around sex. Basically, my only problem comes in when the only thing that the roleplay has going for it is the fact that characters are getting it on. Tell me what your boundaries are, and I'll respect them. You prefer to fade to black? Okay. You want to tell me all about the deed? Perfect. I'm flexible in this regard.

Gender: I strictly play females. Occasionally, I'll control a background character that's a guy if I need to for plot, but that's about it.

Pairings and Plots

If you have a plot or pairing that you're craving already, or even just an idea, feel free to tell me! I'm perfectly happy to flesh out more ideas or even go along with whatever you've thought out. That actually makes things easier for me! If not, feel free to check out my roleplay resume for ideas. Generally, I like roleplays that have a darker edge to them. Strained relationships, dark intentions, drama, violence, and fighting? Sign me up!
Here we have a list of pairings, as well. They're mostly around for imagination joggers. The one I'd prefer to play is bolded. If neither are bolded, I'd be happy with either~

Hunter x Hunted
Cop x Villain
Siren x Sailor
Apocalypse Survivors
Scientist x Experiment
Thief/Assasin with Amnesia x Member of the Royal Guard
Characters from warring countries/worlds
Human x Anthro
Good Girl x Bad Boy/Girl
Burglar x Person home
Assassin x Target
Seeking redemption x Righteous

Apprentice x Mentor
Supernatural Creature x Supernatural Creature
Supernatural Creature x Human

Thank-you for reading all of this, and I hope to hear from others soon! :)
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Hello! I would be very happy to do a roleplay with you! Please PM me if you're interested! ^.^


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Hey, hey you. Wanna RP Supernatural CreaturexSupernatural Creature?


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Hi there, all~
I'll respond to you all through PM's shortly. :)
Thanks so much!
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