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  1. Hello all,
    My name is Jami but my friends call me Jinx :D
    This is my first time on a site like this but i'm super excited. I'm really bad at making these but
    I hope to make tons of interesting friends and some awesome Rp's. I really love to Rp so im hoping to find some really good groups to join or some awesome 1x1 buddies. My main love is any type of fantasy or supernatural type of rp. If my character can have some type of power i'm in. Also a few randoms like favorite books or animes. But those are just my favorites i'm pretty open to anything.
    So please feel free to talk to me if you'd like :)

    I also just opened up my first rp forum if you might be interested in looking into that as well.
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  2. Hello Jinx ^^ i love your name. Welcome here on Iwaku~
  3. Hello Hollow :D Thanks it's a name some of my gamer friends gave me. I just fell in love with it :) How are you doing?
  4. Well its cool ^^

    And im doing just great. How bout you¿?
  5. Welcome ^_^
  6. Thanks
    I'm doing great as well. Just trying to get adjusted to this new site and get into some Rp's started :D
    How long have you been on here?
  7. Well this is my second year...i think. XD something around that time.
  8. Hi, Jinx! I'm also new here, just a couple of minutes ago I was still a stranger lurking the site.
  9. I'm a bit positive that your name came from League of Legends, if they play that. Welcome to Iwaku! Lilith Hawthorne. C:
  10. You're most likely right a lot of my friends play League.
    I've personally never played. I'm more of a World of Warcraft girl myself :D
    Thanks Major!
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Not open for further replies.