Jill of Harvest Moon

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  1. Don't be tricked by the name, I'm just stealing it from my husband in Harvest Moon DS Cute. I am actually Jill, the brown-haired, pony-tailed, girly tomboyish girl who works on the farm, unlike useless husband mentioned before. Now, I would love to tell you about what's not Jill, but the girl behind Jill.

    ("Nooo! Don't do it!")

    Now, she's extremely short, a mere 5'3", and she somehow remains a tiny 87lbs despite all the food she eats. It's hard to believe, but a doctor's appointment a few weeks ago proved said facts. It makes sense, though, as she wasn't on the weight-age charts until five years of age, but that's another story for another time. If you can't already tell, she loooooves Harvest Moon, but she also loves Pokemon. Two completely different genres that are somehow in equal first place in her mind. Want to know more? Ask away, iwaku!
  2. Both have animals of sorts A+ series, the both of them

    So what can you tell me about cows
  3. You put them into a fenced area so that the wolves don't get them, if it's going to rain the next day you give yourself enough time to put them inside, and you feed them a fodder a day whenever they're residing inside. Brushing and loving them gives you the best milk, golden milk, though they don't give milk while they're impregnated. Finally, if you slaughter enough of them, you can marry the witch princess. Is that all you need to know?
  4. Slaughtering cows was not a thing in Isle of Happiness (hides in a hoody) WHY IS IT SUDDENLY A THING THE COWS IN HARVEST MOON ARE SO CUTE AND SO IS THE WITCH PRINCESS
  5. I have an Isle of Happiness piggy plush~ I got one of the ones with the ribbon when I pre-ordered the game~
  6. You've given me a conflict for my next game of Harvest Moon
    Cows or Princess
  7. Princess. She's cuter, and if you leave your two best cows they can breed and give birth to more cows to slaughter.