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  1. a roleplay between senpai and Gore


    Theme Song


    The sun shines through my closed eyes,
    leaving an red afterimage.
    With a notebook and a pen in my leather bag,
    I'll go out for a walk.

    I draw and draw,
    but it just doesn't come out how I want it to.
    It's not because of the supplies I chose.
    That shooting star that I saw in the dead of night last night...
    I still remember it.
    I was waiting for...

    Hello shooting star,
    Hello shooting star again,
    I've been waiting.
    That dreaming kid
    has been here the whole time.
    Ah ah,
    Since that day
    Ah ah

    Hello shooting star,
    Hello shooting star again,
    I am waiting.
    Don't stop dreaming,
    Even if you cry...
    Ah ah
    Even if you laugh...
    Ah ah
    Shine again.

    ✢ Eyes Open, Mind Asleep ✢
    H e t o o k h i m b y a
    Q u i e t S t o r m

    S T O R Y L I N E

    Akihito Shō is your typical pompous player, flinging from partner to partner and nearly sleeping with half the female population in Akebono High—or so the rumor says. Life's a game and he takes the risk, addicted to the wild exhilaration that fills his empty vessel. He has everyone and everything wrapped around his finger, it's the perfect balance he's content with. But of course, Akihito isn't as self-controlled as he thought he would be when he spotted a lonesome student; Takahiro Kobayashi.

    He was entrancing, intriguing, and he didn't have to utter a single word to draw Akihito close. It would've been easier if Kobayashi were on the same level as Akihito status-wise, but his lack of popularity concludes they both lived in different worlds.

    Akihito didn't have the chance to talk to Kobayashi. From what he knows, Kobayashi has no social life to speak of; he didn't join any sports team or school clubs and he has no friends that'd connect them. He was difficult and Akihito should've lost interest by now but he didn't. He accepted this fate and watched from afar; until he was given an excuse to meet by a class project . . .

    M A I N C A S T

    Takahiro Kobayashi . . . played by @Gore
    Akihito Shō . . . played by @senpai

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  2. [​IMG]


    Chapter 1
    .:.It was Fate.:.


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    Third Year - Classroom 3-B - Homeroom

    Despite everything, it was a nice morning.

    Yes, he despised rolling out of bed. Yes, he detested going groggily through the motions of preparing for school. And absolutely, he hated having to keep himself awake whilst driving himself all the damn way there. But above it all, the morning was very crisp and clear, a nice shift from the typical blanket of gray that covered the sky.

    The engine revved strongly one last time before it went still, the car shutting off with a twist of his keys. He pulled on the parking break, using a little more effort as it was a sticky lever, and pulled the keys out from the ignition. His eyes slid over to his book-bag, slumped on the passenger seat, and he lazily tossed his keys into one of the open pouches. His fingers crept down to the seat-belt buckle, releasing the belt with a snap. He immediately after let his body relax back abruptly against the seat, his heavy head hitting the headrest.

    He sighed - a long inhale and a deep exhale. Trying to flush the lingering unease out of his system. Inhale. Today's the day of the project for English class. Exhale. Partners assigned by the teacher. Inhale. You need to get out of the car, you can do this. Exhale. The inner dialogue was two warring emotions, whispering at each other - dread and encouragement. His eyes drooped closed, eyelids heavy with exhaustion.

    A couple of minutes passed before Takahiro came back to attention. His eyelids seemed to feel like they had weights taped to them. Go, his thoughts said. He managed to pry his eyes open and leaned up off of the seat, taking one last sigh in and out. Get it over with.

    His hand reached to the side and closed into a fist around one of the straps of his bag. His other hand pushed against the door handle, swinging the door of his rickety little car open. He was hit with a wave of chilled morning air as he stepped out onto the asphalt, pulling one strap over his left shoulder. His eyes scanned his surroundings. The lot was slowly filling with cars of all kinds. His gaze turned up to the sky, observing it slowly turning a pretty blue hue, with white puffs drifting by sluggishly across the scene.

    Yeah. Despite all of these mixed feelings, he couldn't deny that it was a beautiful day.

    The calm of the morning eased his stomach lightly. He turned his stare back forward and started his path towards the school building, reaching into his bag and clicking one of the buttons on his keys. Beeps were heard from behind, the sound of his car locking up.

    As his arm reached back out and swung back at his side, his features became much more visible in the open morning light. Shadows surrounded his navy blue eyes (yes, naturally that dark, as he'd had to tell some people many times before). A pale complexion seemed to glow under the light of the morning, the beauty mark under his right eye standing out against the fair pallor. His off-black hair was as neat as he could make it, getting more and more scraggly by the day. Black plugs hung on his earlobes. His outfit was quite casual - a white shirt, tucked on one side into his dark, very creased jeans. A black leather belt with a silver buckle hung lopsidedly on the pant loops, more fashionably used than practically used that day. His old sneakers wouldn't stay on his feet for long, as he'd be changing into his uwabaki slippers as soon as he entered the building.

    Despite the lack of creativity in the outfit, he pulled it off. The laid-back styling of the clothes was a good match to his overall aura - which consisted of just him being horribly tired.

    He took bouncing steps up the front stairs of the building, pushing through the doors of the school and immediately stooping down to reach for his shoes. Luckily, he needn't untie them - they were so worn and broken-in, he could just slip them on and off without trouble. He hopped a bit as he pulled off one shoe, stumbling and having to steady himself, the adrenaline from the sudden motion giving him a light head rush. Damn, gotta be more careful. He huffed a breath, recovering, and then leaned back down and slipped off the other shoe, handling the pair of sneakers carefully as he took a practiced path towards his assigned locker.

    He swiftly unlocked the padlock holding the door shut, releasing it with a click and opening the metal locker door. In there were very few things besides the uwabaki - just small books and scrap papers. All quite unorganized. He didn't pay mind however, as he replaced the uwabaki with the sneakers in their spot and let the slippers fall to the ground with light thumps. He slipped them on and shifted the bag on his shoulder, glancing behind and around him on instinct.

    Once he had inserted the lock once more, he started his way to his classroom - Room 3-B. Being full of third years, it could be either among the most lifeless rooms in the school or among the most chatty ones, depending on the day. He far preferred the former to the latter possibility, and hoped that it might be it today. One hand reached up and rubbed his eyes, tiny squiggles and shapes dancing in his vision briefly after.

    Takahiro, after avoiding the other students that chatted in the hallways, finally reached his classroom door. The boy took in a breath of relief, his shoulders relaxing. Being in the crowded halls never was quite a pleasing experience, and at least the classroom was a little more isolated. He reached for the doorknob and pushed the door open a ways, slowly entering and shutting the door quietly behind him.

    Unfortunately, Takahiro's luck was not very high for that morning - the classroom was bustling with talking, words about the nice morning and other random, menial little things. Takahiro's hope dropped and his relaxed features faded. He took on his usual neutral facade and quietly made his way to his seat, observing his classmates on the way idly. He recognized some of them - big names around the school, people that everyone seemed to know. He wouldn't let his eyes linger, and once he reached his seat, he ripped his gaze from the crowd and down onto his desk.

    It was a good place for solitude at his desk. Nobody ever really came to speak to Takahiro Kobayashi. They might have vaguely known his name, from roll-call and such, but nobody could ever recall having a real conversation with him. Kobayashi-san was a big mystery, and nobody really bothered to try figuring him out. They had enough going on.

    And honestly, the boy preferred it that way. He could rest and work in peace that way.

    He let his bag drop haphazardly underneath his desk, his arms resting on the desk's surface. His eyes turned to one of the windows of the classroom. It seemed as though only a few lucky rooms had windows, and his room was one of them - a wide glass opening to the outside world. It encouraged him to last through the day, the beckon of the world outside so near. Trees with blossoming flowers were softly moving in the light breeze, some petals catching the wind every so often and breaking away from their flowers.

    It was only a brief moment that he watched it, admiring the simple beauty. His chin rested down on his arms and his head turned back forward. He planned to take a small nap until the teacher called the class to attention again - which was typical in the mornings for Kobayashi. Once he felt comfortable, slumped over onto his desk, his eyes slowly drifted closed and he let himself fall into a light bought of rest. The buzzing of voices and motions around him still rang in his hearing.

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  4. [​IMG]

    Akihito Shō
    Third Year - Classroom 3-B - Homeroom
    It was a normal fashion Akihito practiced to walk in his classroom at the perfect time when it's filled and lively despite the early morning. Usually, people wouldn't go far and be late to class purposely; though it would've not been surprising if you glance at the rebellious crowd. However, that mayhap is prevented from happening, because one of the P.E teacher Ueda who is the gatekeeper is terrifying and gives penalties far too exaggerated for the actual crime tardy students are forced to repent. No one is stupid enough to face that sort of risk, no one but Akihito; excluding the insult of course, because he was anything but stupid.

    —The thing is, he calculated the time beforehand and considers the possibility when there could be trouble ahead in his route, think of clever excuses even Mr. Ueda couldn't resist, and of course; memorize the bell schedule by heart. His strategy stretches far beyond to the point it was just brilliant for a plan that somehow warped his mind to consider it necessary. If anyone heard this, the response he would expect the most is why.


    Well, it's obvious. For one, Akihito doesn't like to stall while his teacher Mrs. Izumi arranges her file work, as he was one to never sit still in one spot at his desk, where it felt like he was sitting on a jagged boulder. And he needs a lot of preparation time for his morning routine—he rather swallow a loaf of molded bread than go out with a rat-nest hair and horrid morning breath and dead eyes like he've seen hell-to-back. You see, it is an absolute must to look presentable, whether you proceed a simple task like grocery shopping or pay a visit to the convenience store because there's always a chance you would see someone from school . . . A twenty percent chance, but a chance, regardless.

    So he carries it out like usual, wearing his Hollywood signature smile that he practiced in front of the mirror numerous of times, and slid the door open. There was no need to announce his presence when it was already done from a pack of girls he was familiar with, delighted screaming from a specific part of the room and a chorus of Good morning Shō! ringing. If the classroom wasn't loud enough, it was now; multiple seats scraping and the sound of feet shuffling coming towards Akihito. He prepares himself mentally, slim fingers clenching behind (So that no one would see) the stitch edges of his sweater vest, hoping the smile plastered on his face had stayed the same before he entered. A second later, he was surrounded by overeager peers, their eyes lighting up like they haven't seen him for years. "Hey, hey, did you see the talk show yesterday?" "Do you have plans afterschool?" "Look, Shō-kun! I bought the ribbon you said was cute last time!"

    He would be lying if that didn't bring a tug on his now-curved lips. Confidence swelled in his chest that threatened to burst, and if he wasn't so used to the enthusiastic treatment, his preteen self would melt into nothing but a stuttering mess and burn an embarrassing shade of red that'd flush on his chubby cheeks (Which he used to have, before puberty blessed him with a jaw set sharp enough to sculpt the baby fats away). Akihito bit his tongue to contain his excitement and instead, he decides to distract his prideful ego and think of a reply to the questions that practically bombed at his face. Too many voices chirped at once as they all fought for his attention, never giving others the chance to speak. Heh, it is not easy being gorgeous.

    He glanced around, skimming the sea of dull faces to find a certain "someone" at the back of the room, and that "someone" was revealed to be Takahiro Kobayashi when Akihito's gaze fell on him. The black-haired teen looked bored as usual, a grimace set on his face as if it was permanent. But when he turned to the vast window, something changed in his expression, a fleeting moment Akihito managed to capture. While Kobayashi admired the nature outside, Akihito observed the young man quietly, wondering what he would look like if he smiled. It would be kind of interesting—

    Not that I care, really. He can frown all he wants.


    Akihito jolted back to reality and blinked, finding the girls tilting their heads curiously. Shit, I almost forgot they were here.

    "Ah, sorry I was—"

    Before he could say anything else and shoot a reply that'd satisfy them, Mrs. Izumi flapped the rolled up paper on her open palm and cleared her throat, "Ahem, class is starting. Please go back to your seats—" She was interrupted by disappointed sighs and grumbles, which led Mrs. Izumi to cross her arms defensively, "Well?" She tapped on her foot impatiently.

    Akihito noted her disapproval. "Now, now," He simply says and forms a small grin, gesturing for them to settle down, "You heard Mrs. Izumi. But I'll talk to you guys during break, okay?" That made them hush, and he could see a fine tint of pink crawling to their ears and metaphorical heart eyes. Once again, they had fell under his trance.

    "O-Okay!" The group scrambled away, planting themselves back to where they were assigned. Everyone did so as well, along with Akihito who steals another glance from Kobayashi once more before looking away, and the chatter in the air eventually dissipated.

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    Third Year - Classroom 3-B - Homeroom/Math

    Shrill voices snapped a tired Takahiro out of his nap with a jolt. His desk jumped with him as his head whipped up momentarily, eyes wide and full of a brief flicker of anger. But the caution dropped like a rock from a cliff as quickly as it had exploded up. It turned out to be nothing more than a casual entrance from one of the most well-known boys in the whole damn high school - Akihito Shō.

    His balled hands relaxed and his expression cooled down slowly. With a quiet, scratchy groan, the boy let his head slump back down into his crossed arms. The small stampede that rushed to the door was all but strange to him, and everyone else in the classroom. The Shō kid was quite popular among the ladies, for a reason quite obvious - they all saw him as some kind of charmer. According to all the stupid rumors, the guy had slept with practically every girl that inhabited the school, regardless of grade. Takahiro never personally engaged in gossip, for two reasons - one, it was just petty bullshit that high school kids seemed to feed off of, and two, he never wanted to talk to anyone anyways. But he would listen in on occasion, and Shō seemed like a frequent topic.

    As predicted, it took a minute or two for the homeroom teacher to get the attention of the small mob at the door. It wasn't long before Shō sent them off and the teacher regained control again. This was Takahiro's cue; his head lifted slowly, heavily, and watched Ms. Izumi gain her composure again. He felt bad for the woman. He could only imagine what it was like having to deal with .. that. His eyes flickered towards a few of the still antsy girls going to their desks and he shook his head.

    Ms. Izumi got the class to settle down, finally, and began taking roll call. She held a certain assertiveness, and even though she was nothing more than his homeroom teacher, Takahiro could respect her. Despite this, Takahiro's eyes had wandered away from the front of the room, ambling back towards the window aimlessly. She announced names and brought up the voices of each student as Takahiro zoned out, eventually calling, "Kobayashi-kun!" and snapping the boy abruptly from his trance. He glanced back forward quickly.

    With a deep breath, he brought up his voice and called back tiredly, "Yes." Man, mornings were such a pain. for the first hour or so of classes, Takahiro often had trouble even talking, because it just felt so taxing on his energy. Without skipping a beat, Ms. Izumi continued down the line.

    Predictably, when she reached the 'S' names, she caused an arousal of excited giggling and whispering when she called, "Shō-kun!" Practically everyone already knew that he was there, with the morning display. Takahiro, when he thought on it, found himself rolling his eyes. The social constructs of schools were so weird .. he used to let himself be slammed against that unjust ladder of people, but eventually shoved himself off of it. At this point, caring about any of that was a joke to him.

    Once roll-call was all wrapped up, and Ms. Izumi calmed the class back down in her firm manner, announcements of school events were made. Now, being in clubs was to be expected of everyone in their years of school - all extra-curricular activities were done in clubs, and since it was all business during school hours, letting loose was expected by joining clubs. But quite oddly, Takahiro never joined any. He most often than not just went home, didn't bother finding a place to hang around. It was very strange for a high school boy to be so secluded, but in a way, nobody didn't know him because of all of these odd things.

    A couple of minutes of announcements, and Ms. Izumi quieted the students down one last time before getting into the real business - math. Ms. Izumi was the math teacher, after all, and the class of the teacher who was there during homeroom was usually guaranteed to be your first period. Takahiro despised math, since it often made his interest wobble and crash off of where it was supposed to be. The students in the room all busily got their notebooks out and the class was sent into their typical class routine for a Thursday.

    Takahiro tried. He really did - he struggled to keep his eyes forward and his ears attentive to what Ms. Izumi was talking about. But even the most strained of effort was trumped. He eventually glanced down at his paper, which only had bits and pieces of the lesson scribbled down onto it. He couldn't keep straining himself to keep focused. His fingers found their ways to his temples and he rubbed them slowly, closing his eyes. Just rest for a sec.

    Apparently, his lack of scribbling things down wasn't unnoticed by the teacher. A sharp clearing of her throat and a call of "Kobayashi-kun?" There was a collective sound of quiet shuffles as heads turned. Takahiro tilted his head up and cast his eyes forward towards the teacher, and his hands moved off of his temples slowly. "Please pay attention to the lesson." For a brief second, a sour venom touched his tongue. He felt like retorting, but obviously, the intrusive thoughts wouldn't win. They never did, despite being somewhat frequent.

    Takahiro simply let his eyes linger on the teacher for a moment before nodding once or twice, one hand crawling back onto the desk to pick up his pencil. The bitterness was resilient, and he knew he probably wouldn't write anything meaningful down anyways. With the silent response, Ms. Izumi seemed satisfied and continued on her lecture.

    Hopefully, after first period, he'd feel more awake with time. For the time being during the first hour, he let his hand scribble lines and small doodles, occasionally catching a detail that the teacher seemed to emphasize and writing it down idly. How Takahiro managed to not fail, he was never sure of. But he managed.

    Time ticked on, and the clouds passed through the sky as they always did on pretty days.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Akihito Shō
    Third Year - Classroom 3-B - Homeroom/Math
    > 2nd Period > Third Period (Short mentioning) > Fourth Period

    Akihito scribbled idly on his notebook that was solely meant for "math", but all care was lost when it was already filled with mindless circles and lines layering over complicated formulas and equations. Certainly you would think the blonde would be more discreet about slacking off, but he wouldn't let anyone near his notes. He hands the perfect excuse to whoever ask, lying unhesitatingly with a straight smile: "My notes are messy, it'd be best if you ask so-and-so."

    He glanced at the board some time often during class so the teacher would look over him, hands in motion as he pretend to take notes.

    She came to a sudden halt, pausing her chalk on a problem Akihito was catching up to copy. "Kobayashi?"

    Like everyone else, he snapped his head to the following student called, ignoring the choked hiccup in his throat that was surprised to hear the his interest's name said out loud. Kobayashi slowly raised his head, then met contact with the teacher that was surely keeping in mind to lower his grade. He didn't seem to be embarrassed that he was caught.

    This guy... Akihito narrowed his eyes. Was he taking a nap out in the open? What an idiot.

    Mrs. Izumi shook her head, noticing as well. She also seemed to notice that it wasn't just Kobayashi that was bored out of his mind but half of her pupils; the backroom mostly. The adult didn't hide her discomfort, somewhat insulted that she wasn't motivating enough for the class to listen. "Please pay attention to the lesson," The teacher ended up saying. Kobayashi nodded, a silent respond that Ms. Izumi wasn't entirely satisfied with but it was enough to accept his cooperation. She turned to the board once again and proceeded her lecture.

    Everyone's head once again bowed to their notebooks. He pointed his nose away, unsure why he even troubled himself to give an eye or more to a depressing guy.


    Time is a constant progression, so first period was over in a flash. Mrs. Izumi moved on and rotated with a frog-looking teacher whose thin lips seemed to be curled like he was up to not good. A huge mole stuck out between his eyebrows like a sore thumb, and it earned a "look" from Akihito who was so obviously judging. That is, if you were close enough to tell. Which no one was. He only coated a fake grin, a way to greet his teacher's arrival. This was Mr. Yamazaki, a teacher that was infamous for his lecherous stares at pretty girls that sat in front. The rumors were confirmed when the girls that experienced this mishap complained to Akihito, and he could only offer sympathies. While he may be somewhat shallow, he does understand their annoyance.

    Akihito rested his cheek on his open palm, praying in his head that school would end soon.


    Third period came around the corner and Akihito wanted nothing more but to bang his head on the desk.

    I wonder what Kobayashi is thinking.



    "A project?" Akihito says bewilderingly. He was chatting with the person next to him, and they were delighted to share this piece of info.

    "Yeah! You're going to be assigned partners by Mr. Fuji. You're just going to research poems on the list he'll give you together and do an analysis. In my opinion it'll be a piece of cake."

    Sounds like a pain in the ass, Akihito bitterly remarked, biting his tongue.

    "All right class, settle down...--" Akihito internally groaned when he spies the next teacher coming. Thankfully there's lunch after this, and as much as he loves the attention from other people, he might want to sleep the whole break on the rooftop.

    But there's the promise with those girls...

    His head pounded and irritation flooded his nerves. Aghh!!

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