Jewel of the Nile



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It is 322 BC. The first of four Wars of the Diadochi has just broken out, ignited by Ptolemy I Soter's desire to bury Alexander the Great and therefore become king. Ptolemy (who did not earn the title Soter, meaning "Savior" until 304) has just taken Alexander's body to Egypt. After obtaining Alexander's body, Ptolemy's rival, Perdiccas, has begun to suspect that Ptolemy is trying to take the throne for himself, especially after the murder of Cleomenes, the spy Perdiccas presumably sent.

Perdiccas, the regent of Alexander the Great's Empire, has just wed Alexander's sister, Cleopatra.

Ptolemy, and the Greeks who followed Alexander, are not happy, but for different reasons. Ptolemy, who wants the throne, has joined forces with the generals Craterus, Antigonus, and Antipater in rebellion against Perdiccas. In response, forces of Perdiccas are looming closer and closer to Egypt, preparing to invade.

The Egyptians support Ptolemy becoming king, while many (though not all) Greeks support Perdiccas. With the threat of attack becoming more and more of a reality, will Egypt, the Jewel of the Nile, survive?

~Canons and Originals accepted for both Egyptian and Greek characters
~Gods of both pantheons accepted
~ Many Canons still available
~ No Character Limit
~ No Word Count, five sentence posting minimum
~ Short Application
~ Celebrity PBs are not necessary
~ Two chats, including an ancient civilizations chat