Jet Set Role Play (jet set radio future)

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  1. You choose from start characters corn,yoyo,or gum im professer K the d.j. master from jet set radio ill guide you I can only have 3 start people then so on for caracters you unlock
  2. I'm the new kid from the block well known as YoYo. And I'm joining the group known as the GG's. (Or wait is this your signup thread?)
  3. This is a sign up
  4. Okay my bad. I'd like YoYo please.
  6. yoyo vanishis then comes back in the normal game but he dosent in this cause that would lose a character but i can reserve an unlock and you play as it until yoyo is back if you want it that way
  7. I know he vanishes I'm actually trying to get him back if that's even possible in the game that is.
    But sure I'm good with that.
    Umm... I usually play as Rhyth, but my friend thinks you would know of someone better.
    I haven't beaten the game quiet yet.
  8. okay why not raiden hes better and looks cooler
  9. YOYO Has joined the game
  10. Okay sure I have no clue who he is but hey that's what google's for. And since Yoyo joined the game... Am I him for now till Yoyo vanishes then I'm Raiden and then once Yoyo comes back would I be both or just one?
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  12. JET SET RADIO!!!!!!!!
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  13. role play starts when corn joins
  14. Okay sounds good to me.
  15. Were Ready to start everyone it will start in a moment
  16. So then were just going to start with us and let others that want join in?
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