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  1. So I've been reliving one of my childhood favorite games on YouTube, Jet Set Radio Future, and now I wanna RP it! Those unfamiliar with the plot, well, it goes like this: It takes place in a future version of Tokyo. In this version, a group known as the Rokkaku Police banned all forms of expression; music, art, everything. You play as one of many rebels (that you can pick and choose once they are unlocked) in a tagger group known as the GGs, who ride around on rollerblades and paint graffiti in their wake, all while listening to an underground radio station called Jet Set Radio run by the notorious DJ Professor K. The Rokkaku will go at any lengths to defeat you, even deploying tanks, fighter jets, helicopters, and an assassin group known as the Golden Rhinos (which, by the way, includes someone with a flamethrower). They even kill their own men once they have failed. Talk about harsh! Anyway, Rokkaku kidnaps the character you started as, and there's a lot of twists and turns throughout the plot. Skipping ahead to avoid too much spoilers, DJ Prof. K gets kidnapped! The leader of the Rokkaku Police, Goji Rokkaku, shows himself and throws the world into despair, in which you need to save the day.

    That being said and done, let's move onto my idea: So, Goji Rokkaku had a son who wants revenge and to carry out his father's plan of world domination by creating and replacing existing culture. It has been maybe 20 years because he had to grow up and such (as well as the GGs). A new generation of GGs have arrived, as well as new generations of the Love Shockers, Poison Jam, Noise Tanks (who are just new models, being machines), the Immortals, the Rapid 99's, and the Doom Riders. They are all just carrying on as their parents had, listening to Jet Set Radio (run by DJ Prof. K's son), spraying graffiti, all the works. Of course the gangs have disputes often, usually solved in races, tricks, or tagging. But no one knows what is to be in store..... Goji JR. (name might change) is building his horrendous plan under everyone's noses. Will the GGs save the day in time? Or will Goji JR. succeed where his father had failed?

    On a side note, the beginning will most likely be a little slow. It's just going to be the GGs vs. the other gangs. But as the plot picks up, so will the pace. The GGs can also recruit people from other gangs later on after they beat them in certain challenges. So, in others, by the end of the RP, all the gangs should be recruited by the GGs. Whaddya guys think?
  2. yes


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  3. Glad to hear it ^^ And that's an awesome song ;3
  4. Please. I do like this game. Been a few years since I played though. What level of post are you looking for?
  5. Just intermediate ^^ But I want to see if there's enough interest before starting it up. And it's been awhile since I played too, but I found it on YouTube as a let's play. So it's pretty fresh in my mind.
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  7. Seems this is getting enough interest, so your in luck ^^ If maybe one or two more people show interest, I'll set up the sign up thread and IC thread, and this will become the OOC. ^^
  8. [Muffled Birthday Cake playing in the distance]
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  9. You either hate it or like it ^^ Personally, I love every song on the game. How about you?
  10. As if my title being "Queen of Punk Rock" doesn't say enough.

    It's not necessarily punk rock, right? But the song has tons of punky aspects to it.
  11. True ^^ If I'm being honest, I didn't see your title ^^' Didn't really look..... Sorry if I shoulda
  12. Shoot tho sign me the heck up
  13. I'll go ahead and make the thread tomorrow ^^ Heading to bed now. But there seems to be enough interest, so I'll make the sign up thread ^^
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