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  1. Greetings! I'm rather new, and I don't have any roleplays here yet. I'd like to change that. I typically can post in roleplays multiple times daily. I will make my partners aware when I can't post at least once on any particular day. Currently I'm wanting relaxed roleplays and would like to keep replies one to three paragraphs each. I play all genders. I do all pairing types. I'm looking for modern roleplays.

    Some topics:

    Best Friends
    Dysfunctional Relationship
    Unexpected Pregnancy
    Road Trip
    Popular x New Kid
    Adoption by Same-sex Couple
    Broken Family
    Foster Care
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  2. I'm up for doing an unexpected pregnancy. PM if you wanna rp :)
  3. The best friends idea seems interesting. PM me?
  4. I'll PM you both in a moment.
  5. Runaways or adopted by same sex marriage seems interesting
  6. I'll send you a PM.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.