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PAID COMMISSIONS Jessica's OC Commissions

Discussion in 'CHARACTER PORTRAIT STUDIO' started by Jessica2477, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. Hi there! I'm Jessica, and I decided to open up a Commission thread to make a bit of extra money on the side.

    I mainly do Anime with a bit of Realism. Though for this Commission page I will only do Anime to ensure quality instead of something that looks like a practice picture. I'm sorry!

    My Prices:

    Headshots: $10
    Bust shots: $15
    Thigh up: $25
    Full body: $30

    Color Swaps:
    $2 per hour, free if it's minor changes

    Lineart: -Base rate-
    Flat colors: + $5
    Basic Shading: +$15
    Complete shading: +$25

    (These prices have been decided from how long it takes me to make the art (Full color pictures usually take 5-8 hours to complete, lineart takes 2 hours depending on detail and complexity. This does not guarantee first day completion).

    The prices will apply to a second character. Example: 2 lineart bust shots will be $30, 1 flat color headshot and 1 flat color bust shot will be $35.

    I only accept Paypal, please let me know ahead of time what you want before payment is submitted.

    What I do~

    NSFW art (of adults; Commissioner must be 18+ to keep from getting in trouble)
    Shippy art
    Color Challenges (If you have a specific palette you want me to use, let me know)
    Color Swaps

    What I DON'T do~

    Fetish art
    Furries (Not good at drawing them)
    Animals (Not good at drawing them)
    Backgrounds (Out of my expertise ;u;)
    Real people (Need to practice before I can charge people)
    Change my art style
    Detailed Robots (Not good enough to charge others)

    I will add more when I think of something...

    (I reserve the right to deny service if you are disrespectful. I will not give refunds, but I will make minor edits if requested.

    I will not redraw a picture.

    I can only accept 3 Commission requests per person. A wait list may be necessary if things come to that.)

    Commission Form:

    Type of Image: (Flat color Head shot, Lineart Bust shot, etc.)

    Color palette: (If desired)

    Number of characters:

    Gender of character(s):

    Reference pictures/Description of appearance(s):

    Poses desired: (Put N/A if you want to give me artistic freedom)

    A bit of their personality if N/A above:

    If I missed anything, please let me know.

    Art Examples (open)

    Full Color


    Full Color


    Full Color


    Full Color


    Flat Color


    Flat colors:


    Basic shading



    Makaya Lineart.png

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