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  1. Plot (open)
    It has been a few years since The Pharoh went back to Egypt, and Kaiba allowed the Von Schroeders To open their own Duel Academy.However, soon they learn that Evil never rests especially if it was expelled from another place. Soon the Anastasia and Mathias Von Schroeder team up with the GX cast to stop the chaos from spreading. ANastasia may however get a little help from Farther Into The Future, when Kite Tenjo shows up to help with his Galexy Eyes. However that still may not be enough to stop the light...>Plus, what is this Great Propacy Ishizu gave to Zigfried and Leon?

    Rules (open)
    1.No 1 Liners
    2.Please don't ditch me Jessica
    3.Please submit a oc deck before a duel commences.

    Charecters (open)

    Jaden Yuki-Jessica
    Syrus Truesdale-Jessica
    Tyranno hasstyleberry-Jessica
    Aster Phoenix-Me
    Alexis Rhodes-Me
    Chazz Princeton-Jessica
    Bastion Misawa-Me
    Zigfried Von Schroeder-me
    Leon Von Schroeder-Shared

    Ocs (open)
    Luna Kaiba-me
    Mathias Von Schroeder-JEssica
    Anastasia Lucky Von Schroeder-Me

    Anastasia SAt at the Stromberge academy stepa. They had recently Opened their duel academy, and had some Unwanted Visitors. The Students From Kaiba's duel academy brought with them an evil Entity known as the Light Of Destruction. "MAthias can you believe this?! Those Students Brought evil to our brothers School! The Nerve!" Anastasia was BEYOND livid. She had it in her mind to kick the crap out of Chazz Princeton for this.


    Luna Kaiba had noticed her BEst Friends Panic. "Was that Student from My Brothers DUeling Academy? Why was he here?" She asked. Luna never liked Princeton and he had been why she transfurred schools. LUna had it in her right mind to slap the jerk for beinging the Light to Stromberge Duel Academy. Itwas for this reason that Siegfried Likes Luna regardless of her Being a Kaiba.
  2. [​IMG]
    Mathias looked over seeing Chazz Princeton from across the grounds of the Stromberg Dueling Academy. He's not really certain what the society of light really is, but reguardless of that, Mathias had always felt uneasy towards Chazz. Sure Chazz never hurt him physically, but when ever Kaiba's Duel Academy would visit, whether it be because of duel challenges from students from his big brother's academy to students from Kaiba's academy, or tornament type reasons, or other reasons unknown, Chazz's actions towards those whom he thought were beneath him made Mathias nervous.
  3. MEIKO.(Vocaloid).full.79987.jpg
    Luna quickly pulled Mathias beside her, "Don't Go near him he's a basterd.." She said. For a kaiba, she was more von schroeder and it was seen.
  4. [​IMG]
    Mathias looks to Luna as she takes hold of him and says "Believe me..I'm wasn't planning on it.."
  5. Anastasia looks pissed, "leave princeton!" she hisses
  6. [​IMG]
    Mathias stays close to Luna. He wants Chazz to leave too.
  7. Anastasia soon threw him into the ocean.[chazz]
  8. Mathias blinks his eyes a couple of times. He gulps nervously when Chazz swims to the shore.

    Chazz, walks onto the land once again, this time drenched, and looks to Anastasia and says "Fine. I'm going. I'm going." Chazz rolls his eyes and exits with his group.
  9. Anastasia sighed inr elief, calling zigfried telling him of the events.[your still zieg]

    Luna continued hugging mathias. "I think anas telling your brothers."
  10. Mathias gulps again and says to Luna "Okay.." He stays close in her arms until Chazz is completely out of the range where Mathias can't see him or his society of light group anymore.

    Zigfried answers the telephone and says "Zigfried Von Schroeder speaking."
  11. ":Zieg its ana. it happened again."
  12. Zigfried "Okay. I'll come down to make sure everything is alright." He then leaves the office and goes on his way to where Anastasia and Luna are.
  13. Ana hugs siegfried and sighs, "Mathias our brother is here./"
  14. Mathias looks over when Zigfried arrives and nods at what Anastasia says as he walks over to them. He then looks to his brother and says "Hey Zigfried.."

    Zigfried can tell just by the look on Mathias' face when his little brother reaches him. He looks to Anastasia and then brings Mathias into his arms and holds him close rubbing Mathias' back hoping that'll help calm his young brother's nerves. He then asks Anastasia. "What did Chazz do when he was here?"
  15. "He needs to back the fuck off before i call kaiba and get himexpelled."
  16. Zigfried while rubbing Mathias' back a few more times says "Okay..Calm down sis. First we need to tend to the tasks at hand. We need to make sure he didn't hurt anyone here."
  17. 'If anyone lost a duel to chazz please step forward."Anastasia nodded,
  18. Mathias stays next to Zigfried and Anastasia as the students who dueled Chazz and lost step forward.
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