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  1. Is now on Netflix and has anyone been watching? Like seriously, I love it. Not your typical hero nor villain.

    David Tennant is doing an amazing job! All those people whining about how he's ruining the Doctor's image can shove it! Kilgrave is were it's at right now and the next show coming up soon supposed to be about the Punisher.

    Thank you Marvel ;^;
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  2. Haven't seen it yet. Keep meaning to, but... So much other shit.

    Punisher is actually going to be featured in Daredevil Season 2, which is slated for spring next year, I believe, along with Luke Cage at some point (probably Summer-Fall). Iron Fist will follow in early 2017. Then we'll have The Defenders, with the feature cast of all four shows coming together to make a street-level Avengers team.
  3. There's people complaining about DT? They know he's been in dark roles before, right? Besides, he's a actor. He's going to do roles that interest him so its silly and narrow-minded to think he can only be the Doctor. He has a family to feed.

    I'm on episode 5. I love it and I am taking it slow so I can savor it, only a couple episodes a day. This might be one of my favorite - if not the favorite - show Marvel has pumped out.
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  4. These Doctor Who fans can’t cope with evil David Tennant in Jessica Jones

    Apparently not. You know fans get overly obsessive lol but my god he's so good at being bad!

    Also, I really enjoy S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter. Not a fan of the Daredevil series but I only made it to the 3rd episode? It just didn't grab my attention =/
  5. Daredevil is really slow at first, but it does gradually get soooo much better. But really, you didn't get instantly addicted after that amazingly filmed and choreographed hall fight sequence?! When he rescued that babby from the Russians?!

    And yeah, the David Tennant thing is hilarious. He's actually incredible at doing villains, and I'm surprised he's not type-cast just for the sheer fact he's sooooooo much better as a villain! The article cracked me up when I read it doe.
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  6. I tried to read the article but I couldn't get pass the tweet in the picture. There's people who think the Doctor doesn't have a dark side. LMAO! They should look into the Extended Universe. I've only just brushed the tip of the audio drama iceberg and I've already listened to him violently beating the TARDIS consoles with a baseball bat and forcibly brainwashing a man into thinking he was the Doctor. I'm on the one where he eats the likeness of his companion. :3

    I liked Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Eventually I'll get beck to it. I'm somewhere in season 2. Agent Carter I haven't had the privilege of touching yet.Same with Arrow. Daredevil was awesome. :3
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  7. Fight scenes are cool and all but I'm waiting for likable characters/stories. Tbh, I just don't like Daredevil even in other things so eh.

    Arrow is one of my favorite DC shows. They've done an amazing job with Flash/Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow looks good. Now fans are fighting to have Constantine brought back, hoping Netflix or Hulu pick it up because they loved him on Arrow. I enjoyed his guest appearance too so 8'D

    One day I'll make time to see the original Doctor Eps. Probably not dabble to much into the other stuff tho, my attention span is short ;^;
  8. I liked Arrow at first. It was AWESOME seeing a live-action Deathstroke (one of my favourite comic characters ever), but after that, well... The show is on CW. >>;;

    Felicity Smoak is insanely hot doe.

    I need to give Flash a chance, now that show I hear is really incredible, and I hear that Barry is just so adorbes!

    Also, I love Doctor Who-- but-- watching the Older Doctor Who (Classic) episodes are kind of a chore for me. They're so BAD.
  9. JJ was better then DD to me. DD was great, don't get me wrong. But it was a vigilante action series. JJ hooked me emotionally and was far more interesting. Jessica is such a extremely well realized charachter, and the show was so fucking dark at times. ANd Tenant is an amazingly creepy, terrible human being as Killgrave. They didn't stray away from the source material with him at all, if anything, they made him even more rotten. FUcking fantastic series.
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  10. Two words. Fuck. Kilgrave. HE IS SO AWESOME AND CREEPY. >:[
    Jessica Jones is a great series :D
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  11. There's a large reason I refuse to even watch an episode of Doctor Who. The fanbase is prone to annoying zealots.

    I really like both Daredevil and Jessica Jones. I would say both are arguably better stories and casts of characters than the big screen movies. You can simply do much more with an ongoing TV series that doesn't have to hit a PG-13 rating and can actually explore mature and complex plotlines.

    And goddamn, mind control is terrifying.
  12. I've been excited to watch this series for a while now and really happy I can finally watch it! I'm on episode eight of the series now, and honestly couldnt be happier with it. It's so edgy and I love how they portray Jessica's PTSD. It seems to be very real in the show. David Tennant did an excellent job portraying Killgrave! Of course his obsession with her strictly came across as love based rather than revenge based from the get-go. I was able to predict that when Jessica found out he had someone stalking and taking pictures of her. Killgrave is such a creep! The show did a great portrayal of a lot of different aspects.

    Though I am slightly lacking in Marvel lore....they keep mentioning "the giant green man" and like the heros tearing up the city. Can someone explain to me what that is about because I have no idea what they are referencing too in terms of a "giant green man". I thought that perhaps they were talking about the hulk and referencing the avengers movie??? Am I right?
  13. HUlk and the avengers yeah. It is also of note that Luke Cage is from Harlem, where Hulk and Abomination fought in the end of Hulk 2
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  14. See, just cause other people are crazy loons about it doesn't mean I wouldn't watch a show. I'll give it 2-3 Eps before I quit it lol. Can't let people ruin everything for you because they're dumb <_<.

    And yeah, they are vaguely mentioning the avengers. Dropping cities, happened in the last movie. Hulk is the big Green guy.

    Not sure how Captain Marvel will play out but I am pleased that they are okay with having female leads/stand alone so in their tv series. Kudos to them.
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  15. Love. This. Show.
  16. I have been watching one episode a night. I'm trying to make it nice and slow because it's so wonderful. I LOVE LOVE LOVE David Tennant as Kilgrave.
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  17. OMG I'm hooked

    I have binged eight episodes tonight

    I love Tennant as Killgrave; he's just fucking NAILING it!

    He's the ultimate charismatic villain; he could persuade Satan!

    I mean damn, I almost want to root for hima nd then I remember he's a monster; a villain has never made me conflicted before

    Jessica is everything I aspire to be and more. Just....

    That bitch.

    I like that bitch.
  18. Wait, people think Kilgrave is likeable?

    He's probably one of the most horribly evil motherfuckers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    This is a guy who strips people of their free will, forcing them to perform actions they never would otherwise and then leaves their lives in pieces.

    Plus he's also literally a rapist.

    Amazing villain, mind, but I don't really see where folks are coming from on the likeable front. He's monstrous as fuck.
  19. Never said likeable

    just supremely charismatic and an excellently developed character.

    I mean when a character is so persuasive that I start thinking ":( I see where he's coming from. . . WAIT, NO, BAD MINI; HE'S A MONSTER AND A RAPIST AND A PSYCHOPATH AND *slaps self*" that's some exellent writing and even better acting
  20. Oh aye, he's brilliantly done.

    You don't normally see villains as well thought-out as him. Except in Hannibal and stuff.

    Rip, Hannibal.
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