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  1. Grayer Hatake, a teenage boy of 17, had just gotten back to the Leaf from a mission he had been on for 4 days with his team. Along with the information that the hokage wanted, Grayer had brought back a couple of souvenirs from his mission for a girl he had his eye on sense their days at the ninja academy, though he was too shy whenever they encountered eachother back in those days and couldn't get a clear sentence out when he spoke to her. He just hoped that she would like the gifts he had brought back to her. He and his team headed for the hokage, Lady Tsunade's, office to deliver the information to her.
  2. Kieara Kabaki worked in a pocky shop. She had always liked Grayer since they were young. But like him she was shy. She didn't often use her skills as a kunoichi. She had a special kekkei genkai though that was hunted. She never spoke of it though. She had a dragon mark on her forearm. It was a birthmark. She kept it covered by long gloves reaching her elbows. She had long blood red hair tied into a bun. And bright aqua eyes.
  3. Grayer, after delivering the info to Tsunade and confiming the completion of his and his team's mission, leaves her office and heads to the pocky shop where Kieara, the girl he liked, worked at. He carries with him the gifts he got for her while on his 4 day mission. He takes a deep breath when he reaches it, and then enters the shop and calls out not seeing anyone at the front desk "Hello? Is anyone here?"
  4. Kieara rushed to the front to take care of the customer. Seeing that it was Grayer she smiled. "Hi Grayer." She blushed. "How can I help you?"
  5. Grayer gulps and says "H..Hi Kieara." He smiles at her and blushes too feeling nervous and shy as he always did. "Um..I got these couple of things for you while out on my mission..I hope you like them." He then sets her gifts on the purchase counter.
  6. "Awww, you're so sweet." she told him smiling and picking them up gently. "You didn't have to do that." she told him and smiled.
  7. Grayer "It's no problem. I like getting you a least one thing that you'd like from wherever I happen to go, when I go off on missions. And this time I found two things. Plus it's the least I could do..I mean I was gone for 4 days this time. Not that I can avoid missions like that when they come up..It's a ninja's life..but yeah..And you don't ever get to leave the leaf village..So I figure you'd want at least something from all the different places that I go to when I go on my missions..And like I said..I enjoy getting them for you." He smiles at her too.
  8. She listened to him ramble thinking it was cute. She smiled and put them under the counter so no one would try to steal them. "That's very sweet of you Grayer." She spoke smiling. "Would you like some pocky?"
  9. Grayer smiles when she offers and says "Yeah sure. Thank you."
  10. "What flavor?" She asked smiling
  11. Grayer smiled and said "Any flavor is fine."
  12. "Well I need to know what you like." She giggled softly.
  13. Grayer chuckles and then says "Chocolate and Strawberry are my favorites. But I'm partial to the other flavors as well."
  14. She smiled getting him a box of chocolate and strawberry
  15. Grayer put the box of strawberry pocky into his bag and then he started to eat some of the chocolate flavored pocky.
  16. She smiled. "How've you been Grayer?"
  17. Grayer "I've been good. Busy. But good. How about you?"
  18. "Been okay. They've been sending me more missions."
  19. Grayer "I'm happy to hear you've been well. And really? What kind of missions has the Hokage been sending you on if I may ask?"
  20. "Increasingly more difficult ones. Last week I had to go to the next country and spy." she said. she never had liked being a kuoichi, but because of her kekkei genkai her family made her.
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