JeriKane's YouTube Channel! :)

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Will you tune in for the first episode of our show? :)

  1. YES! YES! YES!

  2. NO! NO! NO!

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  3. Maybe.... Imma have to think about it.

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  1. Hey guys, I want to tell you all about my new YouTube Channel, which you can find here---

    First off, my mini series will be me doing reviews on various products. This will include video games, Wrestling DVDs, Movies, and maybe even some other stuff. I'll also be looking at taking fans requests as well. I have a trailer up on the channel now promoting the mini series, plus videos of my various collections. :)

    However, my main series on the channel will be called "The FFF Reality Show". The purpose of this show you can read about in the "About" section of the channel. But to put it shortly, I want to help another forum grow and make it a must visit website not only for Final Fantasy fans, but for anybody in general. I want to showcase what this forum has to offer, by showing you the many stars of the forum in segments directed towards different audience groups. If you like Anime, we have that for you. Oh, you like wrestling? I'll be there to host that segment. We have an RP segment on the show, which I'm sure you guys will love. :)

    Me and my friends from all around the world are working very hard to put this show together. It would be awesome if you guys checked it out. We're currently filming/working on the first episode of the show, but we do have a few other videos up to get you ready for when the show debuts! :)