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  1. The earthquakes the floods all just a memory now the world that once existed has fallen to pieces. it has been 100 years since the fall. technology now forgotten and any that is exists belong to the tech mages. Who work to recreate it due to their dedication they have mustered up their own type of magic,and this newfound power corrupted the mages. when destruction fell upon the land a rift opened between all realms past present and future. it is said there is a key to right everything but that is just a legend. It is also said that within all the chaos there is a utopia a land of peace some call it New Eden. True mages are hunted and exterminated this is an agreement between all the overlords of different lands.
    -The trench coat whipped in the air as he stood in the deserted city he found peace in such places watching the lights that constantly changed the color of the sky,a collision of the rifts ,reaching down to scratch the great black wolf at his side.he called him Cain.Jonson was his name he wasa bounty hunter he had a gift for tracking and adapted to most any circumstance he wasa mage but mangaed to keep that hidden .he was able to communicate with animals of all types this made him a very effective tracker. A blunder caused this unique talent of his to mutate . from communicating to animals he could become animals was considered sorcery therefore banned. He had become obsessed with finding "New Eden" a place where he would be accepted..-

    The fall, she had been told stories of it but wasnt there for it. All she knew is that since the fall of what was the old world her kind had been able to live a little bit easier. Not normally mind you for they where not accepted anywhere but they had less to hide from. They humans weren't as skilled in hunting down my kind now so my mother said, but what proof do I have as they killed my family?
    -I pulled my hood over my head hiding my bright orange ears that stood out in this forest. Lifting my head to the horizon can see a city though i wasnt sure if it was safe so i thought it appropriate to take my other form. I closed my eyes and i thought of my body surrounded in fire and slowly I felt my body changing and shifting. When I opened my eyes all clothes where gone and i was about 3 feet shorter. I was the FireCat, a mighty beast that was the size of a panther but instead of a fur coat the coat was fire. At once i started for the city for food shelter and maybe a way to find "New Eden" a place for my kind to be safe.

    Drawing in a breath he looked over the horizon and the black wolf sniffed the air his head cocking slightly .Jon petted the scruff of cains neck. turning towards the woods at least they appeared that way just burnt timbers and maybe some saplings sprouting here and there.He felt his stomach rumble though he knew there may be something in the woods the cities had proved more fruitful. turning away from the lights he ran and leapt his body taking form of large eagle was just a thought and it was done. he felt the winds lift up his feathers and carry him high in the air. he could see Cain down below running in his shadow. The pickins were slim lately spiraling upwards a glint caught his attention .he knew what that was some kind of drone and whatever the drones seen their controler seen.on the ground a fire ball was cruising along the flats.-

    Bunching her mucles as she runs. She really didnt have any fat on her, she couldnt afford it. Bunching and releasing muscles as I run, raising my head in the air to sniff out food. Something in the air caught my eye, a drone. I hiss under my breath and hope they hadnt seen me change forms. With renewed speed i take off into the city down streets leaping over cars the fire on my coat flaring as I do. theres gotta be something in this city, anything?

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  2. -He was soaring high above the city circling the ruins and cain was below searching the buildings. a loud sceech was let loose and the answered by a howl of a wolf. Cain was unique in the way he was intelligent and could communicate with Jon much like a familiar to the wizards of old. when he shifted forms he was also granted the abilities of that particular creature but lost the abilty to speak. spotting the firebal moving on its own ,he had never seen anything like it. immediately he thought danger and including the drone it was moving his direction. tucking his wings to his side he dove straight down as to end up near the fire that was moving through the ruins of the he got closer he seen it was actually some kind of cat a rather large cat.,engulfed in flames.Immediately he let out a screech signaling Cain of danger. spreading his wings and moving the feathers the sheer velocity allowed him to swoop upwards. towards the top of a toppled building.where he regained his human form squatting atop the corner.The only weapon he carried was a set of daggers that had strange properties as they would just become part of him when they shifted. these among other things is why he was the most effective bounty hunter and because of one mistake he was no longer a bounty hunter instead he was the bounty. Classed as a mage,a wilder.
  3. Slows to a walk and hears a screech and a howl, dogs and birds.. great. Starts to run again trying to follow the sound, the sent, anything that would lead her to it. Feels a gust of wind and looks up and to my surprise sees the bird diving at me. I take off running with a speed unmatched untill i could no longer see the bird. Stopping for breath i sit atop a car and look around, definatly abandoned.
  4. from where he sat he watched the firecat slow to a walk and jumped from stone to stone. he was not trying to hide his presence he had never seen anything like the cat. knocking a few stones loose he slid closer to the ground and landed softly. Cain was bound to be close to him in that he took comfort."Here kitty kitty" was odd he could speak to animals but could not seem to get through to this one .It must be from one of the riftworlds he thought. That being the case it was in just as much danger as he was. he walked slowely the daggers were sheafed ."Hey Kitty"with a hand he motioned for Cain to to show himself yet. The black wolf did as it was asked and remained in the depths of the shadows.
  5. Looks at the boy walking up to her calling her kitty. Hmmm to speak or go along with it? Tilts her head to the side pretending to be confused, crouching down defensily I sniff the air, wolf! I let out a hiss and pin my ears back, What was he playing at? bringing a wolf here?! Crouching close to the top of the car and bares her fangs at him.
  6. -he was a far cry from a boy his flesh was golden tan from the the exposure to the sun his hair had been bleached white this marked him a mage .he appeared to be in his early thirties somewhere .though one could tell he was stronger than most. He wore a black t-shirt and tore jeans. he watched as the cat reared back. it looked like a panther he studied it for a moment most likely it was scared probably smelled the wolf. he thought for a moment what better way to ease it.he stepped back then knelt the transformation was immediate . he grew four legs white fur covered his body. his ears shifted and now instead of a mouth he grew a muzzle. in front of the other cat a large white panther stood. he was lean and slightly larger than the other cat. Cain then stepped from the shadows and stood beside him. Jon turned his head and waited for the reaction of the other cat moving in front of Cain .ready to defend him if nescessary they had fought together many times before in case things went south -
  7. Looks confused at the change. What was he doing?? Shakes her head frustrated and jumps down from the car to look at them. sits and lets her tail wrap around her paws. Looks at both of them calmly and speaks in the human tongue. "Well you caught me what do you want?"
  8. Both Jon and Cain jump back as the fire may burn them he could tell the creature was not aggressively charging them. it had said something he tried to make sense of the words just a bunch of grunts and yowls. it was speaking english he knew that but along with his form he could only understand basic words . instead of shifting right away he walked around the fire creature making sure to keep his distance. his head turning slightly. it was female he could tell that much by her scent along with the way she carried herself. still he was baffled he walked in slow circles just checkin her out. after a few moments he walked back and sat beside cain who was just lounging his head resting upon the big black paws. Jon pressed his paw into the sand was a way he greeted other animals. he stepped back and looked at the print in the sand.then looked at the fem still on fire.
  9. As the white panther walks around her she sits calmly staring ahead. Cooling and dimming the fire on her coat to show no aggression she waits. Keeping a careful eye on the wolf who she was not too keen on she listens to the panthers every move, her ears followed him like a radar. Once the Male had stuck his paw in the ground she did the same though her print was quite a bit smaller than his she was not afraid. Speaking in her native tongue, that of the panthers "What do you want with me then? to kill me? to dissect me? for I dont think I shall run just yet for it would not be wise on my part."
  10. -he scoffed-"dissect? surely your joking" as far as what i want you nothin really,I have never seen anything like you. your living breathing like me but your coat is on fire,you know that?"
    he was being sarcastic in a joking manner.I am called Jon.and that is Cain" he motioned towards the wolf.
    you are quite young to be out here on your own" he walks around her once more"Cain and myself we search for New Eden" as he walks around, slowly he transformed into his human form he knelt down and picked up a bit of rope then pulled the white hair back into a taut ponytail. picking up a bit of sand and letting it run through his fingers."You know of New Eden?" he let the sand fall into his other hand and then through cracks in fingers. "It will be dark soon" he looked towards the horizon .moving his hands in an almost hypnotic motion.the sand seemed to have rolled around his knuckles and almost appeared to being flowing upwards towards his other hand.."It will be dark soon"
  11. Watches the man intently, "you think i can not take care of myself?" Looks at Cain and starts to change. "I for one am a fire cat, rather painful to the touch so not much hunts me." In full human form now with her brown hair pulled back and dark blue jeans to cover her lengthy legs. A gentle breeze whiped around her tank top and hoodie that was now covering her ears. "Plus that is not all I am but why would I tell you such things?"
  12. "never said you couldn take care of yourself." still running the sand in and out of his hand. he now stood up and let the breeze carry the sand away. "thought maybe you were like us",pointing to himself and Cain"we are looking for New Eden.where we are not hunted "he draws a breath of the warm air. now he looked them fem up and down she was quite attractive he only smiled for a minute before speaking again."we are heading west from here. and there is safety in numbers"he shrugged"You are welcome to join us." reaching into the satchel at his waist he withdrew some dried meat and offered some"do not have much but i hear there is game in the ring of fire."He pointed far west to a range of mountains that seemed to smoke perpetually. Extending his hand out and touched Cain on his head. "I know he spoke quietly"The black wolfs head had moved towards the south where the drone was earlier"Is only a matter of time before the tech mages are on us you know." He paused.looking past the femme"That drone will be flying around here soon enough.Most likely we have already been spotted."
  13. Snatches up the meat and eats it hungrily. "saftey and numbers? no a liability for me I can try and move with you but dont expect me to take orders from you. " Looks over where the drone was. "Let them. Let them come they cant catch me, never have." Looks at the man and nods, "what be your names?"
  14. -"I am called Jonah,and this wolf here is Cain he is from the ring of fire and i was taking him there "..he glanced over her shoulder and sighed. seeing lights coming their direction from the east. "looks like they found us" he points. you can hide if you like but i figure if i can kill just one overlord and survive then thats one less i have to worry about chasing me ." that will be Dominic he runs the city not more than three clicks from here." .I found some guns earlier do not know if they even work"that being said he runs inside an entrance of some rundown building.Cain quick on Jonah's heels followed him in.figuring better to be ready than to be dead.-
  15. "Nah I dont "do" Hiding thanks, Jonah. And my name is Blaise." Reaches in her belt pulling out differnet knives of different abilites and follows him, for now.
  16. -Once inside the structure he fumbles around in the dimly lit interior,"Nice to meet you blaise" he spoke over his shoulder as he grabbed what looked like some old assault rifle and blew off the dust moving aside the blankets he found full clips."noticed you can control the intensity of the fire around you,mind giving me more light?" he asked"i feel some other stuff in here but cannot tell what its is"Setting the rifle on its butt against the wall he found a small glass contraption that appeared to fit atop the rifle. this was quite the cache he thought for a moment. he sat aside the box then opened the one underneath, M.R.E was full of them, .Little aluminum sealed packages.he sat that box aside. there were three more long boxes beside the two he already found. Cain tore open one of the packages and started lapping up the contents looked like coagulated mud. but did give off the scent of food.-
  17. Stomach growls at the sight of what might be food. Nods to Jonah and holds out her palm now in human form and a small little blaze appears on her hand. Tossing it up she magnifies the light to illuminate the whole room, "That good enough?" Looks around the room at the gun that lay around. "Hmmm these are nice but I think I'll stick to my knives." I say looking down at my belt filled with the assortment of knives.
  18. -shrugs his shoulders-"suit yourself" opening the remaining boxes a full arsenal of weapons in the military boxes. and some rather strange looking brown sticks with fuses dangling from the top,he holds those in the air and examines them"any idea what these are?" e tossed them somewhere behind in the shadows. Being a bounty hunter you had to learn how to use firearms from different centuries. and these weapons were highly sought after they could bring in alot of cash if sold to the right person.keeping that thought he placed two chest holsters on himself under the coat. and holstered a desert eagle and 45.the harness had room for 6 clips .he looked over at cain"Whats that your eating ?" he paused for a monet "food?"
  19. "I will thank you." Bringing the fire back down into her hand she holds it there and watches. "Why do you like guns so much? I find Knives much easier and alot more fun." Looks over at Cain as her stomach growls again in hunger. "What ever it is I dont want some but I do wont something to eat... do you plan on hunting anytime soon?" Looking back up at you.
  20. "was planning on hunting but then the drone showed up,and Dominic is coming,the only hunting i am planning on right now is killin me a tech overlord" he looked towards Cain "he says that stuff is edible and tastes kinda good." Jonah finished gearing up the two pistols and an assault rifle in hand .now to find a good place for an ambush he thought. He was putting alot of faith in these old weapons hopefully it wasn't misplaced. -