Jerem challenges you to a battle!

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  1. Pararaaraaaaa.. dum... dum.. dum duuum

    Jerem used HELLO!
    Hello people! My name is Jerem.. and irl Chris.. Just call me Jerem ;)
    As you can see, i like Pokemon! Dont worry! I wont spam you with my obsessions. I also like Roleplaying, so thats how i came here. I hope to hear from you guys and Roleplay like never before!
  2. lol ur actually adorable
  3. Oh well thank you ^u^

    You too!
  4. i try *dramatic hair flip*
    lol thanks tho~
  5. No problemo 0u0~
  6. can i adopt u as my little brother? Seriously ur precious.
  7. Okay.. dont creep me out here <u<"
    if you want tho...~
  8. ok i swear its not in a weird way. i pinky promise. totally not weird..............o.<.........
  9. Well, if it's a pinky promise 0u0.
  10. double pinky promise
  11. Okay, i am convinced! Hi there big sister! 0u0
  12. yay i get a little brother! :D can i dress you up and make u look like a G? O.O
  13. W.H.A.T!
    Noooo... 0n0"
  14. awwwwwwwwwww man :( you'll look so fly tho!
  15. *A wild Crash has appeared*

    Hallo to you Jerem! I hope you have fun at Iwaku and maybe get some pkmn RPs going since it seems like your forte. :)

    *The Crash used teleport*