Jenna Chamber's Fandom Roleplay Requests(Small, but may expand)

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  1. ----INTRODUCTION----

    Hello name is Jenna, but I'll allow you to refer to me as Jen, if you would like. I have several original characters that I would love to use for different roleplaying universes and settings. It may take some time to get used to, as my standards for roleplaying may not be everyone's cup of tea. I am a new member of this community, and so far am learning to adjust and orientate to the plugins better...heh. I wanted an escape to get away from the other sites, some that I have temporarily abandoned, and some that have
    defuncted---closed their doors for eternity, and are now nothing far away from figments of our imagination. Some sites became too prudish for my tastes, so I took my plots and cravings offsite here.

    Both original and canon characters are welcome in a fandom universe. Currently, I am only seeking fan based roleplays. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Sometimes, I have to jump through hoops just to meet other people's standards because they lack communication. What do I ask of you? I recommend you have understanding of the English language, and are a fluent speaker of it. I'm not undermining other languages, but I am a native a English speaker and require some basic communication skills. My experiences on other roleplaying communities have been rough, tacky, and even bumpy in beginnings. Do not ditch me, or under any circumstances, drop the roleplay without letting me know first.

    In some of my previous posts, I have mentioned how I dislike playing MxM parts; I want to let you know that I play BOTH male and female characters, now, regardless of sexual orientation. Also, I am now open to playing an OC for another male OC. I'd be glad to map out and/or clear up any confusion in a thread or a private messaging.


    Well, right now I want to request three specific fandoms at the time to play. One is an animated television series, the other is a literary novel series by a pen-name of female authors, and the third is something that I have never tried before, and it bugs me how limited I've been, so I added a third, a video game. I am currently seeking Invader Zim, and the series Survivor Dogs(by Erin Hunter), and Bully. These are the three highest, biggest fandoms that I am willing to roleplay, and am heavily tempted for. I am in a desperate need of partners right now, and I will worship you(not literally, for I am Catholic), for fulfilling either of these; however, the former is preferred. I love tickling. Nonsexually, or sexually--now, though; More in a playful and dominant manner.

    I am not fully certain that I enjoy playing as gender- neutral characters. My characters are mainly cisgender(meaning they identify as the gender they were biologically born as), although if you REALLY are capable of convincing me otherwise, I may give in to the request. I play male and female characters only for the most part. My characters can be straight, which is the most popular option, lesbian, bisexual, and if it is an OC, I might be able to make it a gay male to satisfy my partner's fondness. :-)

    Right now, I have expanded my tastes a bit and are more open to different fandom and plots, and pairings as well. Now that I have more variety, I am able to pair a canon with another canon, male or female, yuri or straight. I'm still skeptical about pairing two canon males with each other...

    I can now play as video game characters in FxF, MxF, and canon x canon pairings. :3

    Someone else on this site, a friend of mine, has suited me for gaming and inspired me to be up for the challenge. I can now play as Bully(Lola, Pinky, OC(male or female), etc. I'm craving Lola x Pinky, with me as Lola Lombardi, a Greaser female. I can also play male characters for anyone anytime, don't be reluctant to ask! I love playing as male characters, they're interesting, and I believe a roleplay with only female characters is just as pointless and boring as one with just a male cast. I want a good combo of the two! ^_^

    I forgot to mention that I am always up for any Disney-themed play. I can do Brave(the Scottish- centered film), Tangled(Rapunzel), and MAYBE a spoof of Frozen, that mocks and pokes fun at them for comedic purposes. Remember, humor and comedy is not required, but if you can convince me, I shall so do it!

    Note: All pairings listed and mentioned are for FXM, FxF, OCxCanon, and CanonxOC only. I refuse to pair two canon characters together, not even for humorous matter. I take roleplaying seriously, and I simply do not ship two characters together if they already exist in the universe, nor will I ever. This list is what I have been waiting for---but, I cannot just jump to the trophy before winning the race---I need to settle first hand matters first. I will do CanonxOC for Survivors, but only if it's MXF.

    ----- Invader Zim----:

    Jenna(my OC) x Dib Membrane
    OC(male) x OC(female)
    OC(female) x OC(female)


    OC x OC(Gender neutral. MxM, however, is 100% prohibited as it is a a squick of mine).
    Blade(The Fierce Dog) x Lucky

    Lola x Pinky(I will only play Lola)
    x OC(MxM, FxF, FxM)

    Merida x Partial! Hybrid! Bear
    OC(I will only play Merida) ((FxF, MxF; Brave))

    Elsa x Anna from Frozen spoof (No role preference)
    Tangled's Rapunzel x Human! Pascal

    ---------FAMILY GUY--------
    Catalina(Neko OC) x Unisex! OC
    (FxF, FxM)
    Genderbent! Catalina x Male! OC
    Dallas Whiskers(Tom OC) x OC
    (MxM, MxF plot)

    OC x OC(Any!!!)


    Basil The Mouse x Grown up! Olivia(The Mouse)( NO smut whatsoever!!!!)

    Smut rules: Yes, I do play out these situations, only if it is natural and part of the plot, and the partner is the age of consent; ANY form of nonconsensual sex is forbidden, and awkward to write out. I will refuse to do this, but I might take it offsite, but I am not going to break any of this site's rules.

    To conclude, this is all I'm looking for at the time; I mainly do this privately, and I play both male and female characters in multiple genres, settings, and themes. Break the ice with me---I would LOVE to get to know my new roleplaying partner. I believe it is a fun and creative activity that allows each player to push their thoughts far beyond that of the dull, tedious boundaries of normal everyday situations. Ask about my characters, limits, likes, and dislikes, and in return I shall get to know yours.

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  2. Hey there, I'm still looking for my match of a partner! Right now, I'm craving :
    Invader Zim, Survivor Dogs(Erin Hunter novel series), Hetalia: Axis Powers, Family Guy, Tangled, And many more, but I had a brain fart, diminishing several of my imperative thoughts XD. Don't be coy to ask, I don't bite...well, more like I don't clamp. Heh.
  3. Hello! I noticed that you marked your roleplay with the prefix "filled request". That means that you are no longer looking for new partners for the material in this interest check. I'm guessing that's not the case, since you just posted this today, but I wanted to check in with you before just changing it. O_O If you want to switch it back to a "partner request" to show you are still looking for new partners, just press "thread tools" , "edit roleplay", and then change the prefix.

    That's all! Best of luck in your search.
  4. Hi! Sorry, I'm new here. Thanks, I'll fix it right now! ^_^
  5. Thanks for the helpful tip, I really appreciate it. Just one more question: How do I update or edit a thread? The thread tools button, on my browser, only allows me to edit the title. Is there a way to edit the thread text itself?
  6. To edit your opening post, or any other post for that matter, scroll down to the bottom of the post and click the edit button. :D
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