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Jelly Bellys!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Scripturient, Feb 7, 2016.

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  1. The best jelly beans in the world! At least in my opinion.

    Yesterday my family went to the mall and made a stop at a candy store where my husband and I each got ourselves a bag full of Jelly Bellies.

    As it is with everything, we both have completely different tastes. I love the buttered popcorn ones, along with Dr. Pepper, strawberry cheesecake, and the new cake flavored ones. He's more into the citrusy/sour ones. We soon got into a discussion (Read silly argument) over which ones were really the best, and which flavor we believe they should create. My daughter, who is a ketchup addicted suggested that flavor, which kind of grossed me out, but to each their own. I suggested S'mores, because I love anything s'mores flavored. My husband, being the smart ass that he is suggested a beer flavor.

    So I'm curious, since Easter is coming up, and everyone (Mostly everyone) gets jelly beans at some point, which flavor is your favorite? And if you had a chance to request one flavor be made, what would you ask for?
  2. I like the ones with sugar in them.

    And I'd request Ahlgren's Cars flavour. #Swedenplzannextheworld
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    My fav are the coconut, pina colada, and banana ones! Oh and root beer! And I like Licorice!
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  4. Vomit, booger, grass and dirt are clearly the best

    I don't buy assorted boxes because I really hate the buttery ones and things like that, but I friggin' love the fruit and soda flavoured ones. Giant ass bags of greatness they be.

    ... I also realized I no longer live near the West Edmonton Mall, so my source of jelly diabeetus is no more. Hmm.

    If I could suggest a flavour to be made, honestly something like Red Bull or Rockstar would be fantantastic. Do they do blue raspberry? I don't honestly know.

    Edit: oh lordy I fucked up the formatting. I live with my choices.
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  5. Those are fighting words!

    I'm kidding. Most people get grossed out when I say that my favorite is buttered popcorn. I don't know why though, they're pretty damn good.
  6. I love the buttered popcorn flavor, but according to my mom I used to eat butter when I was little.
    I also like coconut and..grass..but that last one is coming from someone who also enjoys eating edible flowers.
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  7. Now I want jelly bellies ;-;
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  8. The only jelly beans I like are the starburst ones....
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  9. Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans™ are also downright amazing!
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  10. Weirdo
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  11. It's Diana, what did you expect.
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    *thumbs up*
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  13. tbh I didn't know people actually liked jellybeans

    I thought people just ate them during 'jellybean challenge' videos
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  14. My husband is hooked on those. I can't buy them for my kids baskets, because he eats the whole bag before I can do anything.
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  15. I honestly like jelly bellys so much that I don't think there's a flavor I won't eat. o__o I'm that loser everyone gives their black licorice to because I'm the only one in the group who likes them.

    *thinks* Toasted marshmallow might rank slightly above the rest. I love those.

    Also, this:

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  16. These are my favourites.

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  17. Espresso. Coffee. Pistachio. Green Apple. Sour Apple.
  18. I always thought you had weird taste. This just confirmed it.
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  19. How did you not confirm this sooner already? We've known each other for what... a year now?
  20. Taste in food is different than taste in everything else. :P
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