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Important to Note
Please be aware of and adhere to all iwaku rules.

Please do not post anything but your character sheet in this thread. All other posts will be deleted, including placeholders. If you post WIP character sheets, please indicate that they are WIP, and message me when they are complete. If you never let me know it's complete, I'll never know to look back at the final product!

You will be notified of your acceptance with the green check mark emoji, or the “ah seen it” reaction from me. Once approved, you will be sent a discord link where you will be able to collaborate on potential history with any other approved members. Discord will also act as a place for any relevant updates and a place to collaborate with your fellow players as the plot progresses. Nothing says you are required to join the discord server, however, please note that you will miss a large portion of the player wide collaboration and comraderie.

All players must be able and willing to post detailed, character driven posts with a sense of collaborative effort to push the plot forward. This means every post by your fellow players needs the attention you would want in your own posts. Please read what others have written, even if your character is never mentioned. You may miss key points to latch onto that could be something for your character to explore with another!

Realistic face claims are required, but I will not accept any face claims that look to be pulled from an instagram model or influencer, or have a selfie quality. Realistic artwork is definitely acceptable!

Feel free to code your CS as you like. Acceptance is not based on how pretty the CS looks, but I understand people do enjoy coding, so as long as your CS includes the below, I do not mind what appearance it takes.

If you choose to be a Jedi, bear in mind, you will be one of the few Luke had brought in to study at his temple. You would have been around the same age or younger than Ben when brought to learn the Jedi ways, which means at the time of the sacking you would have been in the range of 17-22, and in present day 23-28 years of age. The best way to stay hidden from Force Sensitives would be to cut one’s self off from the Force, or minimize its use. Kylo Ren would have been utilizing that sense as a means to track you down. Be sure to think about how that’s affected your character’s lifestyle!

Please note, if you are playing a Jedi, you won't start out in the Resistance just yet! I just need to know what they're doing so that I can get to the point of recruitment into the plot.

If you don’t want to be a Jedi, you can be a Resistance Fighter that will aid the Jedi on the mission. Please detail how your character became part of the Resistance.

The Setting
This takes place in the Star Wars universe, but does not require in-depth knowledge of Star Wars lore. I will provide you with all the necessary canon you’ll need, though I ask that if you do choose to play a Jedi, you look into how the Force works.

Star Wars has a vast amount of sentient races to choose from, and not everyone is born on their homeworld.

Due to Luke only finding and teaching about a dozen or so children in the Jedi way, I will only be accepting 3, maybe 4, Jedi and no other Force Sensitives. Any additional players will need to be part of the Resistance. If you’d rather be part of the Resistance, that’s totally fine too!

If you play a Jedi, you will not start out within the Resistance as you’ll be trying to stay out of conflicts that would bring attention to you. You are welcome to decide if your Jedi still has their lightsaber.

The Plot
The Knights of Ren, led by a man you once knew as Ben, razed Skywalker's Jedi Temple to the ground and killed anyone who stood in their path. You felt the disturbance in the Force and was able to flee before the destruction, leaving behind your training and your friends.

It's been six years since that day. You've pushed away the Force in favor of hiding away after so many years of being hunted down by the Knights of Ren. They've stopped looking for you now that you've kept away from the Force. Word reached you long ago that there were no survivors, and your master, Skywalker, has been missing ever since.

Whatever you've been doing all this time to keep off the grid, somehow a member of the Resistance tracks you down with a recruitment offer. If they can track you down, it's only a matter of time until the Knights of Ren come looking. In an effort to protect yourself, you join the Resistance in their search for Skywalker. Only those sensitive in the Force can find a way, but due to your past, there's conflict that needs resolution.

~~~Character Sheet~~~
[Realistic face claim, can be art, but no stylized or anime portraits]
Description of Appearance:


Current Occupation:
Jedi in Hiding or Resistance Fighter:


Lightsaber/Weapon details (if applicable):
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exiled padawan
Name: Djoliin
Nickname: Djo
Description of Appearance: Djo rarely smiles anymore; smiles don't get you what you want, or what you need. Her eyes, bright silver, are almost always shaded, hooded by the unintentional glare her tucked chin engenders. Her hair, she keeps short, shaved on the sides and dyed jet black on the top in an effort to hide her heritage and therefore perhaps her identity. The effect is striking, throwing her ash gray skin into relief. Under her worn and minimally armored jacket, Djo tends toward the muscular side of athletic, as her boss kept her busy with physical labor until her appointment to tough. Knowing she may sometimes have to hide her identity, she keeps a makeshift hood (little better than a tube of cloth) about her neck for quick access.
Age: 23 years
Species: Echani
Height: 5'7"
Personality: Djo knows exactly what's best in any given scenario, and if anyone disagrees with her, she doesn't spend a great deal of time discussing it before simply throwing down. Already of a temperament to insist on doing things her way, life in the crime world has exacerbated that tendency. This is not to say she is merciless or pitiless: when the person in question isn't being an ass about it, she will happily consider (if briefly) a counterpoint and adjust her own perspective if it makes sense to her. Decisive and strong-willed, and not a little impatient, Djo is occasionally haunted by the thought that she could have saved more of her friends, had she been moreso at the time of Ben's betrayal.

  • Decisive: Djo makes up her mind quickly, never spending too long on analysis, and will move to action without second thought.
  • Unshakeable: What Djo believes is what she believes, and nothing can shake that truth or choice. Even when a decision becomes demonstrably wrong, she will stick to her guns, determined to make it retroactively the right choice.
  • Empathic: A result of a mix of her Echani heritage and her Jedi training, Djo finds it considerably easy to approach a situation from another's perspective. Not only is this useful in tactical decisions, it's also handy in her interpersonal relationships, and has allowed what was originally a waif on the run to become a crime boss strong arm.
  • Reactionary: Djo rarely considers every point, or even sometimes the bare minimum, before making a choice. This leads necessarily to a regular need to clean up a mess.
  • Stubborn: When Djo makes a choice, she sticks with it, even when, or perhaps especially when, shown to be wrong. She would rather double down than admit a mistake.
  • Heartless: Because she can so easily empathize with others, and yet still often chooses to ignore their desires or needs, Djo can often come across as uncaring. This might serve her well with her boss, but to those she has to tough, she comes across as cold.
Skill set: Djo was born to excel in the martial arena. Whether with blaster or blade, fist or foot, she is a capable warrior. She has also lately become skilled in intimidation and interrogation as Terk's strong arm, in no small part due to her passive empathic ability as Echani. She can also jury-rig most small repairs, though anything more complicated than that is beyond her. The Force similarly comes difficult to her, save for the enhancements of her own body, and using the Force to read thoughts, see the future, or heal are beyond her, without further training.

Motivations: Justify her survival to herself by continuing to do so until gaining revenge
Goals: Bring justice/revenge on Ben Solo

Current Occupation:
Jedi in Hiding, employed as a crime boss tough

History: Djoliin was the only child of an Echani representative to the New Republic. She admired her mother as best a young child can, and the sights that accompanied her trips to the Capitol were etched in her mind, especially when her mother was there to share them with her. But she wasn't always, and too many times, Djo was left in the care of a handmaiden or two. Fanwyn was particularly involved, becoming something of a surrogate mother while Djo's biological one was busy. Fanwyn kept the active child busy, laying the foundation for what promised to be a solid Echani life for the young girl.

But it was not to be. Luke Skywalker wanted to build the Jedi Order back to the height from which it had fallen, and to do that, he needed Padawans. After a few meetings with Djo's mother, and with a great deal of input from Fanwyn, who would not stay silent, it was agreed that Djo should learn to become a Jedi. Life in the Academy was difficult, but Djo enjoyed it immensely. Learning to call upon the Force as a guide or a weapon came a bit harder to her, but she excelled in lightsaber combat.

Then Ben Solo razed the Academy, and Djo, fled, cutting herself from the Force in her terror and finding space to stow away aboard a junker freighter. Disembarking at a scavenger post, she found work with a minor crime boss: Mean Terk, a wiley Rodian. Djo was a hard worker, and shoved back just enough against her higher ups that Terk took interest. So, when an assassination attempt on Terk's life went bad, and Terk was left scarred and crippled, he appointed Djo to be his tough; even at her young age, few in the station would mess with her, and she nearly always got her way. She took the job gladly, considering the greater pay and the greater accessability to supplies. Time it was, then, to start making solid plans to track down Ben Solo and make him pay.

Lightsaber/Weapon details (if applicable): Djoliin's single blade lightsaber shines a cerulean blue. Its hilt is wrapped in leather, providing a solid grip, and it is easily long enough to allow her to practice her preferred form: Soresu, Form IV. With the linger hilt comes a longer blade, more akin to a great sword, necessitating long sweeping attacks and defenses. Since going into hiding and dismantling her lightsaber, Djo has taken to carrying a vibroknife strapped to the small of her back and a heavy blaster pistol holstered openly on her thigh.
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Name: Osirus Ordoe (Sirus, O)
Description of Appearance:

A tall, well leaned, Mandalorian Male with raven black hair and gray hairs peppered in around the roots. He has a scar on the left side of his face that reaches up from cheek to eye. He rarely ever wears his Beskar Armor, and instead, dons a New Republic Military duster, plenty of belts for supplies and a green Rebel Veteran Sash

Age: 56
Species: Human (Mandalorian)
Height: 6'3''


Osirus is cold, stern and an overall hard ass. What time other members of the Resistance might use to get friendly with one another ole Sirus would rather use to clean weapons and count munitions.

Despite his cold shoulder to seemingly everyone he's the first to correct the form of anyone struggling with weapon training and drills. He has a soft spot for the kids who have dragged into this whole mess, and though not exactly kind, he's always will to help one if they come to him.

Under all the cold and callus, he has a heart.

  • He was born during the Clone Wars. War is no stranger to Osirus, and he to it. He'll never shy away from combat, and is all to eager to show whatever enemies that his experience out weighs any army's protocol.
  • Stubborn as a Reek. Between his warrior heritage, and five decades of battle experience, he seldom believes these Stormtroopers are any match for him. AT-AT? Bigger Stormtroopers, but no more a threat.
  • Loyal to his final breath. When he was a younger man, just a mercenary trying to make his way in the universe, he took whatever job he could. Begging? Bribing? Promises of twice the credits? Osirus wasn't like that lowly bounty hunter Jango Fett -- he's not one to be swayed by the reward, but by his reputation of finishing his jobs.
  • The Old Mandalorian has a tendency to follow his own rules. Although he is loyal to his job or mission, he's known to go off on his own and do things his own way.


Osirus is driven to make up for the sins of his past. He is a man driven by self loathing of some of the jobs he did in his youth, and everything he does in this age is in the sake of redemption.


This Mandalorian is obsessed with the systematic, and violent, deconstruction of the First Order. This is what he has decided is the only way to make right the sins of his past.

Current Occupation:

Resistance Combat Instructor/ Weapon Matenience.

Jedi in Hiding or Resistance Fighter:

Resistance Fighter


Osirus Ordoe hails from a once prestigious clan from the warrior world of Mandalore. It is said that his clan, Ordoe, was once the bloodline of a clan that brought the culture back from the brink of extinction. This is all Legends though.

O was born nearly the same time as the Old Galactic Republic and CIS kicked off the Clone Wars, and hailing from the neutral world of Mandalore, his clan saw this as an omen of things to come. Within his clan, all children born after the start of the war were seen as the first warriors of a new age of Mandalorian. Clan Ordoe were loyal to Dutchess Satine's pacifist ways, but feared war would return to them, and trained the Ordoe children in secret.

After the assassination of the Mandalorian Dutchess, and the occupation of Mandalore by Lord Maul, Ordoe was on of the Clans that fled Mandalore along with clan Kyrze and Wren.

This placed clan Ordoe old-world during the fall of the Republic and the eventual Purge of Mandalore by the Galactic Empire. Clan Ordoe then became affiliated with the Rebel Alliance. Unlike other clans, who took an oath to never remove their armor, Ordoe shed their Beskar to hide the Mandalorian affiliation to the Rebellion, to keep the Empire from further violence towards Mandalore.

During this time Osirus was a young man, a specialist for the Alliance but also a gun for hire for anyone that held contempt for the Empire. He also took contempt for any job that might inconvenient the renown bounty hunter, Boba Fett -- a man who claimed heritage to Mandalore, yet worked exclusively with those who buried the home world.

Although not directly involved with the Battle of Yavin, he has flown with the likes of Biggs Darklighter, and served on Hoth before the Imperial Invasion.

After the battle of Endor, and the fall of the Empire, Osirus separated himself from the now christened "New Republic" and began honing his reputation as a true mercenary. He reclaimed his beskar armor and began carrying out any job for the right price. This put him on the path to be hired by a up and coming... for lack of a better term, militia that would be known as the First Order. Lead by a group called the "Knights of Ren". Osirus just considered them Sith Cultists, but they offered a high price, so he couldn't turn away their job.

It was a simple job. They were doing the majority of the work. Assaulting a Temple, and massacring those within. He was meant to patrol a perimeter, and stop those that tried to escape. Simple, bloody, wetwork. Osirus was unaware of who the temple belong too, and the occupants, but when the fire started, those who broke through the dark cloaked Knights of Ren were met with the shining black, obsidian colored beskar of a Mandalorian who was just waiting for rats to run.

It was a stormy night, perfect for his obsidian armor, it granted him nature camaflague. He didn't even know the name of the world, the knights of Ren had transported them from off world. Claimed it was for his own benefit. When the flames began to raise, and rain followed Osiris set off into the air space around the temple using his standard jet pack, common among Mandalorians. The Knights of Ren didn't leave much for him -- only two. Near, what he imagined was, the end of their assault spotted two cloaked figures escaping the temple grounds. It was his time, and he ignited his pack and moved up before descending down and intercepting the two, shrouded in the night, and pulled his sidearm out and sunk two blaster bolts into the chest of one of the cloaked figures and allowed the second to fall back and lose their hood.

Children. They were... children. His blaster faltered and he turned his face, obscured by his Mandalorian helmet and looked at the corpse of the other child that now lay dead in the rain. The other child, a girl with white hair paused only a second before moving to run again. O lifted his blaster again, but it dropped right back down. He'd always made a point not to take jobs with child targets. He'd shamed his name, and his clan.

A few year later, a branch of the New Republic had split off and become the Resistance. The Mandalorian had found himself with them, with a deep rage towards the Knights of Ren. He would use the Resistance to get revenge against the First order and the Knights of Ren, and teach as many as he could until they were nothing be a memory.

Lightsaber/Weapon details (if applicable):

  • Mandalorian Heavy Repeater - Very similar to the modern minigun, Osiris's Heavy Repeater is a monster of a gun that takes both hands to weild.
  • V-I T83 Blaster - a more practical, single handed side arm, that remains holstered to his hip at all times.


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Waiting in stillness

Name: Kamon "Kam" Met'harom
Description of Appearance: Tall and slender, the ebon-haired Kam holds herself with an unsettling stillness born of her Lorrdian heritage; masters of kinetic communication, the Lorrdians refuse to give anything away by their body language that they do not intend. She wears the tough, practical clothing of the farmers of Dantooine.
Age: 25
Species: Lorrdian
Height: 5'11"

Personality: Never the most garrulous or outgoing of Luke Skywalker's students, Kam has only became more reticent after Ben Solo's betrayal and the destruction of the Jedi Temple. Her quiet kindness and generosity of spirit should not be mistaken for weakness; it is merely the outward expression of her steely strength of will.

Force Sense - Kam is intensely attuned to the smallest tremor in the Force, and was perhaps the most keenly sensitive of all of Skywalker's students. This gave her a natural talent in the subtler applications of the Force, such as telepathy and precognition. It has its downsides, since it also makes her vulnerable to disturbances in the Force, and renders it physically painful to her to use more aggressive, harmful Force powers - as well as simply rendering her weaker to those powers as well.
Healer - As well as her talent for sensing, Kam is an excellent healer. Her use of Force Healing reflects her personality, with very little attendant pain or residual scarring.
Aesthete - Kam seeks to imbue elegance and beauty in everything she does, believing that this contributes to the harmony and balance sought by the Jedi. She is reluctant to accept bodged solutions, or ugly but practical outcomes.
Perfectionist - Because of her outlook on life and her philosophy on the Force, Kam hates doing things by halves. She will take twice the time to do something, in order to get it right. This can quite often be a detriment in situations when time is of the essence, but it does mean that when she's satisfied with something, it's really been done properly.
Kinetic Communication - As a Lorrdian, Kam is adept at reading people's intentions and emotions through their body language. This is only enhanced by her Force abilities, but even when she had just joined the Academy she often surprised her fellow apprentices by knowing just how they were feeling at a given moment, and quietly helping them with a little gift or offer of help.
Arts - If it is related to beauty, Kam is interested in it. She's a decent poet, singer, dancer, musician, flower arranger... her technical skills or innate talents may be here or there, but her taste is impeccable and she always knows when something is good or bad, and is ruthlessly honest with herself about it at least.
Lightsaber duelling - Kam isn't the greatest fighter, having focused her training on other things, but she appreciates the finesse of Form II, Makashi. Seeing this, Master Skywalker gifted her a relic curved-hilt lightsaber that he told her dated back to the Old Republic.

Motivations: Bring harmony, balance and beauty back to the galaxy, and the Force.
Goals: Defeat the First Order, so that the galaxy may be safe for beautiful things and joyous people once again.
Restore the Jedi Temple.
Chronicle the process for future generations in a work of art that will transcend the ages.

Current Occupation: Nurse for a farming community on Dantooine
Jedi in Hiding or Resistance Fighter: Jedi in Hiding

History: Kamon Met'harom's parents operated a tramp freighter plying the lesser trade routes of the Outer Rim, making just enough to keep their ship flying and their family fed. It was a decent life, one that allowed the little Lorrdian girl to experience much of the wider galaxy and its wonders. It also led to a chance encounter with Luke Skywalker, who chartered their ship for one of his little expeditions in mufti. The mission itself turned out to be a dead end, but Skywalker understood that his intuition had led him to pick this freighter out of so many similar ones because it would lead him to a new padawan.

Kamon's parents were deeply disturbed at the thought of losing their daughter for years, but the grave child immediately agreed, telling her parents that she knew Skywalker was a good man and would take care of her well. And so he did, and taught her much. Her years at the Jedi Temple were full of joy and growth, as she uncovered aspects of herself that she had never quite understood. She loved her master, and her fellow students.

And then Ben Solo destroyed it all.

It still eats away at Kamon to know that her parents think her dead. But it's better this way, for now, until she can bring down the First Order and make the galaxy safe again. How she will do that while acting as a nurse in a backwater community, she's not sure - but she does know that she will play a part in the great struggle that is about to begin.

Lightsaber/Weapon details (if applicable): Antique curved-hilt lightsaber with unusually long and slender deep blue blade.
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Current Designation Number:


While a majority of RM-79's components comply with the original specifications set by Holowan Laboratories (or at least come close), certain parts have been repaired using cannibalized parts from a protocol droid. This is most notable with its left leg which RM-79 treats much in the same way one uses a peg leg.

83 (Since initial production)

Droid (Repurposed 1G-100 Magnaguard)


At first blush, one might be mistaken to believe that RM-79 lacks a personality chip to its stoic and quiet demeanor. While preferring to convey its thoughts through actions, should one rouse a verbal response from the droid, they most likely will regret it as RM-79 words are blunt and brutal, especially to organic beings. Those who have earned what could be considered respect from the droid often find themselves confused as words of compliments coming from RM-79 often sound like sarcasm. Still, it is said that the pittance of affection the droid possesses was reserved nearly in its entirety for its former charge, the Mirialan padawan Dalu Shul.

(+)Combat veteran with experience fighting Jedi
(-)Lack of means for self-maintenance
(-)Stubborn, even to its own detriment
(+)Loyal to those deemed necessary by programming
(-)Dismal social skills

Perhaps spurred on by the failure to protect its former charge, RM-79 has been noted to be especially reckless in its attempts to fulfill the Dalu's last request, no matter the cost.

Find the "true master" of Dalu Shul's lightsaber.

Current Occupation:

Jedi in Hiding or Resistance Fighter:
Resistance Fighter

Developed by Holowan Laboratories to supply the Confederacy of Independent Systems with droid bodyguards with the capabilities of facing the Jedi, RM-79 spent a majority of the Clone Wars guarding various ranked members of the Separatists. As the war drew closer to its end, a particularly vicious ambush by the Galatic Republic's clone troopers had left RM-79 inoperable and the droid was taken in hopes of studying the IG-100 for potential weaknesses. Such hopes were proven moot as Order 66 occurred only months following and the deactivated RM-79 was left to languish for several years.

Found by members of the Rebel Alliance, RM-79 was repaired and reprogrammed in a fashion similar to Imperial droids to serve the rebellion; although, while those it protected changed, things were very much the same as they had been during the Clone Wars. With the destruction of the second Death Star and the heads of the Galaxy Empire gone, RM-79 found itself acting as the primary bodyguard of Garon Shul, former Rebellion member and Mirialan politician, and in time, it would be charged in protecting Garon's son, Dalu upon the child's force potential becoming evident. In order to nurture the boy's abilities in the force, he was sent to Jedi Temple and learn under Luke Skywalker. While having a bodyguard might have initially been seen as unnecessary, the emotional support it gave Dalu was deemed a reasonable enough exception.

While Dalu possessed a noticeable skill in the force, the boy was haunted by visions, but when asked, he refused to say just what those visions were. The only thing he would disclose was that the very lightsaber he had built was not his, and it was destined to find its way to its "true master". These visions came to a head when the Knight of Ren and one who would be named Kylo Ren attacked the Jedi Temple and
RM-79 would fail for the second time to protect its charge. Dalu's final words were that of an order, no, a request; RM-79 was to take his lightsaber and deliver it to the destined owner.

Since that day, RM-79, going by the nickname Garon and Dalu called it, "Arrem" wandered the galaxy, taking up odd jobs to finance repairs and travel while it searched for any clues as to whoever could be the rightful owner of the Jedi weapon. It is difficult to tell when exactly Arrem started working primarily for the Resistance, but it could be considered a natural step in seeking out any relevant information on the remaining Jedi.

Lightsaber/Weapon Details:
Damaged Electrostaff - Due to various events, only one of the heads of the staff currently emits the electrical charge.
Telescopic Arm (Left) - As the name implies, RM-79's left arm can extend out several yards.
Seeker Missiles (x3) - A remnant of its former arsenal stored in its back, although whether or not they still work is currently unknown.
Self-Destruct Progam (Disabled)
Dalu Shul's Lightsaber - Reminiscent of an Indian Talwar sabre, this one-handed saber is comprised of a bronze-looking metal with a grip of varnished wood and dark leather arranged in an alternating pattern. Featuring a simple crossguard in which one side comes down to form a knucklebow while the other curves upward, the hilt ends with a disc-shaped flange surrounding the short spike that is its pommel. Much like the Talwar, Dalu's ignited saber sports a curved beam, although whether or not this benefits the weapon in combat has yet to be tested.


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Hey there, I found this trade by sheer luck - though some may doubt this, stating that in their experience, there is no such thing as luck.
I am slowly going to read up on the existing sheets and then I start working on my own, if I am not late to the party, that is!

Hey there, I am still interested in joining, but I am having some family time this weekend, so I can post my finished sheet this Monday.
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Koyi Wi`Teksa - WIP
Koyi Wi'Teksa
Teksa is one of the many Twi'leki clans native to Ryloth. The clan's name means "trustworthy". Koyi means "Serpent". So, she's a Trustworthy Serpent...but still, keep your eyes open!
Age: Unknown, but about the human age of 23 .
Species: Twi'lek
Description of Appearance:
A very rare Twi'lek beauty; graceful in motion, a picturesque humanoid with slender height, topaz blue skin with dark mottled stripes down her form, and eyes that are historically tantalizing to even the hardest ruffians. Koyi's uniqueness does not end with just her altered skin tone, nor her rather long and curled lekku, but just what she does with them that forever doomed her and her race into a history of servitude for the wealthy. Even now, life after the Empire still holds onto such old traditions - in a more unethical manner. It's not considered kosher to maintain Twi'lek as slaves anymore, but there are those who still work the underground to come across one for themselves, to hide in their estates for their own secret pleasures.

Height/Weight: 5'6"/142 lbs

Personality: Koyi is a confusing sort to understand: soft-spoken, yet outspoken. Timid, yet craves attention. She seems to be full of spirit and delight, but dark and depressed and sometimes dangerously cold and hostile if forced into a corner. Regardless of being baffled by her behavior and lopsided state of mind at times, she's still a very hard girl to dislike.

Growing up as a form of entertainment, Koyi has learned to maintain a silent presence, keeping lost in the crowd until called upon. And if called, to dazzle the public's eye, maintain a high degree of mystery and interest by avoiding everyone around her. Hence, the confusing first impression she displays to this day. Unknown of her Force sense growing up, her parents kept her unaware of this to keep her blissfully ignorant. Unfortunately, those who were quite aware of this secret skill used it to their advantage if they were able to get their hands on her.

Flaws - She's not particularly physically strong. If it comes down to a one on one fight where strength is the deciding factor, she's pretty well hopeless. And what's worse, like all Twi'lek, Koyi's lekkus are extremely sensitive. A strong tug can incapacitate her with pain. She's learned from the streets how to protect herself better, but her confidence at times gets the best of her.

Personality: Still slightly timid around strangers or situations that she honestly should not be a part of, and her hardheadedness tends to make it impossible, to an extent, for her to see reason; especially when the reasoning involves situations or issues she is unfamiliar with. To her, it's best to leave well enough alone and not rock the boat; even when doing so might just save her ass. Breaking out of her old Twi'lek customs and habits of avoiding others conflicts or standing up for what she believes in, is difficult for her. But every now and then her mouth will open and her feelings come out, expressing just what her heart wants and believes.

She's starting to understand more about what it truly means to be free with all rights and privileges thereof. This mix of two different ways to view life (owned vs. freed) has set her in a path of doubt and negative self-awareness, making her somewhat dangerous to have around in a life or death situation.

A peacock on the surface, but all tiger at heart, Koyi gets very territorial, and if hurt enough, she falls back to instincts which urges her to fight even when she can't win.

Surprisingly Low Maintenance, Koyi is fine with roughing it. Having survived the deserts of Ryloth, she is competent in the wilderness, and when in highly populated areas can deal with slums or food that's not the best. She likes the high-life but can get by without.

Finding her true calling as a Jedi, following the only lesson she'd learned from Skywalker - to recognize the hidden Force within and use it to her advantage. That's been her main lesson in life ever since.
She hates the fact that Ren stold her chances for a new family and new life.

Goals: To rebuild the Jedi Council, so she can truly complete her training properly.

Current Occupation: Dancer and Bartender at Hotic's Lair on Naboo (Free to do as she pleases, of course, but still hiding from everyone unfamiliar to the local nightclub.)

Jedi in Hiding or Resistance
Hiding. Since she was one of the last discoveries, a few days before the raid of Skywalker’s Jedi Temple, she was not able to gain enough training. Therefore, she's still a very new padawan with minor formal training. What little training she’s gained was through her connection with the Daughters of Allya.

History: WIP
Koyi was raised by her parents until the age of eight. During a time when so many others still believed that entertainment was an efficient way to proliferate their species, preserve their culture, and see the galaxy like no other; her parents chose to hide their daughter instead, rather than give her away to an orphanage for such training. They noticed her force-sensitivity and feared that the times of the world would take advantage of her if they knew she was worth more than just her looks. Unfortunately, she was kidnapped at 8 by a rogue band of mercenaries who sold her to an uncertified orphanage to learn trades in The Arts and housekeeping. She was soon sold to various owners when she was around the human age of 10 as a maid.

When she was old enough to become more than just a house servant, at the equivalent human age of 12, she was sold to work in the entertainment sector on Ord Mantell, and soon picked up by a master merchant named Valaras Fothe. After a year under his household, Koyi escaped along with a few other slaves. One of them was caught by Valaras and she killed him. Unfortunately, the only decent footage of the escape his security cameras picked up was of Koyi. Since she resembles the same coloration as the killer slave, they marked her with the murder because she was the only one recognizable. A huge bounty was placed on her head for her return.

In hiding, at age 13 she was soon found by Skywalker and learned exactly why she was capable of doing impossible things. For only half a season, she's learned about the Force and began her basic training on how to feel and control it - before the Knights of Ren attacked her new home. It was sudden and heartbreaking - after losing one family, she lost another. Koyi felt as if her found purpose was stolen from her very soul. But that emotion was the reason for her survival - she was tired of losing precious things. Understanding now who she is, and why she survived, Koyi kept her head down and her senses off from everything around her. She had now three enemies to hide from - Valaras' ghost, The Galactic Empire, and Ben Solo - murderer of her former family.

Around the age of 16, she became part of a small, but very successful smuggling party ran by Baltazar Achk. He was the one who found her in Lothal, saving her hide when she was hiding from the authorities within a rather dangerous bar. Being accused of killing your owner can be a rather big thorn to pull from a Twi'lek's side, and this one had only grown popularity once it was known that she was Force-Sensitive.

Baltazar taught her about the real world, seeing that she was a rough, broken, and weak young woman with no idea of what living free was all about. He trained her to use her disadvantages as advantages until her skills in pleasure became the tools he needed to build her into the sneaky, manipulative, little mouse by his side. She was his spy and in some cases, sneaky assassin.

When working with the Resistance, smuggling supplies, and information to their secret hideouts, Baltazar spoke to Astrinol Hja, leader of the Witches of Dathomir - Dreaming River Clan, who was also part of the Resistance. She had noticed Koyi's connection to the Force and talked him into allowing her to join the Daughters of Allya in order to hone her skill. On Dathomir, she was able to gain skills in Force Healing, Art of Movement, Controlling pain, and Weather sensing. She was also able to gain a second-hand lightsaber. Due to a lack of supplies, the Daughters were unable to aid her in building her own.

After a season, Baltazar picked her up. He had various opportunities that required her unique skills and luck. With new markets opening for him and a dangerous opportunity dealing with connections to the Sith falling into his hands, his mind was split between caring for Koyi and managing the ruthless money ventures he shouldn't have gotten into. Unfocused and way over his head, Baltazar lost his life and Koyi lost the only real friend she ever had.

She ran, then through fate was able to reconnect with an old dancing friend in Naboo. She followed her around the galaxy in search of a safe job where she can hide and live in peace, but they eventually returned to Naboo because the connections there were more secured.

Skills - Dancer, Contortionist/Flexible/Ambidextrous, knife throwing, whip attacks, and a natural ability in seduction and stealth.

Under the wings of the late Baltazar Achk, Koyi had strengthened her newer talents in spying, pickpocketing, lock picking, misdirection, manipulation, interrogation, melee, and long-range blasters.

Force Healing, Art of Movement, Controlling pain, and Weather sensing.

Lightsaber/Weapon details (if applicable): Carries a set of throwing daggers that are usually hidden under the back of her various tops - the handles positioned down in such a way to appear as ornaments to her attire. She also carries a whip-like weapon called a daggerlette - a thin chain with leather woven within it with a small, sharp spear secured at both ends. She'll either wear this weapon around her waist as a belt, around her arm, lekku, or around her head like a piece of jewelry. She also carries a traditional Twi'leki dagger, one that has been passed down from mother to daughter for decades. It's all she has of her childhood.

These days, she's now hosting a few blasters, one of them being a sport-blaster that she's stolen from her former owner years ago. She keeps it only because it reminds her of what she doesn't want to return to. Equipment - FlashFlesh Med Pack, a Personal Assistant 4X Recording Rod, DataPad, a short-range matter transmitter (what she used during her dancing days).

She does have a lightsaber but it is second-hand, given to her by the Daughters of Dathomir.
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~~~Character Sheet~~~

Name: Nyis (Voloshu'nyis'tourodu)

Description of Appearance:
Nyis is a striking woman, naturally alluring with a long legged, long waist frame and well kept curves. Her silvery-blue skin, dark blue hair and wine-red eyes leave a different impression, making her instantly memorable if unquestionably alien. She favors charcoal dresses for negotiations but opts for comfortable slacks and a dark blouse with a fashionable business coat worn on top the rest of the time. When expecting trouble, Nyis wears a blaster (on the hip under the coat usually but occasionally in a thigh holster with a dress). Her voice is high, light in tone but with sharp, clear enunciation reflecting excellent diction and practice at public speaking. Nyis' body language is typically direct; able to switch from accommodating to commanding at a moment's notice.

Age: 25
Species: Chiss
Height: 5'11"

Nyis is a consummate professional. Her expression is friendly, her voice cultured and her wardrobe immaculate but it's all practiced skill, her own form of corporate armor. A childhood and a career spent sharpening her claws in the cutthroat Bothan business world has left her poised, confident and never showing a hint of weakness.

But it's all reflexive. Underneath the smile is lingering terror mixed with a simmering rage. Six years ago, Nyis' whole world wasn't turned upside down, it was razed to the ground and the destroyer is not only at large but he's hunting her. Going corporate is self-defense and what she knows best is people. What they want, what they need, what they'd work for and what they'd kill for. Everyone has an angle and she's been working them her entire life. Underneath the fear is an un-Jedi-like rage she keeps on a tight leash with Jedi discipline. Studying with Luke Skywalker had been her way out and Ben put an end to the best years of her life. If she had the opportunity, and the means, she might very well turn her hand to revenge.

• Professional 'Face': Natural aptitude, professional study and years of practice have made Nyis accomplished at persuasion, deception, and manipulation. She can switch from corporate to caring, from sultry to serious like the flip of a switch. She lies without hesitation or shame when she needs to.​
• Corporate Project Management: Six years spent on projects have given her ample experience with corporate practices, how projects are assembled and funded, how to work with myriad operational areas with competing agendas and still deliver a finished product on time. Nyis is also well invested in several major corporations and can draw on certain sums if she absolutely must.​
• Slicing: Nyis isn't a professional slicer but a lifetime of using computers, coupled with corporate training from a company that makes them and her own studies make her a very good amateur in the field.​
• Jedi Training: She has adequate Force capabilities including basic telekinesis/Force Push and Force Speed when in peril. She's reasonably good at Force Empathy and excellent at Force Persuasion (the one skill she's kept up with). As a fencer, Nyis is rather good with Form I: Shii-Cho and middling at Form IV: Ataru, mostly owing to a lot of hard work on her part. She's incredibly rusty at this point, though.​
• Her Training: For someone with six years of Jedi study, Nyis is definitely above average. But Luke didn't pick average students and Nyis is one of those who fell behind compared to others. Virtually any combat-focused Force user can likely outfight her. Her raw power in the Force is good, but not great and it's not just Ben Solo who can overpower her in a contest.​
• Her Career: Nyis has made a life for herself outside of the Jedi and the Resistance. While willing to help, she has a professional reputation and career waiting for her and she's reluctant to risk either unless the cause is exceptional.​
• Her Family: As a Jedi, Nyis learned to shed her attachments. But as a corporate professional who made a lot of money, she couldn't help but reconnect with her family and funnel her wealth their way. Her parents and siblings can be effective levers, if discovered and used against her.​
• Her Rage: Nyis has never turned to the Dark Side but she's well aware it's there, right outside her door, waiting to be let in. Despite six years of professional success, this isn't the life she wanted. Losing out on her chance to be a Jedi has made her privately bitter and angry.​

Nyis is ambitious and driven to succeed. The fact that most of her Jedi peers were naturally better than her adds further fuel and incentive to excel. She's deeply motivated to gain a position of power that lets her make the galaxy a better place for people, whether as a Jedi or by running her own corporation someday.
Become a Jedi worthy of Luke Skywalker. And in the meantime, turn a profit for herself and her corporate masters. Getting payback on Ben Solo would be a delightful bonus.

Current Occupation:
Senior Project Manager for Micro Applications (Jedi in Hiding)

Nyis was born on the Bothan colony world of Kothlis in a small commune of Chiss refugees. None of the adults would admit to their crimes against the Chiss Ascendancy but living among aliens, taking menial jobs and living in shanties on the beaches of the oceanic island world spoke louder than words. Unlike the handful of other children in their community, Nyis was determined not to share their fate.

Chiss mature early. By the time she was 10, she'd gained the mental as well as physical stature of near-adulthood. Possessed of an exceptional intelligence, Nyis befriended several Bothan adolescents with charm and flattery, gaining access to the educational materials of the Bothan people who'd claimed Kothlis. By the time she was 13, she'd secured a full-ride scholarship to one of the best universities on the colony world.

Which is when she came to the attention of Luke Skywalker. She never knew what he'd been doing on Kothlis, or how he picked her out but she never forgot their first encounter. The black-clad Hero of the New Republic looked over her shoulder while she was working out a formula in Applied Mathematics, caught her attention and smiled into her shocked expression. Then he said "With your gifts, you've accomplished everything you've put your mind to. But you can do more. You can come to this university and become a prominent scholar or corporate officer...or you can come with me and have a hand in everyone's future."

Nyis immediately dropped out and committed to learning the ways of the Force, thrilled at the prospect of finally getting off of Kothlis and away from her impoverished, criminal family. The next six years were a wondrous time, learning from the Last Jedi and competing with his other apprentices to mastering the Force. She was candidly below average, not the worst but far from the best, but Nyis ascribed that to the head start some students (like Ben) had...and, being brutally honest with herself, she just wasn't that exceptional. She had smarts to spare and the living Force came easily enough to her, it just didn't come as easily as it did to many of her peers.

And she didn't care. For the first and only time in her life, Nyis didn't need to be on top. Learning the ways of the Jedi gave her peace, serenity, and inner balance and what Luke taught her was valuable for her and for those she could help, regardless if others could do it better.

Then one night shortly after her 19th birthday, Ben Solo destroyed the temple, put fire to her whole life and fled. Luke vanished without a word. Her fellow students scattered to the winds, as did Nyis herself. With a bit of ingenuity and the subtle nudge of the Force, she found a job with Micro Applications, a manufacturer of datapad and pocket computer chipsets headquartered on Kothlis. It wasn't the Jedi way but she could sense the rise of the Dark Side, knew she especially lacked the sheer strength required to oppose it...and settled instead for finding a way to make deals and make a profit for her corporation while carving out opportunity for the less fortunate.

In the six years she worked at Micro Applications, Nyis rose from a Project Technician at 19 to a Project Manager at 21, Senior PM last year at 24 and she had her eye on Director of Project Management for MicroApp's R&D subsidy in Tal'cara. Between her native intelligence, relentless work ethic and the Force, Nyis always seemed 'lucky' in spotting a lie, nudging a client's schedule to align with MicroApp's development schedule and getting all parties at a table to leave happy with the deal.

Until the Resistance turned up...

Nyis still carries her double-bladed lightsaber, set with an amber kyber crystal. She has used it exactly never in the past six years.
Corporate intrigue has made it necessary for her to carry a sidearm, an old DX-13 Blaster Pistol. She's had to use it at least a dozen times.
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Description of Appearance:
Being tall above average for her species, Vicaria possesses a fragile build even at first sight.She has a slender build, up to the point that it appears even a slightest breeze of wind could make her move from the place she is standing. She has a slender figure with very gentle features, but looks far older than she actually is. She has grey hair that reaches under her shoulders, and she wears them in a ponytail during her training sessions. She wears mostly clothes made of wool and linen cloth with some leather additions to it. Her preferred colors are shades of grey, blue and of course, white.

Her choice of attire are brown leather boots, with her pants and top, consisting mostly of blue and gray shades. She also wears gloves of the matching blue color. Her most striking feature is her lack of eyes in a physical sense. She uses a brown piece of cloth to hide this fact. She does this mostly in order not to make others uncomfortable in her presence as it happened before she was approached by Luke Skywalker.



5' 8"

Vicaria is a very shy person, so much that some people came to describe her as timid. Her experiences prior to being found solidified this trait in her, but it did little to change her at her core. There, she is a kind and caring person, who just didn't have the opportunity to show this side of hers. To anyone who gets through to her, she is always eager to offer a helping hand, or a piece of advice. She is also honest, always telling the truth, even if lying would be a more profitable option. Vicaria always praises others for their achievements, while she tends to downplay hers.

When it comes to training and improving her skills, Vicaria is among the most hard working people in among Skywalker's picks, often staying up late into the nights to continue training. Up to the point she is satisfied with her results or her exhaustion proves too much. Her shyness makes it hard for her to approach people, asking for advice or help. When she manages to get through this, she is an eager listener, always expressing her thanks in the most polite way possible. Despite all her flaws, Vicaria tries to be more outgoing and perhaps even bolder as time goes on.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Force Sight

Being physically blind, Vicaria relies on her ability to see through the force to see. Seeing the world in this completely different way has its own benefits and negatives. Contrary to legends, she can’t see through walls with this ability.

While her skills with the lightsaber are not to be underestiamted, Vicaria is most confident in the field of telekinesis. She practices her skills in this area constantly and often involves her skills in lightsaber combat as well.

Highly Attuned
Thanks to her unique way of seeing the world and her Miraluka heritage, Vica is highly attuned to the force, but she lacks the proper skills to utilize this trait of her to its entire extent. The only area she can use this to its entire extent is when using the Form IV of lightsaber combat, Ataru.

Physical strength was never a strong side of Vicaria and she realizes it. This is obvious to anyone with a keen eye, and she knows it. She does her very best to avoid any and all physical contact with her foes, which doesn’t always go hand in hand with her preferred style of combat.

Vicaria’s biggest limits are the ones her timid personality places onto herself. Despite her significant progress after being approached by Luke Skywalker, she made rather slow progress during her time as a hermit on Rhen Var, instead focusing on improving what skills she has.

Good to a fault
Her most defining trait is the fact that she rarely gives up on people. Even with Ben Solo, she still hopes to understand him and perhaps help him get back to the light. This walks hand in hand with her being a bit naive in some situations, and she realizes this.

Vicaria is motivated by the prospect of completing her training and becoming a fully fledged Jedi Knight.

Find out the truth about her early childhood and restore her memories, somehow.

Upholding the tenets of the Jedi Order, perhaps to a fault, is a huge motivator for Vicaria. She does not feel prepared to leave Rhen Var yet, and feels slightly uneasy about having her ideals clash with the reality outside her place of solace.

While most of her peers are seeking some sort of vengeance against Ben Solo, Vicaria seeks to understand what led him to perform his actions.

Become a fully fledged Jedi Knight.

Understanding why Ben Solo betrayed Luke’s teachings.

Current Occupation:
Vicaria was a deckhand on smuggler ships in the Outer Rim territories for two years after fleeing from the destruction of Luke's Academy. As long as the ship she was hired for was smuggling mostly spices, she was content with her place. But even back then, she thought about it more as a momentary predicament. During one of their missions, her ship was running a run of slaves. Vicaria decided to act on instinct and did her best to set them free on the planet Draukyze, but her efforts were thwarted and she was marooned on Rhen Var. In an interesting twist of events, she is able to survive on Rhen Var thanks to smugglers who tend to use the moon from time to time.

Jedi in Hiding or Resistance Fighter:
Jedi in Hiding
Currently a hermit on Rhen Var.

Vicaria doesn’t remember much of her childhood, only flashes from it. Her most fond memory, while also being one of her most disturbing one is being held close to her mother’s chest. That’s the fond part - the disturbing part is them on being from the run from something that inspires dread in her to this day. She still doesn’t know what it was, and the idea of finding out what it was is motivating her, while also keeping her from sleeping calmly. She has no memory about the place they were leaving either. Her earliest memories are from the planet Manaa, where she was living on the streets, from the age of nine.

She was a target of many terms not meant for decent ears during her days there, mostly due to her Miraluka heritage. She was wearing a leather strap over her eyes and pretended to by blind in front of most people. She tried begging to provide herself but her pleas were met with curses in best cases, and physical attacks in worst cases. It was during this time of her life that she discovered her unusual gifts, as she realized that if she focuses enough, she can make things fly with her mind. She was not very fond of it, but she used this ability of her to, more often that she would like to admit, help herself to a meal.

After two years of living on the streets, Vicaria had her first experience with the smuggling elements that proved to be one of the defining factors of her later life. As time passed, she developed her skills with her Gift, as she called it. One day, without paying attention to her surroundings as she was helping herself to a meal, she caught the attention of a band of smugglers that passed through Manaan, they picked up the girl and wanted to exploit her talents for their own ends. She was to help them with extortions from their more "gullible clients" that were frightened by Vicaria's ability to make things float. No longer on the streets, with proper clothes and most of all, food, Vicaria was the member for the crew for four years, considerably developing her gift during this time. She secretly wanted a change, but could not find a way out.

Eventually, Vicaria was discovered on Manaan, where the group slowly relocated, by none other than Luke Skywalker, who was looking for prospective members for the Jedi Order he was trying to rebuild. It was then that Vicaria learned that her gift was her connection to a far greater world than she was aware of, and that she was a Force Sensitive. Eager for a chance to change her life for the better, she left with them after Luke negotiated her release from the band and during the travel to his Academy, Luke explained everything he knew about her species, the Miraluka.

Her years spent under the tutelage of Skywalker seemed to erase most of her memories from her days working with the smuggling crew, and she picked up her lessons with a motivation that surprised ever Vicaria. While she was not the most socially active member of her group, she made some friends. Vica, as she came to be called, grew to admire Ben Solo for his prodigal skills, but never dared to approach him in person. She wasn’t among the best, but she was certainly one of the most hardworking members of their group.

Until that fateful day, Vica was enjoying her newfound life, finding it as an incredible motivation to push herself past her limits. Then, it was all gone. As suddenly as it started, it was all gone in flames. As most of the students scattered and Skywalker himself disappeared, she too decided to lay low for the time being. In order to attract as little attention as possible, she flew away to the Outer Rim, joining - ironically, a group of smugglers. This time, it lasted two years - as the group shifted from smuggling spices to slaves, Vicaria could not stand idly again. She tried to liberate them but her efforts failed, and she was marooned to the planet of Rhen Var.

While her situation was initially bleak, she took a sudden liking to her icy refuge. Quickly realizing that she could not sever her smuggler past as she relied on them for her survival. As they were using the planet as a sporadic base of operations, she could bargain with them for supplies. A year passed like this, a year she spent mostly meditating and thinking about all she had lost. She didn’t give in to vengeance, and instead decided she wants to understand why Ben Solo did what he did. And once again, without her expecting it, she was thrown back into the action again. Resistance agents approached her with an offer to join forces against their common enemy.

This time, Vicaria was hoping that she was prepared for what’s to come.

Vicaria constructed herself an ordinary lightsaber with a blue focusing crystal. She wrapped the hilt of her blade in leather.​
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