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  1. Elvira Summers clumped through the front door and dumped her bag on the table. She glanced in the mirror, and tucked a lock of dark hair behind her ear.

    A smile spread across her lips, as she thought about the fact that this was the last day before summer started! She was now off on her summer holidays, and she couldn't wait.

    Maybe this summer, her best friend would come to visit..... She sighed. ___ had been her best friend since they were four, and they were close as siblings, but ____ was in a popular band, and they had been on tour for the past six months, so she hadn't seen her. Elvira missed her "Boo-Bear" as she called her best friend.
  2. Name: Jolyn Flannigan
    Nicknames: Jo. But may call her whatever.
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bi
    Height: 5'2
    Weight: 115
    Eye color: Hazel
    Hair color: Blonde, with red ends and tios of bangs
    Hair length: Barely pass the shoulders
    Hair type: Straight
    Body type: Athletic like, yet some curves.
    Skin tone: Naturally tanned
    History: When Jo was younger her parents always fought. It only got worse over the years. She'd sneak out and go to her best friends house. It had gotten to where she was over her friends house almist every night,l usually staying overnight. She would get tired of seeing her parents consist fighting. Her father's abusiveness towards her mother used to scarr her. Her mother became an alcoholic to escape the pain from the abuse. Jo was rebellious and always did whatever she wanted: coming home late at night or not at all. Anything really. If her parents had cared enough to give her rules, she would have broken them. Eventually, she joined a band once she was older. She has a beautiful singing voice. She's usually a calm, down-to-earth, partying kind of girl. Also, daring and up to trying anything usually. Sometime after joining the band she started drinking and smoking. Except, she only smokes when she drinks...most of the time. Her clothing style varies: blue jeans, t-shirts. Skirts, dresses, and blouses. To whatever she was in the mood wearing. She lives shoes and owns too many to count. Sge always dyes the tips of her bangs and the ends of her hair a different color. Colors varied also: blues, reds, pinks, purples, black. Never all color at once. Only one for so long until she grew tired of the currebt color.

    It had been six long, exciting months for Jolyn Flannigan. She was glad to be coming home. Her tour had ended a couple days ago. Just in time for summer. To say she was more than excited was an understatement.

    She sat on the bus, tapping her foot impatiently. Her head was resting against the cool window with her eyes closed. She wasn't happy to go home to her parents, but the thought of her seeing her best friend had her nervous, yet un able to sit completely still in her sit.

    The trip back to her home town was long. She had to get off the bus in the city and then have a cab or someone to pick her up. Her parents not being parents-of-the-year probably forgotten she would be at the bus stop today, which meant she couldn't depend on them being there.

    As she near the station, she decided to text her best friend. Hoping maybe she'd meet her in the city and they could catch up before heading home. Pulling out her phone, she easily and quickly found Elvira number.

    "Hey Summers. I've missed you!!" She texted. Then, she waited for a reply back, eyes on her phone.
  3. Elvira was in the middle of putting on a pair of clean jeans when her phone went off, and she fell over with the surprise. She swore under her breath and pulled the jeans on firmly.

    She glanced at the text when she was finally dressed, and her eyes lit up. Instead of just texting back, she called Jolyn, feeling her tummy butterflies erupt like they always did when her beautiful best friend was involved.
  4. ((Omg all the misspellings in the character sheet!! I'm soo sorry about that.))

    Abruptly, Jolyn's phone started ringing. The unexpected call made her jump in her sit, almost dropping her expensive phone. After getting a better grip on it, she looked at the screen, seeing that Elvira had decided to call instead.

    Her heart rate picked up in excitement yet nervousness at finally being able to hear her voice. Taking a deep breath to calm down, she then answered. "Hey Babe." She smiled to herself. "How's it been?" She asked, not wanting to tell her the good news just yet.

    Before she heard a response on the other end, the bus came to a stop. Grabbing her luggage, she walk down the aisle and exited. The doors slammed shut behind her, causing her to jump yet again and a small yelp escaping. Her hand flew to her chest at the scare. When she realized that it was only the bus, she couldn't help but chuckle quietly. She stood on the side walk awaiting for her friend.
  5. "Hey Boo Bear - I miss you too! When are you getting home? When you get here, come around to my place and we can head to the skate park." Elvira brightly said as she pulled on her over sized Man Utd shirt.

    She grabbed her board from the side of the room and headed downstairs with her phone. "Things here have been so boring without you - I've been hanging out with the guys though while you've been away." The tomboy girl grinned and walked out the door, closing it behind her with a click.
  6. Jolyn listened to Elvira as she made her way through the crowded street, dragging her bags behind her, to the bench; inputting ahhs at the appropriate times. She smiled at the enthusiasm of her best friend.

    "I'm in the city actually." She replied, plopping down on the seat. The bag over her shoulder bumped against her side. "My so called parents surprisingly didn't show up." She admitted with a sigh as she watched people passed by. People pushed and shoved their way rudeky as a hurry. "I'll have a cab pick me up and be there soon." She said, already more then ready to see her bestie.
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