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  1. Elvira Summers clumped through the front door and dumped her bag on the table. She glanced in the mirror, and tucked a lock of dark hair behind her ear.

    A smile spread across her lips, as she thought about the fact that this was the last day before summer started! She was now off on her summer holidays, and she couldn't wait.

    Maybe this summer, her best friend would come to visit..... She sighed. ___ had been her best friend since they were four, and they were close as siblings, but ____ was in a popular band, and they had been on tour for the past six months, so she hadn't seen her. Elvira missed her "Boo-Bear" as she called her best friend.​
  2. Echo was riding on the tour bus with her band mates back to their home. They've been on tour since a month ago, and all of them were starting to miss their own homes. Sure, Echo missed her family, but the person she wanted to see the most was Elvira.

    She was lying down watching her band members' antics when the bus driver abruptly stopped the bus, making Echo fall down and messing up her navy blue hair. Her bandmates laughed at her and helped her get up.

    "Apparently, we're back home already~" Olivia, the guitarist of the group, replied while pulling her up. Echo's amber eyes lit up an rushed out of the bus clumsily. "Well, someone's homesick," Ruby, the drummer, snickered.
  3. Elvira quickly changed out of her school uniform - never to be worn again, since she had now left secondary school completely - into a pair of jeans, and her favourite t-shirt with the Man Utd logo on it. She headed downstairs and pulled on her varsity jacket again, before she opened the door, and headed down the front path.

    She caught sight of a large bus parked a few doors down, and her eyes lit up when she recognised the band logo on the van - Echo was home! Sure enough she saw the blue-haired cutie practically tumble out of the bus, and Elvira made a beeline for her best friend. "Boo Bear!" She squealed as she gave her long-lost best friend a huge hug.
  4. Echo was greatly surprised by the hug, but she knew that hug even if you blindfolded her. "Hey honey panda~!" She laughed. She called Elvira "honey panda" since young and the name stuck with her ever since.

    She opened her canvas bag and produced a rose to Elvira. "The fans at the last concert were crazy! They kept throwing at us roses! I picked them up and have all the band members one, and I saved one for you!" She smiled, a little shyly.

    The rest of the members came out one by one, unloading the equipment from the bus. "Echo, we need help, you know?" Olivia shouted for her while unloading the drums.
  5. Elvira's cheeks turned a light pink when she was given the rose, but she took it with a shy smile. "Thanks, beautiful." She glanced over at the other girls who were unloading the equipment and she giggled. "Want some help?"

    As they headed over to the van again, Elvira couldn't help but sneak a quick glance at Echo - she was so beautiful.... Yeah, Elvira had a huge crush on her childhood friend, but the closest that she had ever come to coming clean about her crush, was telling Echo that Elvira was gay. The petite brunette just didn't feel the same way about guys as she did about girls - one girl in particular.

    She picked up two guitar cases, and carried them down after the other girls, and into the red-brick terraced house in the middle of the row. "Where were you girls last? What was the last venue you played at?"
  6. "Thanks honey~" Echo smiled as she lugged into the garage the speakers.

    Because of carrying band equipment, her arms were tough, but lean, and while she was carrying the speakers, you could see the well defined arms. She stole a quick glance at Elvira while she was busy carrying the guitars. She was so pretty, her lovely brown hair shimmering in the sun.

    Olivia looked at Elvira with a kind smile. "Well we were at New York, and wow, the crowds do go insane sometimes," she laughed softly as she carried the drums.

    Ruby got down the bus, holding her drumsticks and followed by her was a sleepy looking girl. "I found Sab. She was sleeping at the corner, apparently," Ruby told to nobody in particular before carrying out the symbols.
  7. Sab yawned, and rubbed her eyes. "Vas happening everyone?" She sleepily mumbled, but then caught sight of Elvira, and she was more awake suddenly. She smiled shyly and held out her hand to the brunette, "Hi, I'm Sabine. but everyone just calls me Sab." Her slight French accent came through as she spoke to this beautiful girl.
  8. As Echo came out of the garage she saw Sabine, the bassist, chatting with Elvira, and she immediately hid behind the band gear. She noticed a pang of jealousy in her gut, and tried to ignore it.

    As Ruby went through the garage she saw Echo hiding behind their equipment, and she snickered.

    "If you're wondering about Sab and your beloved honey panda, they're just talking about the band," she told Echo, which made her slightly blush.

    "I wasn't spying on them or anything!" Echo stuttered, letting a curtain of blue hair cover her face.
  9. "So, you live here with the others now?" Elvira asked, running a hand through her hair, consequently mesmerising the slightly older Sab.

    "Y-yeah." She responded, and then hesitated for a moment before shyly asking, "I know this is probably going to sound weird, but do you want to hang out later? We could get some Nandos, and just go for a walk?"

    Elvira thought about that - I like Echo, but she's obviously straight, and so not into me, so maybe I should accept Sab's offer.... Finally she replied, "Alright. I live just down the street, so we can meet up later on just outside this house."
  10. Echo nearly toppled over all the equipment upon listening what Sab asked her. "Watch it, Echo!" Olivia shouted across the driveway, while Ruby just shook her head and laughed as she passed by Echo.

    Once Sabine went over to help out with the equipment, Echo sneaked over to Elvira. "Heeey, honey panda! Um, I heard you were going out to nandos with Sab?" She asked, hoping to sound as casual as she could.
  11. Elvira turned when she heard her old nickname, and nodded. "Yeah, we're going to get some Nandos takeout, and then go for a walk. She seems like a really cool girl." She brushed her brown hair back from her face and smiled. "You know, I'm free now - do you want to go visit our old treehouse for old times sake?" Elvira grinned - their parents had built the two girls their own treehouse in the woods behind the houses when they were six, but they hadn't been there together in a while since before Echo had left to go on tour.
  12. Echo's amber eyes lit up when Elvira suggested to go to the treehouse. "Sure!" She smiled, and gently took Elvira's hand. "Let's go!"
  13. Elvira grinned as they headed down the pathway next to the house, and down the forest path into the trees. "I've really missed you, Boo Bear." She wrapped an arm around her best friend's waist with a smile, and gave her waist a little squeeze. "So, how's your love life? Any guys on the scene?"
  14. Echo giggled. "Nah, why'd you think I'd get a guy during tour?" The only person she was thinking about was Elvira during the tour, but she wasn't going to say that, afraid her love of her life would reject her. It wasn't right anyway, to be in love with a girl, she thought to herself bitterly as they were walking to the treehouse.
  15. "Yeah same here. I've just finished my last exam, so I've been crazy busy for ages trying to get some work done. I did meet this one girl a few months back, who was sorta cute. I didn't fall for her though - I really like this other girl I know." Elvira shrugged. She was out and proud about her sexuality.
  16. Echo felt a pang of jealousy in her heart, but she decided to smile just for her friend. "Cool! Who is it?" She asked curiously, her amber eyes full of questions.
  17. Elvira hesitated as they approached the treehouse, but after a split decision, she blurted out, "You." Before Echo could respond, Elvira scrambled up the ladder into the treehouse, and picked up a book, hiding her face.
  18. Echo stood at the base of the treehouse, stunned. It wasn't till a few moments later did she regain her senses, blinking rapidly. "W-what?!" She rushed up to the treehouse, her face flushed red.

    "Y-you like me...?" She asked Elvira, breathless.
  19. "Yeah, but please just forget what I just said." Elvira mumbled, not looking at her friend. "It's just a little stupid crush, and it doesn't mean anything."
  20. "Doesn't mean anything? Are you sure?" Echo asked, her voice growing softer. "B-because," she took in a deep breath, "I....kinda like you..too," finishing the sentence no more than a whisper. Echo went to the other corner of the room, feeling embarrassed, her face red as tomato.