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  1. Information:
    Summerville: A pleasant little suburban community, close to the city.
    The neighborhoods are known for their beautiful lawns. Nothing much really happens there, and sometimes it gets a little too quiet...

    Summerville High School: A really nice school, with an average population of students.
    The school is in the shape of a circle, circling a large courtyard.

    Lesson Plan:
    The 'blue' group shares the same schedule for all classes. This group is selected based on their potential, and are expected to do very well in school. Koshi is part of this group, and so is May.
    1. Math
    2. English
    3. Art
    4. Lunch
    5. History
    6. General Sciences
    7. Psychology
    8. Optional: Languages every Monday and Wednesday. Koshi takes several language courses.

    Cast List:

    Nagamine Keishi, affectionately called Koshi by his friends and his twin brother Kaito, for the way Kaito pronounced Koshi's name when he was little.

    Age: In final year, 18.

    Appearance: Short, black hair. Half-Japanese, like his twin brother Kaito. Koshi usually wears shirts underneath sweaters, hoodies, or more elegant clothing, depending on the classes he has.

    - Koshi is a bookworm, and often hides out in the library.
    - He keeps to himself, for reasons unknown. His friends are all older than him and go to university already... And Koshi has a hard time finding other people to hang out with.
    - He gets bullied, sometimes. Mostly, people just ignore him, and he ignores them back.
    (A about two years ago, Koshi had been slightly more outgoing and likable. Suddenly, the boy has become very withdrawn...)

    - His father left his mother several years ago.
    - His mother works as a businesswoman overseas, leaving him and his brother completely alone in their apartment. (Unfortunately, this means Kaito often hosts parties at their place. On those nights, Koshi gets no sleep.)
    - Koshi went with their father to Japan during the divorce, when he was a toddler. He blamed it on how easily he was bought with kind words and sweets, while his mother was simply too despondent and withdrawn after the divorce to understand that Koshi needed someone... Kaito went with their mother despite loving his father more because he wanted to get away from Koshi, and he wanted to go to America.
    - Bad things happened. Koshi's father became an alcoholic after the divorce, and lost his job.
    Really bad things happened.
    - After six years of this, Koshi's mother finally noticed what was happening, and made an new case, which settled with Koshi coming to live with her and Kaito in America.

    - Sweets, Halloween, vanilla, books, music, singing, being outside, art, apples, his balcony, his cat Mochi.

    - His father, above all. Mean people, Kaito, homework.

    Nagamine Kaito

    Age: 18

    Appearance: Looks the exact same as his twin brother, Koshi, but tends to wear sportier clothes.

    Personality: Mean, blunt, and full of sass. Being rude seems to make him feel better about himself - it's all a defense mechanism to hide how sensitive the boy really is. Kaito is only nice to specific people
    - Kaito is in the football team.
    - Kaito is popular among his peers, and his grades are only slightly lower than Koshi's straight As.
    - He goes to all the parties.
    - He's a fun-loving person in general, and tends to see things more positively than his brother.

    History: See Koshi ^

    - Sports, being loud, being mean, nice people, partying... Secretly: romance movies, chocolate, really bad sitcoms, their next-door neighbor May.

    - His father. His brother, for being hard to understand.

    May Tachibana:
    Name: May Tachibana

    Age: In final year, 18.

    Appearance: The young girl stands about 5'4 with fair colored skin. She has emerald colored eyes and light ash-brown hair that flows down to her waist. she has a prominent scar on her back that runs about three inches long. Fortunately it's on her lower back, where no one could see it.

    -Stands up for others

    -As a newborn, May was given to a foster home where Isabella(one of the caregivers) raised her until she was two. At that age, she was adopted and remained with that family for about five years, though her social worker later found out that it wasn't exactly the safest environment for her; hence the scar on her back.
    -Adopted by the Tachibana family at age 8
    -At first, she had struggled to trust her new family given everything that had happened with her previous adoptive parents.
    -Eventually she learned to trust them and grew close with her new family.

    - Art, music, nature, ice cream, chocolate, movies, pumpkin pie.

    - Her previous foster parents, rude people, bullies, sad endings, math.

    Hisao Tachibana

    Name: Hisao Tachibana

    Age: In final year, 18.



    -secretly responsible
    -trouble maker


    -Only child by blood, May's his younger sister by a couple of months
    -secretly cares for and loves (platonic) his sister
    -Fortunate enough to have parents that love each other very much

    -foot ball, hamburgers, hot chicks, ice cream, science

    - Kaito's brother for being weird, fourth period teacher, rainy days, carrots.


    Koshi (Nagamine Keishi)Koshi drove in silence, feeling a bit annoyed when his brother decided to turn off the radio. He knew it was a provocation, an encouragement to being another argument, so Koshi just bit his lip and didn't say anything in response.
    He groaned, seeing how many cars were already parked outside of the school... Ten minutes would have to wasted on looking for a parking spot, and they were already late because his brother decided to be a dick and sleep in. He was an early bird, so he never really had a hard time managing to get up in the morning. Kaito, on the other hand...

    When Koshi finally managed to park the car, Kaito wordlessly pulled on his backpack and got out, leaving Koshi alone to get his things together and go to his classes. They never went into the building together... After all, it would really suck for Kaito to be seen with a loser like Koshi, and the boy tried his hardest to accept this unfortunate situation. It was a result of silly, teenage brains with judging eyes attached to them, mindlessly staring at Koshi's shy, downcast eyes. Not only that, but Kaito was still mad at him for saying... Ah, Koshi was trying to forget about it. He knew Kaito wouldn't let it go though.
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  2. May Tachibana
    "Mom wants us home before four, Hisao." May spoke out to her brother, who stopped the car at a red light and turned to look at his sister. "I know." He replied simply, brushing her off, much to her dismay. "You better not do what you did last time. I do not want to have to cover for you just because you ran off with some girl." "I did no-" "Yes, you did and don't even try to deny it! I saw you." May crossed her arms over her chest and gave her brother a pointed look. The only reason she was bothered by him running of with that girl, was that she was forced to walk home since he was her ride. "Tck...Okay fine. I'll be by my car by three thirty." The light turned green and Hisao immediately sped down the road and it wasn't long before they arrived at the school parking lot.

    By he time Hisao parked the car, May was already frustrated so she quickly hopped out of the car the minute he turned off the engine. "See ya!" She called out before rushing towards the school, since she needed to go talk to one of the teachers about a class project.

  3. Kaito NagamineHe grumbled to himself, turning briefly to check and see if his brother was actually going to go to school or if he was going to go back home and mope, read, or do whatever it was he did alone. Nah, he was turning off the ignition. Whatever.

    Turning back to face the school, Kaito caught a glimpse of a familiar brunette quickly making her way to the building at the same time he was, and he pulled a hand out of his hoodie, and raised it in the air to wave at her, smiling eagerly, "Hey May!"

    Koshi NagamineKoshi sighed.

    Yet another regular day at school awaited him, and nothing about it except for lunchtime pleased him.

    He swung old, navy-blue backpack over his shoulder and clambered out of the car, pulling the sleeves of his jacker down over his hands. Koshi glanced up, and the first few patters of an autumn rain caught his cheek, and caressed it sweetly all the way down to his chin. He smiled at the prospect of rain, excited by it especially because with it came his favorite season, during which was his favorite holiday, Halloween.

    He pushed the door of their Honda shut, grateful to their mother who had sent them enough money to afford both their licenses and a new car. The gift was expected, it was all planned out, she was worried about them having to walk home, or take the bus. Koshi had never felt unloved by their mother (au contraire their father), who had made a habit of sending them gifts with the money she made overseas.

    ... Koshi was nothing but grateful to her, really. She had saved him from years of torment, had he stayed any longer with his father the damage would have been irreparable. Thankfully, Kaito had gone with their mom during the divorce.
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  4. May Tachibana
    A familiar voice called out to her and immediately May turned to look at the male with a bright smile; given that she was nice to everyone, especially her brother's friends. "Hey Kaito!" The brunette waved back enthusiastically, before she noticed her brother approaching his good friend. Her smile faded before she turned on her heel and made her way inside of the building, already heading to her third period teacher to have that chat about the class project.

    Her group was honestly grating her nerves, which was a surprise since it normally took forever to make her annoyed. Anyways, her current group did little to no participation and they put in little input. Hopefully Mr. Grant let her switch groups.

    Hisao Tachibana
    Turning the ignition off, Hisao threw the keys into his backpack before slinging the straps over his shoulder. He slipped out of the car and made his way to the entrance of the building, his strides long yet slow. He was taking his time, especially when he noticed Kaito greet his sister.

    "'Sup Kaito." Hisao greeted before clapping the male on the back. Hisao was vaguely aware of Kaito's interest towards his sister and he honestly wasn't sure how he felt about it. Maybe it would workout between them but he wasn't sure. "You want to hang out later?" He suggested.

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  5. KaitoKaito grinned at Hisao, mischief gathering in his grey gaze. "Hell yeah." He answered, then glanced around him to see if their other friends were there yet. They weren't, but that was ok, since Hisao and him were the ones behind most of their mischief anyway. "So, about the party... I was thinking we could have it at my place." He was pumped - their team had just won a game against their old enemies, the Westfield Hogs (hah, more like pigs!) and Kaito had never been more eager to celebrate in his life.

    KoshiKoshi slowed down, reaching up to self-consciously grasp the straps of his backpack.

    He waited for Kaito and his friend to go faster, hoping for some distance between them and him, but they were walking just as slow as he was (Kaito was obviously intent on being late) and Koshi didn't have enough courage to walk past them.

    Oh, how he wished he would have gone to the back entrance again... Even if it put him further away from his class, at least it'd save him from this... He lowered his head and walked along, hoping that they didn't notice him.

    While Koshi could tolerate Kaito when he was alone with him, at home, the male was utterly unrecognizable when he was with his friends, especially Hisao. Usually, the moment they pointed Koshi out to the boy, or said something mean to him, Kaito jumped on the bandwagon, all too eager to contribute his share of verbal abuse.
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  6. Hisao Tachibana
    Hisao grinned when Kaito agreed to hang out later and it only grew at the mention of the party. "Fuck yes!" He cheered while throwing his hands up in the air. Kaito's parties were always exciting and lit. "If you need help, tell me." Hisao told his friend, before his gaze moved over to Kaito's twin.

    Koshi was honestly a strange being and he greatly contrasted his brother. While Kaito was athletic, social, and just much more fun, Koshi was a bookworm, nerdy, and just downright weird and weak. They were like night and day. It was weird and Hisao had honestly thought, when he first met them, that they both would be really cool, but Kaito was the only one who for the bill. It seemed the two didn't get along either.

    "Look at your nerdy brother. " Hisao commented with a small smirk coming about hi features and he walked over to Koshi. "Wassup Koshi." Hisao greeted while placing an arm around the male. A glint of mischief flashed through Hisao's eyes.


  7. KaitoHisao's excitement made Kaito's grin widen, but that grin quickly became a smirk as his friend pointed out Koshi.

    He followed his friend and flanked Koshi's other side, so that they were sandwiching him. Noticing his twin's downcast, worried eyes and the nervous hands clutching his backpack filled Kaito with mean-spirited joy, and anger. It was so unfitting - since Koshi looked just like him, worked out like him, and was just as tall as him. Where did the other's personality go so wrong?

    Kaito's smirk became predatory as Koshi's gaze finally met his, and he elbowed his twin in the side, "What's wrong, hm? You're gonna be late, wouldn't that be just awful?" At his twin's sarcastic tone, Koshi's eyes only returned to the sidewalk. "You're gonna be late, you know? You wont be able to live with yourself if you're late! Fuckin' nerd..."

    KoshiKaito jeered at him, and Koshi merely looked away. Nothing really seemed to bother him until he thought about it.
    He sighed, wondering what else he expected from walking behind his own, dear brother? Hisao's arm made him flinch - there was nothing he hated more than a false sense of comfort.

    Koshi had no one. Worse yet, Kaito was just like their father... No consideration - Koshi cooked and cleaned and did everything, and barely had time to study, and yet Kaito didn't give him a single 'thank you.' When he tried to talk about... Kaito ignored him, or yelled at him. He bit his lip - it hurt so bad. The other would never understand, nobody would ever understand, and he would be alone, always and forever. Koshi gave up on trying to be normal, and all of his friends left him - it was all his fault. Alone with his ravenous self, always hurting, always drawing more from his skin and across, and taking it all in with a sad smile.

    His eyes closed, for a second he grew angry, but the feeling died quickly. He stopped walking and tried to change course to make his way to the back entrance, trying to shake off Hisao's arm.

    Kaito only laughed and grasped his brother by the arm, "Haha, think you can run? What a fuckin' pussy," and Koshi would be a liar if he didn't admit to himself that it hurt.
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  8. Hisao Tachibana
    Hisao watched Koshi's gaze lower down to the floor as his twin messed with him. How could Kaito be so confident while Koshi be so...weak? You would think they would at least be similar in that trait. As the male tried to shake off his arm, Hisao only tightened his grip on his shoulder. "Ah, ah, ah. You can't leave now. We were just beginning to have some fun." Hisao chuckled before his expression turned serious. "Such a shame that you turned out so weak." He spit out his words with disgust, hoping that Koshi got the message loud and clear.

    "Ah look there's Henry." Henry was another one of the football players who happens to be part of their group. "Let's go Kaito."

    Hisao removed his arm from around Koshi, before roughly shoving the male forward. Normally they did much worse things towards Kaito's twin, but Hisao had to go talk to his friends about next weeks game.


  9. Koshi and Kaito NagamineKoshi's breath hitched, and he glared at Hisao for a moment with dead eyes as he recovered from the push. Kaito smirked, "Aw, I'm not done with him yet."

    ... The boy turned to glare at his twin brother with a face more sad than bothered. "Don't make me say it. I'll say it again."

    Kaito's eyes narrowed in response, and he glanced briefly at Hisao, not really wanting to bring his family feud into the eye of the public... Even if the guy was his close friend, Kaito really didn't want anyone to know anything about his family. "You wouldn't dare. I'll beat the shit out of you, I don't care if you're my brother or not." They had already argued about Koshi's words this morning, and Kaito wasn't in the mood to hear them again.

    Koshi bit his lip and looked down at his shoes. Sure, him and Kaito hadn't known each other for very long, and that might explain why they don't really have a great bond between... Well, they have almost no brotherly bond at all. The boy considered provoking him again, but then realized that Kaito was probably serious... and he really didn't want to suffer through anymore abuse. He had suffered enough for the two of them.

    "Yeah, that's what I thought." Kaito shoved his brother, and stormed ahead of the two, too angry to continue messing with Koshi.

    Yep - there was Henry, their fellow jock, and Koshi walked away as quickly as possible... The more jocks, the worse the beating.
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  10. Hisao Tachibana
    Koshi suddenly turned to Kaito, threatening to say something that clearly bothered the twin, to the point where he too threatened his brother. The only difference was that Kaito threatened to beat the shit out him. Hisao's expression morphed into one of confusion as his eyes darted between the two, trying to figure out just what was going on between the two. Only Koshi, decided to keep his mouth shut, his own gaze moving to look at his shoes. A sign that he gave up, that he wouldn't go further. That was what made Koshi seem weak. The male never bothered to defend himself and when he did, well, he would immediately back out. Not a moment longer, Kaito stormed away from the two.

    "Watch yourself, kid." Hisao warned before heading in the direction of his friends. "Henry!" Hisao called out to the male, before holding his hand out and began to do their little handshake thing.

    May Tachibana
    "What do you mean I can't switch groups?" May questioned in disbelief as she starred down at her teacher, who was seated behind his desk, shaking his head. "I'm sorry May, but it's too late for that now. You should have addressed this earlier." Mr. Grant gave the girl an apologetic look and May only sighed and straightened up. "Alright. Thank you, Mr. Grant." Turning on her heel, the brunette headed for her locker to get her book for her first period class, all the while grumbling obscenities under her breath. Wait-Why the hell am I cursing so much? The girl normally had a clean vocabulary. Another sigh escaped her lips while running a hand through her hair. Surely his was Hisao's fault since he was always cursing.

  11. KoshiKoshi had finally made it into the building. Thankfully, the bell hadn't rang yet, but that didn't mean he'd make it to class on time... Koshi fumbled through the stuff in his locker, and finally found the packet of cigarettes he had accidentally forgotten yesterday. The boy quickly stuffed it into his backpack, nestled it into a side-pocket with his lighter, and followed the cancer-sticks with his calculator and the book he planned on reading during lunch - 'Paradise Lost.' Koshi heard it was a good read from the grumpy school librarian (who rarely ever said such things), and thus, he was especially curious about it, and what dark things the novel hid from his sight.

    Koshi shut the locker, and swung his backpack over his shoulders and made his way down the hall. He was rounding the corner, still looking down at his feet, when suddenly he collided with somebody.

    He glanced down, noticing a hand of pink-manicured fingers against his chest, and a head of blonde, tightly-curled hair. She had a hand held against her nose, obviously it hurt from the force with which she smashed it against his chest. "Ah, I'm sorry!" Koshi quickly apologized, and recognized the girl from his Psychology class - she was in blue group, but Koshi, of course, hadn't bothered to remember her name. She gave him a bright smile and a, "It's ok, I'm sorry.." And he nonchalantly side-stepped her (without looking where he was stepping again) so that the both of them could get to class, and bumped into another person - another girl, a brunette...

    'And Kaito tells me I'm not a chick magnet...' Koshi thought to himself, blushing bright red and immediately saying, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..."

  12. May
    Adjusting her grip on her folder and textbook, May slammed her locker shut before ensuring that the lock was placed properly. Today was not starting out good at all. First, she got in trouble by her parents all thanks to Hisao, which she would surely get her revenge for. Secondly, Mr. Grant refused to help her out. Now she was stuck with some that she frankly didn't like. Their ideas were far different than hers, which made the tension unbearable and annoying. Natalie, a brunette that was part of her group, grated her nerves, especially with her idiotic interpretation of the book the class was currently reading.

    "Oof!" May grunted as she stumbled backwards after colliding against a tree-person. She had just been about to curse at the stranger, but held back, remembering that she was much better than that and decided not to stoop so low for something that was surely an accident. "No, no. It's fine." May held her free hand upward before looking up at the stranger, though her brows furrowed upon seeing Kaito. Then again...it didn't seem like Kaito. "Uuhh...Koshi?" May questioned, her tone hesitant. Hisao had mentioned Kaito's twin before. They had only been terrible words, but May had onto brushed them off.


  13. KoshiKoshi's heart sank when he noticed the girl's initial reaction of mild anger, and he bit his lip, thinking about how he could possibly escape the situation... Until she said that it was ok, and offered him a... hand? Koshi glanced at her face, wondering if she was crazy - nobody ever talked to him, given the way he carried himself with an air of despondency. The moment his gaze finally found her face, a blush kept across his cheeks when he noticed how pretty she was, and my, what gorgeous eyes she had. His own listless orbs, devoid of color, paled in comparison to her sparkling green gaze, so very full of life.

    Koshi took her hand in a gentle grasp, and shook it. She knew his name? The boy's lips slightly parted in an expression of secret surprise, and he corrected her, "Keishi, but you can call me Koshi..." A privilege saved only for the people that knew him, or beat the crap out of him. She must have known one of the people that beat the crap out of him if she knew that nickname, since he was sure that nobody knew him. Ah, and strangest of all, Koshi was sure the he knew her. "May?" He asked, sounding unsure. He had never really bothered to remember people's names, and yet somehow, from some class, he knew her's. Why? Ah, that he didn't quite know, but he was sure he had seen those eyes before somewhere - perhaps in another life. He was certain that they had gained his attention once... maybe in Art class.

    Yes, now he remembered. The name had been spoken by the teacher to praise the girl for her paintings, and he smiled when he remembered them - all sweet remnants of the summer that had been vanquished with the beginning of the school year.
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  14. May
    The boy was the exact replica of his brother. Same height, same face, same hair. The only difference she could find was their eyes. Kaito's eyes held this sort of confidence mixed with arrogance while Koshi held hesitance and caution. It was strange, yet she hardly cared given that she was finally meeting Koshi for the first time. Hisao had spoken ill about this male, however none of it seemed true except for the lack of self-confidence.

    "Nice to meet you, Koshi." May gave him a friendly smile while shaking his hand before pulling away. Her eyes widened when he said her name, before she managed a nod. "Yeah that's me." A light chuckle left her lips as she looked up at him.

    "I finally get to meet you. You know, you and Kaito look really, really alike." May said as she thought back to Kaito.


  15. Koshi NagamineKoshi smiled, a warm look blossoming in his eyes. "I saw your art. It's amazing... That's how I know your name." Koshi explained, hoping that he wasn't being too creepy, given that they had never met before and yet he still knew her name. The art teacher had one of her paintings pinned to the wall in the art room. He sighed, feeling a hint of regret when he remembered how a week ago, he had handed in transfer forms so that he could take Music instead of Art. He would miss the smell of paint and all the beautiful things people made around him... But he himself wasn't nearly as good as them... Music was his only forte, so he figured he might as well switch out.

    ... Ah, so she knew Kaito, that must be how she knew his nickname... At the mention of his brother's name, the shy smile Koshi had worn just moments ago vanished, and was replaced by a look of blankness as he tried to hide his feelings.

    Quickly, he forced a happy faced and changed the subject, "What class do you have?" He wondered if they were in the same group. Koshi had keeping to himself down to a fine art to the point that the boy barely even remembered who sat next to him in class, so it would be no surprise if he had somehow missed her.
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  16. May
    May's expression brighten a tenfold when he mentioned her art. "Ah! Thank you!" A wide grin settled in as she stared up at him. May honestly put a lot of time and effort into her paintings, drawings, and any other project related to art. Some even held emotions that only she and whoever else was analytical enough to see them. She just didn't draw things unless if she was doodling, but everything else had a lot of thought out into it, so for someone to think her artwork was amazing brought a sense of satisfaction along with happiness. "I'm glad you think so." She lightly chuckled before adjusting her grip on her binder and math textbook.

    The smile on her lips slowly decreased when she noted the slight falter in his rather cheery expression. Had she said or done anything wrong? Though, he seemed to have brushed off whatever had put him in a brief sense of discomfort and smiled once more. "Class? I have mathematics right now." May gestured down to the thick book in her hands with a light chuckle. "What about you?" She questioned, before she caught on to the ruckus happening behind the male. Glancing over his shoulder, she took note that her brother, along with his annoying friends, were coming. "Um, Koshi. You don't mind if we talk and walk? I don't want to be late to class."

  17. Koshi Nagamine"Oh? Me too." Maybe May was also in blue group. The thought made him slightly nervous. If she knew his brother, what kind of person was she? Koshi treated all things tied to his sibling like they were inherently evil, through no fault of his own. They had earned his negative opinion - how could he refrain from generalizing, when so far, not a single friend of his brother's had been nice to him?

    Koshi noticed May glancing behind him, so he took a look as well, and was immediately jump-started into action by the sigh of his brother and Hisao coming towards them with their friends.
    "Good idea." He said, and hurriedly took off in the direction of class, away from the approaching party of males.

    He maintained distance from the girl, who he was simply afraid of. Nothing good ever came out people who hung out with his brother... But still, Koshi's gaze deviated from the ground to her, and for some strange reason, the girl was utterly fascinating to him, and his grey gaze couldn't get enough of her. Koshi spent the walk to class trying to be less like a cardboard cutout and more like a human, and casually discussing how much he really didn't like math at all... She seemed genuinely nice, and Koshi found himself smiling.

    They entered class just as the bell rang, and the male quickly skimmed his gaze over the crowded room, and exhaled a sigh of relief when his favorite desk wasn't occupied. He left May to go sit, intent on being alone, as always, by the window and locked in his thoughts... feeling tired. While Koshi maintained the ability to wake up in the morning without problem, his sleeplessness always managed to catch up to him in math class.
    And thus, couldn't focus on the calculations, especially not today... Koshi dropped his head into the palm of one sleeved hand, and glanced out of the window at the swelling drizzle pattering, pattering endlessly against the windowpane.
    The whole week was supposed to be like this, cold and rainy. Koshi didn't mind.

    Their teacher, Mrs. Schmidt, was a piece of work. She was a tawny-haired older woman with pursed lips, and always wore her hair pulled up into a bun so tight it worked like an instant facelift. Every word she said was demeaning or annoying, no matter what it was...

    "And looking at this equation we... KEISHI." He snapped his head to the front of the room at the sound f her screech, meeting the blazing gaze of the woman standing before him, tapping her long, red nails against his desk. "Can you answer this question?"

    Koshi's mind went blank at her challenge... Perhaps it was the weather, but he was feeling unlike himself, and she was more angry than usual.
    In her case, however, the weather couldn't be blamed. Mrs. Schmdt was always angry to some degree, even when the sun was shining bright. Koshi wondered what mysterious forces drove her mind.

    Koshi answered, "Uh... U-um..." And dropped his gaze to the notebook spread open on his desk, bearing blank pages. He hadn't been taking notes; he barely even knew what was going on. But, before Koshi decided to say 'no' and accept her typically harsh punishment, he took a chance and glanced up at the board, quickly reading what the class had done so far.

    Thankfully he understood it easily, and answered the teacher. In response,
    Mrs. Schmidt glared at him, looking like she was angry at the fact that she had lost a chance to make someone look stupid... But Koshi knew she just wanted him to pay attention.

    After a moment, she turned to the class to continue teaching, and Koshi turned back to the window to continue gazing outside.
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  18. May Tachibana
    May observed Koshi as he rushed past her, and she turned to walk along with him. That was quite odd. If she didn't know any better, then she would say that he was practically running away from Kaito and Hisao. Though, she had heard from Hisao that Kaito and his twin didn't get along for reasons unknown to her. She was sure her brother knew but he didn't bother to give her any details.

    During their trek to the math class, Koshi discussed how much he disliked math and the problems he faced. May, on the other hand, did struggle in that class but she was surviving and she fortunately did understand some of what the teacher was teaching.

    They had barely made it on time to the class when the bell rang and it was then that they split ways. He went to his desk near the window, while she resumed her seat in the middle, towards the front.

    The class started off normally while May scribbled down the notes, until she called out to Koshi. Her head snapped up and she, along with practically every other student in the class, turned to watch as Koshi realized the teacher was talking to him. Fortunately he had answered the question. "Tck, how annoying." She heard someone besides her grumble under their breath and she raised a brow. Turning, she looked at Henry, who was glaring at Koshi.


  19. Koshi NagamineClass went on normally, until the bell finally rang. He glanced down at his schedule, still a bit unfamiliar with it.

    English. English was a class he liked, and he wanted to go... but, he really wasn't feeling up to it. Maybe May could convince him to go, if she still wanted to talk to him.

    Koshi glanced out the window, thinking about running away from school again as he packed up his notebook and stood - managing to somehow step of Henry's shoes as he mindlessly tried to get out of the row of desks to go to May. In a second, he was being held up by the collar, and the jock's face was leering at up at him. Yes, Koshi was taller than the boy, but he was a gentle giant. Henry, on the other hand... Was an aggressive dwarf.

    "Watch where you're fuckin' stepping!" Koshi was shoved, and he struggled to detangle himself from the other boy. "I'm sorry..." But Henry wasn't letting go, and the teacher was no where in sight - probably gone to refill that coffee mug she always had with her.

  20. May Tachibana
    May had still been scribbling down the last small portion of her notes when the bell rang. The teacher glanced at her students before picking up her coffee mug and heading to the teacher's lounge. The brunette finished up and quickly put her things away then rose from her seat.

    Henry, shouting a couple of curses, caught May's attention causing her to turn in time to see him grip Koshi by the collar. The scene before her sunk into her mind and she immediately reacted. "Henry!" She shouted, setting her things down, before rushing over to both males. "What the hell are you doing?" She questioned as she attempted to push him off of Koshi. Unfortunately the boy was a jock, so he was much stronger than her and didn't even budge when he tried to push him. "Why are you defending this weirdo?" Henry questioned, his glare now directing to her. "Because what you're doing isn't right. Now let him be." May defended as her eyes narrowed. "Hisao isn't going to be happy about this." Henry warned as he let go of Koshi only to push him to the floor. "What's your fucken problem, huh?" May growled out as she pushed Henry back, who only took a step back at her weak push.

    She knew Hisao would be angry at her, but she honestly didn't care. Henry was trying to hurt someone who didn't even do anything to him. He was practically bullying him, which was something that she didn't tolerate.

    Henry breathed out a sigh as he glared at her, but he couldn't do anything. Not when she was Hisao's sibling. Hisao had warned all his friends of her situation before they had even met her, so when she came face to face with them, they hadn't question her relation with Hisao. If he even hurt a single hair on her head, Hisao would be out for blood and surely beat the shit out of him. "Don't think this will go unheard of to Hisao." Henry stated before walking away.

    May turned to look back at Koshi and she rushed to help him out. "Are you hurt?" She questioned.

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