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  1. Vas happening everyone?
  2. Well Hellooooooo Beccaaa :D hehe
  3. Apparently the Jonas Brothers are breaking up - I've just watched a Hollywire video about it :)
  4. I used to love the Jonas Brothers :), I have two of their albums :), I thought they broke up already to be honest and plus, they are brothers, they would never break up fully hehe
  5. I prefer 1D, Union J and TW now - they're way better. :)

    You should watch the Hollywire videos -
    www.youtube.com/user/HollywireTV -they are so funny and really cool to watch.
  6. Yeah of course but Jonas Brothers used to be good :), Joe used to be my favourite XD

    Ahaha, I will watch them later :), I will most likely watch Teen Wolf tonight
  7. I hate One Direction. >:[ I really tried to like them, but NONE of their songs connected with me. And that's pretty bad, since I'm a huge fan of boy bands. o__o ...I actually am super in love with The Wanted, though. IN LOVE. Looooove.

    WHAT. WHAT JONAS BREAKING UP? WHAT? WHAAAAAT? No! ;_____; They just put out a new song! I thought they were back again!
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  8. Ahaha aww you love The Wanted like me, I've got tickets to see them next year on their world tour :)
  9. Luuuuucky! I never get to go to concerts. >:[ Not unless Poets of the Fall come and tour America. Then I'll sell my house just for tickets. >>;
  10. Awww don't you, this is only my second time, I haven't seen them since 2011, hehe :)

  11. NOOOOOOOO!!!!-
    Wait, I thought they already disbanded a couple of years ago?omgomgomg
  12. I only really liked them from when they were on Camp Rock, and even then, I lost interest after a while.
  13. Hellooo hello, i'm here now :D
  14. Aww. :( I'm going now! Really bad timing!
  15. Awwww no i'm going to be left on my own :(
  16. Have you seen the new TW video?
  17. Awww yay you are back, yes I saw it yesterday when it previewed :D, I love it and everything and it is so god damn sexy but I feel it's more involved around Nathan and not all of them
  18. I'm not complaining though - any opportunity to drool over Nathan is a good opportunity :)
  19. Ahaha, I just wished the others were shown a bit more, then it would of been perfect :) but them in suits, oh damn :P