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    All know the tale of King Cassius, the one true lord of our land. We have known his strife and agony, and how he ripped the throne from the devious claws of his tyrannous brothers. He has been blessed by the Jay and her holy light, and has been given the right to rule over our beloved home. There has not been a time where he has left us to suffer in the darkness, constantly reminding us that the gods and goddesses still watch over and protect us even more diligently than him, and that the Jay will provide us with all that is needed.

    Our home has mostly known peace and tranquility. But when King Cassius told us of a vision from his beloved Jay was when the calmness was wisked away by worry and distrust. He claimed that our neighbors across the Clouded Sea were evil, vile, and grotesque; the Jay told him that we must find a way to convert them, or they would do the same to us while our guard was low. And so, we prepared for war.

    We prayed to the Hawk for many days before the invasion. We begged for him to bless our armies with the strength of dragons and the ferocity of gryphons. And once we made contact with our mysterious neighbors, we thought that, surely, that all the gods would be behind our cause. However, we were mistaken; the enemy, with their hand dragons that sprayed ash and metal upon our armies, felled most of our men. It was not long before we were sent scrambling to a broken home and to a disappointed king.

    It has been some time after that so called war has occurred, and precious King Cassius has grown disgruntled over the state of our nation. After the conflict with the neighboring country, people have been showing their disdain. Seeing this, the king has stated that the reason that the war was lost was that there were spies in our very home; he decreed that every traitor will be hunted down and brought to justice, and our home will once again rise to glory.
    Xororis-- a land filled of mystique, wonder, and a never-ending variety of living creatures. Such a large landmass is where the races of our world make their homes. Made up of five nations, it is ruled by High King Cassius, First of His Name. He is known as a... rather loving man, but recently, his love for the Jay has been clouding his mind. Many people think he is going insane. Others think that he has the right to express his infatuation with his gods and goddesses. All that is known, however, is that Xororis is not the same after the short-term war with the neighboring continent, Astrax. One nation of Xororis has even crushed by the armies of Astrax, due to the fact they have weapons that no one has seen before. Crippled, Xororis struggles to rebuild after reaching an armistice with Astrax while King Cassius' sanity wanes. He has claimed that almost no one can be trusted, that there could be spies in every corner.

    Tension builds between races. Homes are raided and families are slaughtered. The Kingsguard have names on lists, and those names are hunted down and disposed of. Will there be a rebellion against the king's orders? Or will King Cassius destroy all that we call home?

    We will be playing the people of Xororis; you can play as an ordinary citizen, a veteran, or someone who is planning a revolt. Just remember, all that you do and will do will be noted and recorded... and there is no such thing as no consequences.

    Solarians (open)
    Solarians are basically humans; their skin can range from sickly white to a broad expanse of peaches and browns. They are one of the only races that practice magic and wield a large variety of weapons.

    Elves (open)
    Tall and lithe, elves are known to be beautiful but delicate. The shade of their skin is always a light color, but their eyes and hair colors are closely similar to solarians'. Because of their small frames, they are known to mostly stick to lighter weapons (such as bows or swords made of light material) and magic.

    Inguz (open)
    Inguz mostly resemble solarians, save for the extra appendages they bear. Depending on the type of animal they shift into, they wield tails or even wings. For instance, if an inguz is classified as a wolf inguz, they will have pointed wolf ears and a tail in their non-shifted (or calmed) forms. In their feral forms, they resemble larger versions of the creature. If a wolf inguz decides to shift, it will turn into a larger wolf. Inguz cannot practice magic. There are specific major classes of inguz: vulpine, canine, feline, avian, and ursine.

    Dwarves (open)
    Short and stocky, male dwarves often bear thick beards and mustaches. Female dwarves are also said to be... hairier than most other female counterparts, but they appear to be offended if they are asked. Despite their small stature, they are considered a stubborn and strong race. Like inguz, they cannot practice magic, but rely solely on their strength to survive. They exhibit great resistance to the cold.

    Orcs (open)
    Possibly the tallest of all races in Xororis. They are thick-skinned and broad-shouldered, and some have fangs or tusks protruding from their lips. Their hair is always dark (either black or dark brown) and their skin color ranges from greens to browns. Most accounts state that orcs are hostile to those who are not their own kind. Orcs are considered a savage race, but surprisingly, they are able to practice magic. They are also said to be immune to poisons.
    As stated before, Xororis is a continent with a variety of biomes (with their respective flora and fauna) and races. There are approximately five nations within its borders. The High King rules all of these nations altogether, but the lords of each country helps govern them.
    Estiala (open)
    The largest nation of Xororis and where King Cassius makes his home. It is heavily urbanized, compared to other countries. There literally isn't anything you can't find in Estiala; there are brothels, smiths, coliseums, art galleries, and more. Located next to the Clouded Sea, this country is well-known for its exquisite tastes in seafood. Xororis' naval units are stationed here, for good measure; due to it being on the eastern coast of Xororis, it is heavily exposed to unknown enemies.

    Jadrait (open)
    To the extreme north of Xororis is Jadrait. It has freezing climates and borders the Frostback Mountains. This nation is the dwarves' motherland, and you cannot take that away from them. They are extremely proud of their nation, and for good reason-- precious ores are hidden away within the rock of the mountains, and it is usually their job to mine it. Without these ores, Xororis' weapon production would be severely hindered.

    Qastos (open)
    To the south of Jadrait and to the north of Ecros lies Qastos. Here, the climate is warmer and more arid, but not incredibly so-- during the winters, the winds from the Frostback Mountains reach Qastos and envelop it in soft snows. This nation's towns and villages are planted on rocky cliffs and mountain ridges, where the orcs make their home. Not many people dare to travel to Qastos on their lonesome, due to the nature of its inhabitants.

    The Far West (Ecros) (open)
    To the south of Qastos used to lie a rather peaceful nation filled with plains, deserts, and some greenery. But during the war with Astrax, it was reduced to a stretch of sand and dirt. Deserts now cover most of the land, and there is hardly a wooded area to take refuge in from the searing sun. Shanty towns dot the landscape, filled with weary travelers and shady faces. Thankfully, Ecrians are trying their best to rebuild their nation, but it is currently lawless and extremely dangerous to traverse.

    The Xacrines (open)
    The Xacrines are located to the furthest south of Xororis. It is covered by large bodies of forests and rather isolated from the rest of the continent. Like Qastos, there are not many who dare to venture into the forests of this nation; both its inhabitants and its creatures pose a rather serious threat. The elves and inguz of this country make their homes within the forests themselves, living in harmony with the centaurs, sprites, nymphs, and other creatures that approach them.

    Astrax (open)
    Not much is known about the neighboring country across the Clouded Sea. All that is known is that they have dangerous weapons that are slightly more advanced than Xororis' own.

    In Xororis, weaponry greatly resembles the one found in medieval Europe. Combat on the back of a creature (usually something that is equine or four-legged) is common. There has been rumors of flintlock pistols and even muskets from Astrax being taken and used behind Xororian borders, but they are just considered that: rumors.

    Magic, however, is not so common. Even though there is a large amount of types of magic (almost an unlimited variety), it is not usually practiced in the presence of others. Mages are looked down upon and even persecuted by normal townsfolk due to the fear and mystery of their power. Not to mention, magic is very rare, and not many are able to practice it.

    Most people of Xororis practice the same religion, which does not have a clear name. The gods and goddesses of the continent closely resemble birds, hence their names.
    The Jay (open)
    The main deity of the continent, the Jay is known for being the goddess of light and all that is good. It is said that she reveals prophecies and visions to those who follow her without faltering.

    The Hawk (open)
    The god of war and fierce, overwhelming emotions. He blesses his followers with ambition and determination. It is also said that he helps channel negative emotions such as anger and rage.

    The Dove (open)
    The patron goddess of love. She protects mothers and children, and is said to bless newly-weds and couples of all ages.

    The Owl (open)
    The Owl represents wisdom and a clear mind. He is extremely mysterious, however, and is thought to be linked to betrayal and other terrible discoveries.

    The Sisters (Crow and Raven) (open)
    Sister Crow and Sister Raven work hand in hand. Sister Crow is the goddess of death and the one who watches over the dead in the afterlife. Sister Raven is the one who helps the dying through their rite of passage and guides them to the afterlife.

    The Sparrow (open)
    God of mischief and secrets; he has also seemed to take a liking towards scribes and bookkeepers.

    The Heron (open)
    God of grace and artistic capability; dancers and bards worship him greatly.


    I'm not going to write a list of rules for you guys, since I trust that you are all civilized adults experienced in the world of roleplaying. However, I am going to tell you a few things about the RP and the world itself before you're able to fill out a sheet.

    You must be 18+ to join this RP. There might be some adult themes in this story, and no one wants to get in trouble.
    Please, please be active and tell us if you have to poof for a bit.
    In the beginning of the RP, all of the characters will find a reason to be in the Far West.
    As stated before, magic is extremely rare. I'm only allowing two mages in this RP. (2/2 - all taken)
    Usage of pistols and muskets is even rarer. I'm only allowing one person to use these weapons. (1/1 - taken)
    You may format the skeleton however you'd like, as they will be permalinked to the second post.

    Age: (How old are they, or how old do they appear? Charries should appear over 18, but under 50.)
    Home Nation:
    Profession: (Are they a baker? A hired assassin? Or one of the kingsguard? Choose something reasonable.)
    Weapons: (Magic can be included in this section.)
    Appearance: (You can choose a picture or write out their appearance, or even both. However, I will not allow the use of face-claims or real life pictures. Instead, you may use semi-realistic art or even anime.)
    Short Biography:
    Other Notes: (Here you can add anything else that you didn't think belonged under the other headings.)

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  2. I is here.
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  3. Can I reserve a magic slot? Also, is it possible to have two characters or are we keeping the limit to one for now?
  4. I was gonna ask if I could have twin mages and only take one slot. XD
  5. Yes you may have a mage. But remember that makes are looked down upon. And you can make two characters for now.

    I feel like it's unfair if you did, cause then we'd have three mages instead of the two I want there to be.
  6. Probably... Thought I'd ask though.
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  7. I shall reserve the other magic slot doh!
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  8. It's a good start, and I really like the story you put behind your character. I have a few major issues with it, however; I think that, overall, it's a bit unrealistic. How can a character be 24/7 in his armor, so that literally no one knows who he is? He doesn't have a "real" name that everyone can use. Right now, it's like a really thin overlay of a character that's more in depth, and so, I really don't know whether I should accept it or not. Maybe, like, explain more of his background outside of the story? And add more personality to him? He already falls under the "dark and mysterious" stereotype, so maybe just add... more depth, if you know what I mean.

    Like, all we know is how tall he is, that he's emotionless, and that he has a strange obsession over the girl he saved (which isn't bad), but that's about it. It could be ANYTHING and we wouldn't know.

    I don't mean to be strict, and I hope you understand what I mean. I've had people create "mysterious" characters only to reveal them to be something that makes zero sense in the midst of the RP. And when I would complain, they would tell me I already accepted them and I have no right to call them out on it.

    I hope you'll edit it and make him better than he already is. :P
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  9. Username: Thornapple

    Name: Persephi Talviel

    Age: 25

    Race: Elven

    Profession: Disciple of the Sisters Crow and Raven

    Weapons: Persephi possesses powers that manipulate life and death, healing wounds or siphoning the life out of a living thing. Despite this, Persephi usually resorts to using her longbow, or hand to hand combat due to lack of proficiency in the aforementioned powers.

    Appearance: Most often clad in simple ranging gear with her longbow, Persephi also own a black cloak with the silver symbol of the Raven and Crow embroidered in the center. When at the temple, she wears the simple robes of lesser disciples in her order. Her physical appearance is a striking representation of her noble family's signature piercing blue eyes and white-blonde hair.

    Personality: Once a bright and amiable girl full of dreams, the years of rejection and mistrust due to her magical nature warped Persephi's personality, as darkness found its way into her soul. Optimism turned to cynicism, and sorrow turned to spite. To her, living became a means to an end. Wariness replaced friendliness. Caution replaced trust.

    Short Biography: Persephi is the eldest daughter in House Talviel, and once the pride of her family. Showing a natural affinity towards botany and medicine, Persephi was invited at the young age of 13 to be apprenticed to one of the esteemed healers located within the walls of King Cassius's castle itself. A scant few moons before leaving, her latent magical powers manifested, unable to be hidden due to the lack of discipline or mastery over her abilities. Fearing the wrath of the King and a possible slight to the family name, her father publicly outed her as a mage and put her in custody of Baron Romulus, the ruler of a small fiefdom in the countryside.

    The uproar that followed quickly had Persephi packing her bags, resigning to a life of constant rejection and hostility. She travelled from place to place, her distinct Talviel appearance making it impossible for her to be discreet in her family's lands. Finally, she left the country and gained enough anonymity to be taken in by the High Priestess of a small temple dedicated to the Sisters Crow and Raven. She doesn't enjoy the work, but understand there are little options for someone like her.

    Upon the request of the temple, Persephi set out to the Far West to assist in healing the wounded and tending to the dead, and to secretly hone her magical affinity, as she could prove further service to the Sisters.

    Other Notes

    House Talviel: An elven noble family that owns lands in the southwestern portion of Estiala. Taking roost at Greenwood Castle, the family commands a few small fiefdoms in an otherwise very large country. Much like other noble families, they seek to gain reputation and a good standing with the tumultuous King Cassius.

    Persephi's Magic: Spending the majority of her life suppressing her arcane powers, Persephi does not hold any sort of mastery over her abilities, relying more on "normal" means of defense. Deep concentration on her magical abilities may allow her to heal small wounds or wilt a small plant, but nothing more has been attempted at this point. However, she's going to Ecros with the intentions of better honing her magical abilities so there will be growth here.

    The Temple of the Sisters: These temples are scattered throughout the continent, and serve as places of healing and funeral arrangements. Some people come to the temples to ask a priestess to pray that the Crow wait to claim a sickly loved one. Others come to respect their dead ancestors, and a very rare person might come to ask the Sisters if it's time for them to end their life. The temples are known for staying completely neutral in political affairs, making it clear that their business extends only to the realms of the dying and the dead.

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  10. Understand that I am reluctant to apply changes to this particular character-sheet, as the logical fallacies you already mentioned are there for a purpose: A being can not logically wear armor 24 hours every day of the week, a being can not keep on doing the same thing for 20 years without a care in the world that a purpose is never achieved, just as a being can not keep on marching for that duration without ever stopping for any meaningful duration.

    What I can assure you of is that what is beneath the armor has no extensive consequences for the RP at large, the mystery can go unsolved without anything ever being affected, just as the knight can simply keep on going without ever finding his Lady. I have no intention of causing OOC drama in the RP of any sort, nor relegate other characters to the sidelines through some sort of massive plottwist that I pull out of my ass.

    If you want more detailed information, I can deliver that via PM if you like.
  11. I like this character. Only issue is that I really don't want her to mingle with the whole life-death thing, as that is an extensively strong area of magic that I would prefer our charries not to mingle in.

    I understand that. But the issue is, well, it's going to be rather unfair for the rest of the characters and players if he stays as he is. Being a rough shell, it is going to be insanely difficult for others to interact or understand him, especially in a situation where many characters are going to have to stick together. To be honest, he's more of a storybook charrie than a roleplay charrie. :(
  12. I understand that and thats why I have her at a very low "level", if you will. My goal in the story isn't to god mod or become OP, I just want to work with you and everyone else to make things exciting meaningful :) Her powers are going to manifest in a different way, and I alluded to her affinity to plants, so maybe her abilities work well on basic forms of life, but are less effective with more complex organisms like humanoids? I mean if you wanted to talk about it over PM I'm sure we can work something out ^^
  13. I think the life/death thing applying very minorly to fauna and mostly to flora would be best. :)
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  14. I see no problem in having a character that is difficult to be understood by others. If people have the desire to get to know him, they can take up the challenge, if not then 'oh well'. For me personally it is a challenge to convey his emotions (he has them, it's just his voice being messed up) without tone or facial expression besides in very choice moments.

    I do not want to cause a headache for the both of us via an overlong argument. If you really do not want to risk having such a character pose a potential for trouble, then I will peacefully retract my character-sheet entirely. Understand that I insist on keeping it as is, but if you can't accept that, then I will bid you a good day and take my leave.
  15. Show Spoiler

    Username: Beowulf
    Name: Buras Silverbrow
    Age: He appears 28, but in reality odds are he's much older then that.
    Gender: Male
    Race: Dwarf
    Profession: Retired veteran and captain of the King's Guard.
    Weapons: A great axe. A simple weapon that requires great skill to use effectively. On the opposite side of the blade, acting as a counterweight, is a large spike that can easily punch through plate armor.
    Hair is silver in color, giving him the name Silverbrow.
    Personality: Buras is loud, simple as that. Silence was never his strong suit and he didn't really care to change it. It was the church's job to do the quiet work anyway. And for being the captain of the King's Guard, he's a rather simple minded person. He apparently just had a knack for knowing things, such as would be assassins and assailants attacking the king and taking the hit. His strategies reflect his simple nature, lock shields, secure the flanks, advance on the enemy.
    Short Biography:
    Other Notes: (Here you can add anything else that you didn't think belonged under the other headings.)

    The character is a WIP, but it's probably for the best that I don't get to far ahead of myself considering I don't even know if it's okay to be a retired captain of the King's Guard.
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  16. I would like to reserve a spot an inguz shifter and does it have to be of the five main or can it be of a different species
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