java island:which side will win?

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    congratulations you are the dominate race. Vampires live in a highly educated and economically well society. You are known for your swiftness and intelligence. Over coming you werewolf foes and hybrid scums with skill rather than brute strength.(this of course is the general stereotype and you vampire player can be the odd one out) . Vampires live off of werewolf blood,thier being no humans around. The blood of the werewolf is not the healthiest choice for a vampire,but is not fatal if taken in portions. To consume more than half the blood of a werewolf will meet in your demise with no hope of resurrection. if you are to die (this considering it was from your on kind or a hybrid and not the hands of a full blooded werewolf) the light of the moon can resurrect you. Do not be cocky in your immortality. A male werewolf is as twice as strong as you are,and unless you have a death wish, should not be taken lightly. hope you like the heat , its nothing but desserts and canyons for you guys.

    vampires can not reproduce. (this is because if i gave you guys the power to have kids the vampire races could over populate seeing as you have no natural enemies) You are equal in strength and speed to males and are considered equal in society to males.

    The only upper hand you have over your dazzling female companions, is your venom. This can be used to kill werewolves if enough is ejected(most vampires who get close enough to bite a male werewolf don't live long enough to inject a whole dose) Be warned this can also cause the existence of hybrids. who we all despise and hate (jk i love you hybrids!)

    greeting you savage beast. So you guys are not the reining bad-ass race of this island. Don't give me a dirty look its your fault!!! who needs a society with rules and fairness. its do or die out here in these woods,or mountains,depends on where the moon takes you that day. Werewolves do not have a strong knitted community. you are all spread out in different clans. (i don't have any set rules for this.if you make a clan ,talking to you boys, and another guy comes along and beats you up,no more clan leader for you. but you can always start another one.) Clan ranks are simple,if you can beat the other werewolf up, then you are above them. (if you can't decide who the winner is, then i shall decided, and if im not here than it a tie.)

    sorry gals, you are weaker then your hot-headed boyfriends. It also means you will be the main target for a vampire since you are as well weaker than them. your best bet is to get a mate or travel with in your clan territory. on the plus side you are free to join which ever clan you want, just show up and start fighting the other females, or take the easy way a flirt your way to the top (i was joking.females can be over males by fighting them, you have to have mad skills to pull that off tho.) If the clan life is not your style, you can simply be in a pack (a pack being traveling werewolves with know territory) your pack can be all female, you can even mix the to genders,but come on who wants a dumb guy hanging around. Because you are female you can not go full wolf mode,you are limited to wolf like qualities,which is why males are four times stronger than you. Do not fret for the guys attack using thier instincts. Your wolf instincts are not as strong so you can use strategy and control your emotions much better.

    Guys rule! How does it feel to be the most strongest and threatening thing out there? It feels flipping awesome that's how! Perhaps you want to be ruler off the world and have the most awesome clan one can ever come across. Or you really want to put those stupid bloodsucking leaches in thier place and chill around the border killing all who cross to your side. or you are want to be a roaming pirate bachelor, going around and causing chaos with your buddies in a pack. Let's be honest you tend to bully the girls,but how else will the toughen up!? You are the only defense against the vampires,since the girls are pretty much useless(just kidding laddies you all can kick some arse too)

    you're just lucky to be alive. You are the result of when a vampire bites you and you some how managed to live. You must have done something pretty bad,because vampires don't just go around trying to kill thier food source. you are absolutely hated. Your strength is random, you can be the best of both worlds or the weakest links to both sides. In the vampire society you are nothing more than street rat. You must do something to up your way in the vampire society. marriage or werewolf hunter is your best bet to win favor.(being a werewolf hunter simply means to kill males werewolves and capture female werewolves. Even vampires have the heart to leave children out of thier dispute,unlike the werewolves who see it as an easy kill) Making it in the werewolf world is no easier. One factor you have to get over is the fact they all want to eat you. if you want to be excepted you have to make a name for yourselves. defeating quite a few foes will give you enough credit to join a clan,get a mate. you know,try to be like a werewolf not a food item.
  2. Hello. I was wondering if this thread is still open. If so I have an idea for a character
  3. memoria fell to the ground, her vision was blurred and she could barley make out the faces around her.the jeering of females pierced her ear, and she looked up to see her foe standing in front of her. she had a sinister smile on her face and she picked up memoria's head by her hair. She then spit in her face and slapped her sending memoria's head back to the dirt. She lifted memoria again this time to her feet. memoria struggled to pry the woman's hands out of her hair as the female punched her in her side. Memoria then tackled the other catching her of guard. she punched them woman repeatedly but was quickly thrown off. They wrestled on the ground as the jeers became louder. for once memoria did not start this one. there was no males around so no one to to make sure that the higher up females did not pick a fight with the lower ranking ones. Females only fought to up ranks,well they were only suppose to. Memoria bashed the head of her opponent into the ground,her foe then delivered a powerful blow to her already bruised side. she let out a scream as she fell on her back. She wanted to cry,it was clear all over her face,but she was a werewolf,she couldn't cry. no mater how much she wanted to she couldn't allow her self to cry. the other female jumped on memoria throwing punches. she was sure she was going to die,she couldn't see away out of it. the one times she wanted one of those stupid flea bag males around to help her, they were no where to be found.
  4. A unknown figure stands behind the group, startlingly a few of the women. No one heard them creep up on them. By the figure abd smell they could tell he was a male. His face was covered by a tattered hood, along with the rest of his body covered by a cloak. A few of the women notices the bandageds, and the thick sent of mixed blood lingered in the air around him. After a few second he finally spoke "is this a clan" it asks feeble
  5. the group quieted down at the smell of a male. Memoria looked up as the female on top of her got up and backed up with the rest of the group. Males were usually not a welcome sight,especially not a stranger. Memoria looked up at the male and wiped the blood from her mouth. Silence head fell in the forest and to the group of females. Some could say they were fearful,if that is you believe werewolves could feel fear. Distant howls could be heard and the group retreated from the meadow to the forest. He was an unwelcomed guest,but nobody was going to confront him. It wasn't there job to,and he might not be alone. Memoria continued to stare down the male,then now alone.
  6. the man sniffed the air around him waiting a few seconds, his face still covered by the hood. He slowly walked towards the girl on the floor. As he got closer he saw the marks left from the fight. His body towered over the girl as she lay on the floor. "Is this clan territory" he asks again
  7. memoria stood up, inches from the male and met his gaze with a fiery one of her own. she had no real reason to fear the male,he was a loner no real danger at all. Just a simple pest. now a male pack was something to fear, if caught without male supervision. females didn't really fight intruders unless unprovoked. they had more sense then the hotheaded boys. "this is kabul territory. if your looking for a mate or an easy high rank, you have come to the wrong place." memoria held her gaze for a bit longer then she backed up knelt down and started to pick up the fruit she had dropped in the fight and put it in her satchel.
  8. He sniffed the air once more. He was surprised that the female didn't feat him as much, but didn't show it.

    He removes the tattered hood that covers his face. Revealing his ash dark hair and his wolf like teeth. But the most distinctive feature on the males face were, his glowing crimson eyes. The looked straight into the females heart.

    Ignoring her warning the male asked "where can I find someone to talk to?"
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  9. memoria scoffed and turned back to the male briefly. "talk? no there is no one around here to talk to. you can follow me if you wish and i will take you to the others, but it be safer if you came upon them alone" Memoria headed into the forest.they would be wondering where she was,and coming back with a male would lead into trouble for him. She kept a slow pace in case he was stupid enough to follow.
  10. he was, without saying another word the male followed a short distance away. The hood still covered his face, a small gust of wind blew up his tattered cloak revealing the bandages all up hi arm. But he quickly pulled it down hopping she didn't see
  11. She continued to walk glancing back at him from time to time.he was a loner,it means he had to come from the border. He would be dead by then if other wise. she looked backing once more at him,he was a vampire killer.they soon came upon a crowed of other people. They were all relaxing or fighting for sport. She left the male not caring what happens to him.
  12. He looked around for a second , he hadn't been in a big group for a while. The boy waited to see if anyone would notice him
  13. he was noticed as soon as he came into view. the whole clan begin to feel the tension. most females simply got up an left. They were in no mood to see another die today.Males begin to size him up, memoria looked back him and simply smiled.
  14. (you are going to have to give me more than your one liners, i am having a hard time working with them)
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