java island:which side will win?

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    i prefer: male/female/both
    age: (the age you were bitten)
    fighting style: (weapons, martial arts,magic. also No offensive magic,but im pretty lax in this so if you really want to be able to do something then type away and i let you know if you are cool or not)
    i am:(married,solitary,looking)
    i look like: (picture or description)


    name:(your name has to mean something,so research or make something up)
    (if you are male and want to be a clan leader) clan name and where it is located:
    i prefer:male/female/both
    (if in a clan,this either being another players clan or the generic one memoria is in) your rank:
    (if wanting to start a pack) i am looking for these kind of pack members: (ex. male,female courageous, good fighter,etc.)
    i have: (a mate no children,children no mate,me myself and I, nobody but looking)
    i look like: (picture or description)
    other:(you can put your age here but for were wolves you are either a child or you are another opponent, so i didn't bother putting it in the sign up )

    hybrid (first come first serve, i won't be excepting many hybrids)

    qualities: (what abilities did you get from either side)
    i am trying to be:(a well respected vampire, an all powerful werewolf, feel free to change your path any time)
    bio(now hybrids can be born, but it is very taboo for a vampire and werewolf to mate. im only taking one born hybrid unless you just absolutely wow me)
    if i can i would marry: male/female/both
    i am currently: mated/married, looking, single so get the hell out my face.
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  2. werewolf

    name: memoria, it means memory.

    i prefer:male
    your rank: somewhere between the middle and the low.
    Bio: memoria was born high ranking,yet her father was killed and mother mated off. she fought for her position,but would rather take the easy way and just mate into a higher rank. She has lived a simple life, and have hardly come in contact with a vampire.
    i have: nobody but looking
    personality: She is strong headed and never backs down from a fight, she not made for clan life and would be better off in a pack,of course she isn't the best fighter, so thats pretty much out the picture. she can be dependent at times, and very wishy washy.
    i look like:[​IMG]
    other: memoria as just reached adulthood,and is enjoying life as much as she can. she enjoys chasing down hybrids, but has never eaten one,not even a nibble.
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  3. Werewolf

    Name: Benime (red/crimson eyes)
    gender: male

    I prefer: female
    your rank: not ranked
    bio: born into a family that bread for only war, Benime was torte at a young age how to fight and kill. but unfortunately his family was slaughtered by a group of vampires, leaving the young boy to fend for himself. He wonders from group to group looking for a home. But is usually kicked out for being to aggressive towards others.
    I have: me, myself and I
    personality: due to his solitary life , he doesn't really know how to interact with others. The one thing his family taught him left him headstrong and hot blood. This also leads to violence rages and bloodlust filled movements.
    I look like: (i can't find a pick at the moment so I'll try describing him) he has dark hair and slightly sharpens teeth. His distinctive blood red eyes glow through his face. He stands at 5 ft 7 inches, with a well built body. On the other hand his body is marked with scars from both werewolves, vampires and even hybrids.
    Other: his body is bandaged to hide his scars covering his body is a tattered, hooded cloak. Benime is just reaching adulthood, and will kill most things he comes across or die trying
  4. okay your cool
  5. thank you :)
  6. Hybrid

    Name: Nexx Coldspear
    Age: 32
    Qualities: Extendable claws from my werewolf side, venom from my vampire. Extreme agility and stealth.
    Personality: Insane and wicked. Only likes two things, killing and music. Has no sympathy, provided you can't sing or play a instrument.
    I am trying to be: Something for you all to fear.
    Bio: Born of a vampire raping a werewolf. Was captured and set to be executed publicly. However, the werewolf who was guarding his cell, a mighty warrior, was found dead and there was nothing in the cell. Nexx escaped into the vast forests and was quickly forgotten. Nexx would creep stealthily though the forest, sealing whatever he could find. This included a old gramophone, the only source of distraction for the poor creature. Eventually, the same music over and over again drove him mad. He began to kill anyone he found in the forests, eating them afterward. Nexx fights and kills in the strangest way, dancing. He will make the entire fight like a planned performance and surprisingly beautiful if you have the chance to watch. He became famous to both werewolves and vampires as a extremely dangerous threat, and that's how he likes it.
    If I can I would marry: female
    I am currently: single so get the hell out of my face.
    Other: The only thing that will stop Nexx from attacking you is a song, sung or on a instrument. It calms him, and he will stay until it is completed, then dash off.
  7. you have to choose of you want to be on the vampire side or werewolf side, so the other characters no how to treat you.
  8. you will have to choose eventully, for the time bieng you are good
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