Jar Jar Binks - Sith Mastermind

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Is Jar Jar Binks a Sith Mastermind?

  1. Mesa Lord of da Sith!

  2. Nah, Mesa just Jar Jar.

  3. Mesa no read theory.

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  4. Uh, Mesa have other opinion.

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  1. So I ran into this link here earlier today.

    And after having read it I'm wondering what other people think of this?
  2. It's a little bit of fun, just like the Pixar Theory, nothing to it, but a nice read.
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  3. I saw that the other day and thought it was pretty cool. O___O It'd be awesome if it was true, but it prolly is not. XD

    Fan theories are great though. >:D This is what brings up badass fanfiction and roleplay.
  4. My brother linked me to the Reddit post a day or two ago and it seriously screwed with my head. I still don't know how to feel about the theory. I love it and I hate it.
  5. Film theories are tons of fun and it shocking how many times I agree with their points. I am fully willing to accept that Jar Jar is more than a bumbling fool. Naboo is a pretty unforgiving planet so it makes little to no sense that anyone could "luck" their way through life.
  7. I'd honestly be amused to see episode 7 do this (now having read the theory. I don't imagine it'd translate well for those just watching the movie though), especially when you consider that once he's caught and in an end lightsaber duel or something he'd likely cut the act and you know... be acting seriously.
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