Japanese Voice Actor-based Roleplay?

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  1. Because idols are overrated.

    I was thinking 'why not Japanese idols' but then I realised that if I took one step down the characters wouldn't have so many metaphorical chains.

    This Roleplay might share similiarities with 'Sore ga Seiyuu', since it shares the same concept. Voice actors voice acting. All that.
  2. Wow sounds great! :D
  3. Sounds interesting what's your idea?
  4. We're voice acting. We provide voice acting for incomplete anime and dubs of Western and possibly French animation. The latter might not happen though.

    There'll be stuff related to voice acting too.
  5. So we're already establish voice actors? Are we super popular? Just debuting?
  6. SEIYUU~! *cough* I mean I totally interest~
  7. Preferably the latter.

    I intended the play RL veteran seiyuu as NPCs but then I realised that I might not be able to simulate them, so they'll at most be mentioned, not seen
  8. ok sounds good. i think the struggle with trying to make it in the voice actor game would make things more interesting.
  9. I would love to try c: