Japanese Roleplay?

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Would a Mythical/Fantasy taste suit this RP?

  1. Yes!

  2. No!

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  1. now i just thought of this and i get a lot of ideas really quickly but Who would be interested in a Japanese Roleplay?
    This RP might be held in Edo and it will be held before the age in which guns were made so swords are a must and maybe we could add a little bit of a mythical/fantasy or roman/greek taste to it which means we could add templar knights and holy warriors in which they wear gold armor and do healing magic? I'll create a poll in which you may vote for such a thing so we can straighten this out to the communities liking! Also, give me more ideas on this RP, we can create it together.
  2. Sounds interesting! So, a mythological fantasy set in Edo period yeah?
  3. maybe! If we get enough people to get interested in the idea
  4. Oh, so you're not sure if you want this to be a mythological fantasy? It's just an idea?
  5. well personally i'm not sure but this is why i made a poll to give those who are interested a choice and whichever score is high, yes or no, will be the answer to the question about mythological fantasy however, this is all just a brain storming idea
  6. Ah, I see.
  7. So it's like Yukimura sanada can summon a pact of wolf sorta things?
  8. yes
  9. I'm so craving this type of RP~! I'm in~!
  10. ok :D
  11. Sounds interesting, I am in.
  12. Let's do it I'm in for it.
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