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  1. I become addcited to big western cocks after I saw western porn movies and feel disgusted hating small japdicks.
    I just want to see how nasty slutty I could be in cyber sex with big western cock partners, who may set a scene which I am a prude fake innocent lady at first then you blackmail me with sth to show out the secret dirty slut deep inside me, break me down to make me realize I am born to crave big western cocks use.
    I`d like to be gang used in the scene by a big western cock guys group like nothing but a worthless filthy 3holed fuckmeat, to be called even marked with dirty names, to be treated rough hard nastily like the cumrag pigslut toiletwhore I am, to be cummed spitted even pissed all over.
    Welcome to add my YIM(japanbeach) and cyber use me,pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
    Dont ask real life questions, please understand that I am just a cyber slut, thanks!
    Up to my role in scene, I may wear like this:Sandy Sakurami

    Experienced RP Partner who act as group men and write in paragraphs
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Thread Status:
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