Japan. What to do?

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  1. Hey!

    So, my life long dream is to travel and visit Japan. Now, I have decided to finally pursue it! 8D
    The plan is to go there during Spring 2017, as I REALLY want to experience the sakura blooming.
    My stay will probably be longer than a week of time and I will buy a Japan railpass to get around. The most obvious places I know I will visit is Tokyo and Kyoto, but I know there is much more there to see. However I feel extremely stuck as to what I can possibly experience. I will love to visit different Japanese gardens and temples. Also if there is some nice shopping places~ All the good stuff that I easily can miss :3

    Thanks beforehand ^_^
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  2. Stick to the tourist destinations if you're going to visit. They really don't like foreigners over there. All advice given by giant Japan-o-phile friends who's wet dream was to live there. Needless to say, Japan doesn't want foreigners.

    So, have fun. Plan it out well in advance. Read reviews. All that good stuff.

    Kinda jealous. I'd like to visit as well.
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  3. Having been myself I recommend stating in Shinjuku if you can. It's a pretty good location to stay on and from there was effortless to get about Tokyo in. If you want to visit Kyoto as well you'll definitely need to go longer then a week!
  4. If you like Studio Ghibli you might like the Ghibli Museum. I have never been there, but that is the one place I want to go in Japan.
    Or if you like cats you could go to a cat cafe.
    Sorry I am not much help. I only know things that I have seen on tv or surfing the web.
  5. They have a fox island. Look into it. Pet a fox for me 8'D
  6. [​IMG]

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  7. They have a cat island too! :D Full of feral cats taken care of by the inhabitants :D
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  9. Isn't there like an advanced reservation system with the Ghibli Museum? XD
  10. I have no clue. Is there? :o
  11. I seem to remember pewdiepie having trouble getting tickets xD
  12. (Has no advice to give, but watches this thread because I also intend to visit Japan with friends some day)
  13. (also has no advice to give, but finds the thread interesting since I never visited Japan. Ironic realy, since I vas practicaly next-door to it, in China, for a year and a half)
  14. Carefull where you go. There are some places very hostile towards foreigners. Older generations especially have trouble dealing with foreigners. Enjoy the food, see the sights, check out akihabara. Look out for scam artists and pick pockets. They are really, really common from what my friends tell me. Make sure you know atleast SOME basic japanese. Their english is lacking to say the least, and the effort of speaking japanese is always appreciated.
  15. Make sure to brush up on your swordsmanship and giant mecha piloting skills, because I promise you at least once in your travels you will have to have to fend off ninjas or kaiju. If anyone tells you otherwise, it's because they're lying and are trying to set you up for failure.
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  16. Ninja Kaijus are the WORSE
  17. I can't imagine. I mean, we have lumberjack commandos here... but even that's a tall order fighting a 50 meter monster that can somehow hide in plain sight.
  18. We just deal with Heavy Metal Vikings here.
  19. In Winsconsin, the biggest problem is the roaming gangs of Cow Calvary.
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