Japan Makes Virtual Reality Hug Machine

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That was the saddest thing I've seen them invent yet, and I laugh real hard.

Until I saw under related articles about a Japanese middleschool teacher who had raped 70 girls over the past 5 years and WAS JUST NOW caught. That kind of ruined my day.
I was laughing until I saw what Orion put. Ruined my day too. -_-" But that guys face will forever be in my mind. XD
What happens when that thing malfunctions and constricts it's victim>? THE WAR IS UPON US! FIGHT THE ROBOT TAKE OVER!
I thought you were the one who wanted robohands all over you octo.
That's possibly the most pathetic thing I've seen all day. And I've just spent my afternoon walking through a town populated by alcoholics and junkies.
Well if you want to hug a dummy, you could just go buy one from Goodwill.....
I'm starting to think the man in the article is a Japanese version of soulless.
Its just got a vest that hugs you back the same way yo hug it.... Its like masturbation only its hugs.
I'm ok with this. Masturbation hugs forever! Strangers can say no, but the vest can't. <333
I can only wonder how much stranger Japan can get when it comes to these things.

Well, there's Neurowear, plans to make whole fashion lines based on your brain waves.