January Radio Show Episode #14

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  1. What, you thought we wouldn't still exist into the new year?
    We outlived the Twinkie. Yep.

  2. Dem chicks.
  3. October's section was hilarious xD
  4. Ima say Gibs was the best part xD... though I never met gibs and mostlikly am not spelling his name right O.o
  5. "I like my roleplays like I like my women....."

    Oh, October. XD
  6. As always, the radio show was great, but I had a bit of a problem understanding the interview with Gibs, especially on Gibs' side. However, the other segments were fine quality-wise.
  7. Uh, uh gibs sounds like he's holding people randsom. kitti sounds like mmm a dream. WD sounds like a funny guy and ocha...i need your help to get my cthulu rp going again.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.