January: Art challenge

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  1. Art and writing go hand in hand. They both depict a story from words to paint, giving us the ability to see things in the eye of the creator or even our own eyes. Art was the first form of writing when man began to develop their thoughts in the beginning and if you do your research, you'll often find that this was how they told their stories or left their history behind for us to find. Creativity is a gift that everyone has, whether it be written, drawn, dreamed or spoken and as such I feel it's only right that we do some art challenges!

    Each month I will post a theme which could be anything and everything.
    You can use any medium of art; pencil, pen, paint, maccorini, string, 3D, those doll things you all seem to like, photos/cosplay.
    The art must be ORIGINALLY YOURS (save for the doll things which are made using websites/resources) and not taken off of DA because then it would not be fair to the other challengers who work hard on their craft.
    It must in someway relate to the theme of choice.
    Have fun.
    (Note: If by chance you want to participate but don't feel very confident in your art skills, by all means post your writing. It's art too!)

    The theme for this month is:


    You must pick one or more of your favorite Roleplay characters and somehow depict them dealing/failing/accomplishing/whatever with their New Year's resolution. It can be anything from getting the girl of their dreams, making a lot of money, falling into debt with their gambling, raiding a Kingdom, creating a laser gun, reading a book or graduating school. Whatever you want. Now go and be creative!
  2. So... draw a character doing something.

    I think I can handle that. back in a bit!
  3. Omgee, yay. =D!

    Here's mines, <_________<;;


    This is Cosmos. She is one of my more...well, darker characters. Due to very violent events that happened while she was with child (which she lost), she pretty much snapped and went on a bit of a long term killing spree. Well, she kills more then she normally does is what I mean. In her mind, she thinks she's still with child and every new year she wishes to hold her baby in her arms. So to be nice to Cos for once, we're going to pretend that she's holding a baby and not really in a straight jacket locked away in a mental institute for the time being. She clearly doesn't need to know about that bit. /sweatdrop.
  4. So, none of my characters are really the make-a-resolution types, and my own resolutions aren't really drawable, so I may have to cancel my acceptance of this challenge V_V If I think of something later I'll post it, but I"ve been trying to some up with something and still have nothing.

    Also if I may note it's hard to draw 'a resolution' and have it be apparent that it's a resolution without a lengthy explanation beneath. I could draw someone driving a car and say it was their resolution to learn to drive. I could draw someone good looking and say their resolution was to pay more attention to their appearance. More than anything else it's hard for me to think of something that could be a resolution that would be fun to draw a character doing :/ Any tips?
  5. 270246_10151396002851221_465346321_n.jpg

    This is an old character of mine named Tawny. She was my only modern no fantasy character. She's a hateful person who can't stand most other people. She cut off all of her hair in a rage and her New Years Resolution was to grow it out. :3
  6. Great job, Jenbells!


    Sure no problem!

    Let’s say you have…a male Vampire character. His goal could be to find someone truly worth turning, running the vampire clan, walking in the sun before turning to dust or killing someone who wounded his ego.

    A maiden in medieval times dreams to become a Knight, marry a prince, save a Kingdom, fight a warlord or just have babies on a farm.

    A scientist from the future brings back the dead, creates time travel, builds a city on the sun, finds the formula to eternal youth, puts a star in a jar.

    A high school kid gets that game they always wanted, gets invited to the prom, gets sent on an adventure to the mountains, finds better parents, gets that first kiss from their crush.

    The secret to this challenge is to relate it to Role play because this is a role playing site. You don’t have to put a blurb if you don’t want too, but explaining the scene would just add to it. Does that make sense? D=

    Next month will be a lot easier I promise x3.
  7. [​IMG]

    Humvee's world doesn't celebrate new years since it's a world in ruins but she is doing something, even if what she's doing isn't very nice.
  8. Hahaha! Wonderful post, Babydoll :).
  9. Thank you i dont show my art often
  10. I find it to be a very cool style and I like the way you blended the hair as well the tatts on a very expressive face. You should show it more often, =D.
  11. They're just body paint except for the markings on the left side of her face those are natural, my style has always been very rough and distorted in a sense i kinda blend manga style art and influences from Jamie Hewlett's art for the gorillaz
  12. Well I love it, =).
  13. Thank you i need to get more inspiration and more focus though i feel like i can do better