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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Yuurei, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. (これは今から始まります。参加したい方には、劇って話題をチェックしてください。以下はキャラプロファイルがあります。)



    (Use this to make your character!)


    Once everyone has made their character, we'll start! =) Feel free to add as much or as little info you can to your profile; if you don't know how to describe/write something, ask! Or skip it. Either is fine, really. :)

    The Plot topic for this RP will also work as a kind of learning environment -- ie. you can ask if you didn't understand a certain word/expression, grammar, etc!

    English translation of chara. sheet:

    What age?:
    Job/work: (part-time job is fine to list here too)
    Things your chara likes:
    Things your chara hates:
  2. 【始め









    恵美が携帯をポケットから取り引く。携帯で親友にこのメッセージを送る: 『ミンナ、バイトから助けてね!めっちゃつまらないわよぉ〜!新宿駅の向こうにあるセブンエレブンにいるよ〜

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    In the middle of snowy Tokyo, Mizuho Emi works at a 7-Eleven. She stands behind the counter and watches her only customer, an old woman. The old woman reads magazines, picks food, and eats from snack boxes (among other things) at the back of the sto[SIZE=2]re.

    Emi sighs.

    [SIZE=2]'Really, [SIZE=2]lady[SIZE=2]?' she thinks.

    "Excuse me, ma'am," she says. "Please don't eat the store's food..."

    The woman continues to eat.

    [SIZE=2]'Aiya,' Emi thinks, facepalming. "Ma'am, please don't...[SIZE=2]"

    "What? Did you say something, missy?" ask[SIZE=2]s [SIZE=2]the old woman.

    "No.. n[SIZE=2]othing..." Emi replies[SIZE=2] while sighing.

    She pulls her cellphone from her pocket. She sends a message to her friends: [SIZE=2][Guys, please save me... I'm so bored! Come to the [SIZE=2]7-Eleven across the street from Shinjuku Station!][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

  3. Rika no denwa ga totsuzen ni oto wo dekimashita. Kanojo wa denwa wo mirumashita. Sore wa tomodachi kara tekisutomessēji deshita. Shinjuku no eki ga kara tōkunai deshita.
    'maa, iindesho' Rika wa omotta.
    "Hai hai, Chotto matte kudasai, watashi wa asoko ni go-fun desu." Rika wa kotaetashimashita.

    Rika ga 7-Eleven no hō ni ikimashita.

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    Rika's phone suddenly made a noise/sound. She looked at her phone. It was a textmessage from a friend. Shinjuku station wasn't far away.
    'well, it should be okay.' Rika thought.
    "yeah yeah, please wait a moment, I'll be there in five minutes." Rika replied.

    Rika went towards 7-Eleven.

    (I think I screwed up a bit ^^')
  4. ただ数秒後、恵美の携帯からもうるさい音が出る。恵美がやっぱりビックリして、携帯の音量をオフに変わる。それをしながら、携帯のスクリーンでメッセージの内容を見てしまった。













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    Only a few seconds later, a loud sound comes from Emi's phone as well. Emi, obviously a tad shocked {by the noise}, turns her phone's volume off. However, while she does that, she just happens to see the message on her screen.

    It was a message from Rika. "Ma, that should be fine. Please wait a bit. I'll be there in five minutes," it read.

    Emi smiles {a small smile}.

    Emi, no longer worried, thinks: "That's pretty nice, I have some good friends, don't it?"

    In the meantime, the old woman suddenly appears before the counter. From her bag, she pulls out already somewhat eaten snacks, vegetables, and fruits. The items on the counter seem as though they look up at Emi.

    "Please," the old woman says, smiling.

    "Y- yes," Emi replies. Quickly, Emi scans the items with her machine.

    "Your total comes to 2000 yen."

    "Ma, too/so expensive."

    The old woman says this and then gives Emi two paper bills. Emi takes the bills and puts them in her machine.

    "Thank you very much. I hope that next time you go shopping, I can thank you again for shopping at 7-Eleven," says Emi. She bows.

    The old woman takes her bag, passes through the door, and disappears onto the street.

    'What a strange old woman,' Emi thinks. 'I hope my friends get here soon...'

    @redblood Nah, it was really good! =) The only things I noticed were "mirumashita" -- were you going for "mimashita"? -- and the bit in the text message where she says she'll be there in five minutes. A good verb to remember is かかる, which means "to take", in terms of time.

    So, for example:

    5分 (5 minutes) ぐらい (around/approximately) かかります/かかる (to take). "It will take me five minutes."

    Does that make any sense? =)
  5. Rika wa 7-11 de naka ni ikimashita. Kanojo wa Emi wo mimashita, soshite te ga nami.
    "Konnichiwa Emi-chan. Hisashiburidane." Rika wa egao de ittadeshimashita. "Anata wa saikin nani wo yatte imashitaka"

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    Rika went into 7-11. She saw Emi and then waved her hand.
    "Hello Emi. Its been a long time since last." Rika said with a smile. "What have you been doing lately?"

    (Yes I meant mimashita xD Thats what happens when you haven't studied for too long x3
    and yes it makes sense, thanks ^^)
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    Feel free to get as nitpicky as you want for any mistakes, no matter how minor, so that I can know what I'm doing wrong. In fact I'd appreciate that more then compliments. Also, if I use a word but there's another word that's more commonly used, it would help to mention that so I'm not using some outdated word.






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    Hanako Nakamura was busy playing video games when the phone ribrated.
    "Not now! Die, Monster!" she shouted while pressing buttons.
    After she won the game, Hanako picked up the phone and saw the message.
    "That should be okay. I'll get ready." she replied.
    Hanako sliped on her socks and shoes and got onto her bike.

    Nakamura Hanako wa isogashīga bideogēmu o asondakedo denwa o hibiku.
    `Ima janai! Shine, bakemono!' To sakebigoe shitatsutsu botan o oshita.
    Ato gemu o katta, Hanako wa denwa o hirou soshite mitaga messēji.
    `Īdesu ne. Watashi wa totonoeru.' To henshin.
    Hanako wa kutsushita to dosoku o tsukkakeru soshite baiku o noru.
  7. 店の門の上に鐘が鳴る。注意されていない恵美がびっくりに門の方に見る。リカちゃんが店に入るのを見たの。恵美がリカちゃんに手を振った。





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    (Argh! Sorry, have to get off for a bit, but for now have this lovely (and horrible) Google translation? >_<; I'll translate it properly when I come back.

    The bell rings on top of the gate of the store. Looking towards the gate to be surprised Emi are not careful. I saw Rika from entering the store. Waved to Rika-chan is Emi.

    Emi is, "Welcome! That's a long time! Hmm tea Rika" I called a friend of her. Emi laugh.

    "These days I'm Mr. Ten-byte of it! Then, would not we try to be personal computer repaired Dad's still at home. I wonder I wonder anymore!"

    Emi is resting in the arms on the desk.

    "Ah, Rika-chan?"

    Note: ... yeah, it's really bad. <_<; might be worth looking up individual words in JPN if you don't get the English...

    @BluePenguin I can help you out when I get back! =)
  8. 高校は今日は閉まっていた. ので、昼食後、彼女はコンビニに行ってきました. 卵とミルクを必要としてい. 明美は店に入った。彼女はキャッシャーに微笑んだと店の奥に行きました. レジ係は彼女の学生よりもずっと年上ではありませんでした。明美は牛乳瓶を落とした。ミルクがこぼれ. "すみません!”明美頭を下げた.

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    School was closed. So, after lunch, Akemi went to the convenience store. She needed milk and eggs. Akemi entered the store. She smiled at the cashier and went to the back of the shop. The cashire was not much older than the students. Akemi dropped a bottle of milk. The milk spilled. "I'm sorry" she bowed.

    Sorry if my grammar is atrocious! I tried to say a lot of things I haven't actually learned. Also, sorry this is really short.
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    ( @SugarStar Not a problem! =) I think, if people want help with grammar, I can help correct stuff over in the plot discussion thread. So I'll do that for you and @BluePenguin, if you guys want some help! Or anyone else, really. Otherwise, don't worry about length! ;) We're just having fun.
    @BluePenguin -- what's your colour-coding system? 青い言葉=分からない言葉?白色の言葉=分かる言葉?)










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    While waiting for Rika's reply, her phone rings and vibrates again from her pocket. She pulls it out and reads the displayed message to herself and to Rika.

    "That's fine. I'll get ready and come over soon," Emi reads and looks at Rika. "Akemi's coming!"

    The bell above the door rings again.


    ! Welcome!" calls Emi.

    Emi watches the girl who had entered pick up a variety of things from the shelves and put them into a bag.

    'She should be fine,' Emi thinks, but all of a sudden, a loud noise comes from the back of the store.

    "Oh nooo," Emi says in a loud voice.

    She finds the broken milk bottle with her eyes at the back of the store. She sighs.

    "No... it's not your fault. Please don't worry about it. I'll come over and clean it up quickly," says Emi, grabbing a towel.