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  1. I'm new here so I figured I'd get right down to business. Currently, I have a massive craving for a Titanic-esque shipwreck love story. Think Jack and Rose, but our own story set on a completely fictional ship that was destined for ruin. Of course we could even go for the real Titanic, if that's more your style. Regardless of what we decide we'll be playing on the idea of forbidden romance; two passengers from different classes or perhaps things could get steamy(pardon the pun, hehehe) between a crew member and a passenger.

    Firstly, I'm most experienced with MxF, but if somebody manages to convince me we could perhaps even make this FxF or MxM. Of course in doing so we have to keep in mind that in the early 1900's that sort of thing was still very much taboo, but at least that could make for interesting drama. Secondly, I'm more of an advanced writer myself so I'd prefer a partner who is close to my level. What would that look like? Well...my average is about three to four paragraphs per post, sometimes more. However, luckily I'm more of a quality over quantity sort of gal so even if you can't match that, as long as you're descriptive and give me something to work with then you'll be considered as a partner :).

    Anyway, I feel like I'm rambling on now. If you're interested in such a pairing just post here or drop me a PM, whichever you'd prefer.
  2. I absolutely LOVE Titanic! I'd be interested in this, if you're willing to double!
  3. @Severusx doubling I can do :). What did you have in mind?
  4. Well, I don't have an exact idea for this, but maybe we can plan one together?
    I've heard of some other famous shipwrecks, if you'd like to include a real one.
  5. Well it doesn't have to be a real shipwreck, I just mostly want something based around the same sort of story. I have some ideas, but perhaps we can discuss them over PM.
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