Jameson 2016

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  1. It's a question I started wondering about yesterday. Oddly enough, the inspiration for it came in the middle of history class. I'm not saying specifically Jenna Jameson like in the title, but any pornstar in general. So long as they're from America, could any ever be elected president?

    Your thoughts?
  2. Why not, we all know politicians sleep around anyways!
  3. I dunno. Would a drug dealer be good enough as well? Personally, I don't think anyone would ever take America seriously if we allowed people who do "risky" activities as jobs as President. Porn stars are just legal prostitutes who will be seen naked, screwing and in various positions while giving a simple speech about war or whatever political nonsense they do nowadays. So, no.
  4. I think one could if they quit their porn star career and put serious effort into giving themselves a more...professional image. Read up on the rules of politics, adopt a clean style of clothing, provide something for the community that isn't sex... Then when we see them on TV, we see them in a whole different light. They quite possibly could become a model citizen that's worth more to us than some of these other politicians. :| I've read about porn stars and strippers who really turned their lives around for the better, so it's totally possible.

    It probably wouldn't work out for us, though. Especially if the one aspiring to be president was in gay porn, knowing how scared and cruel our society is towards that stuff.
  5. President? Probably not.
    Mabye as a governor or mayor... but probably not the president. They would have to be voted in which that I already see being a problem. Could you imagine the propaganda that would be against them? And I can't see other countries taking us seriously, or even having respect for us. It would also probably have a lot to do with gender too. We've never had a female president, so I mean if we're already so bias against women do you think we'd vote one in that was an ex porn star? I can't say it'd NEVER happen... I mean... we are the land of the free and such so it COULD ... but I doubt it. Lol.
  6. I have actually thought about stuff like the negative campaign ads, and the changing to a professional image, but I hadn't considered the country's image. Probably because I think it's beyond repair already. Having a pornstar in office might actually help with foreign dignitaries, though. Just think; how eager would they be to meet the person they were just jerking off to in the hotel room? Plus, this is America. Our voters don't think through anything. We're stupid. If it were a female pornstar, they'd probably lock up the entire male vote.

    You're all probably right, though. It would take years of turning their life around, plus probably a decade or more in politics before anyone even considers taking them seriously.
  7. I really do not think that a porn star could become president or approach anything resembling a respectful carrier in politics. Whenever politicians or people in positions of authority do something that is supposedly "normal", e.g.: Have a drinking night with friends or something along the lines, they get flak for it, and in some cases, they may even have to resign. As a result, I think that the pornstar background would be an eternal black spot on whoever's life who wants to run for any kind of politician, and as such, prevent them from achieving any sort of career.

    Of course, the option to hide one's past always exists, however, when it is found out (and it probably will be found out), it will make way for an even bigger scandal than it would have been in the case the pornstar applied for a job as a politician.