James Bond... the Iwaku Years..


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1. Dr. Sho
2. From Rory With Love
3. Goldfluffy
4. Thunderporg
5. You Only Post Twice
6. On Her Myrnodyn's Secret Service
7. Dianas Are Forever
8. Live and Bake Pie
9. The Man with the Golden Font
10. The Mod Who Loved Me
11. MoonRyker
12. For Mod's Eyes Only
13. Asmopussy
14. A Vay to a Kill
15. The Living Darkness
16. Licence to Post
17. GrumpyEye
18. The Mara Never Dies
19. Iwaku World is Not Enough
20. Psy Another Day
21. Coffee Royale
22. Quantum of Sakura
My little white cat tries to take over the world.
Very Creative :33 If only I could understand most of it

What inspired you to do this, Asmpuu?
Corvus grafted additional limbs to me in the Cbox...

It's a long story...
Octodeus vs. Asmopus.

I was left out on purpose.

It's a psychological method used to coerce things from me.


In more relevant news...nicely done with the titles...dare I ask for a mock rp?
No, cos that would be both MODERN and COMEDY.

You kiddies wouldn't be able to handle that. Both those words cause you to have brain heamorrhages on a regular basis.
Come to think of it, all the shooting RP's anyone does end up dead after like, five posts.