James Bond... the Iwaku Years..

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  2. "But you have enough time to fix her."
  3. "How can I be sure of that... you gave her nightmares."
  4. Amen to that.
  5. "I let you take her out. You took her down to the underworld and let her play with a demon alongside that half breed Victoria. She hasn't had a good night sleep since." Harmony glare at him accusingly, "I couldn't figure out why she started having nightmares so I went into them. She was all alone, facing a beast that could eat her whole and she had to fight it while you just stood there and watch. She was petrified and you didn't help her."
  6. "Melody rarely fuss out loud. She squirms, she looks around for someone she trust, she whimpers in her little voice that's almost impossible to hear!" Harmony growl angrily, "She trusted you and you broke it. That's why she has been hiding from you. She started going invisible to protect herself because she doesn't feel like she's safe."
  7. Harmony frown slightly, "Fine... take her to Lyra."
  8. Harmony gently place Melody in his arms.
  9. "Sadly she doesn't like things up her butt."
  10. "Just to go say hi."
  11. No, cos that would be both MODERN and COMEDY.

    You kiddies wouldn't be able to handle that. Both those words cause you to have brain heamorrhages on a regular basis.
  12. Come to think of it, all the shooting RP's anyone does end up dead after like, five posts.
  13. Same with the comedy RPs.

    Also, Asmo, I laughed.