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  1. The names Bond. James Bond

    You country is in peril! With international relations in taters, and the spectre of war looming of Britain, it's up to MI5 to keep the peace by any means necessary. Enter James Bond, agent 007, the best of the best. In order to take down this new threat, however he cannot work alone. Assembling a team of elite super spies, he intended to tackle this new threat head on; starting with a lead in a 5 Star Chinese Bar.

    You have been hand picked by bond to aid him on this mission. There will be fast cars, beautiful woman and crazy gadgets. Are you ready to serve Queen and Country?

    Description (Can Be A Picture)-
    Special Skills- (E.g. Computers expert, marksman/sniper, Etc)
    Backstory (can be as short or as long as you like)-

    1. No Mary Sues- Don't make your character brilliant at everything; he or she is just as mortal as whoever they're facing
    2. General Iwaku Rules Apply
    3. Don't let your OOC opinions affect you IC playing
    4. Characters will die-If you can accept that, his isn't the game for you
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